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The Ultimate OSRS P2P Ranged Guide (1-99)

Nock an arrow. Let it fly. Hear monstrous villains wail and cry. For justice rides upon the light — a flash of vengeance in the night.

Yeah, being a Ranger is kind of like that. 

From Legolas to Robin Hood to Hawkeye, there’s no shortage of bow-wielding heroic archetypes defending all that’s good against all that’s evil. Fortunately, in OldSchool RuneScape, you can make your wildest Ranger fantasies come true. Oh, and it comes complete with utter dominance over those high-and-mighty mages that think they’re so cool, with their flashy spells and big booms. Let’s see them try to conjure a spell with a broadhead in their tunic. 

You won’t be riding a shield down a staircase as you loose half a dozen arrows into as many orcs in your first afternoon. That kind of proficiency takes some serious time and training. But if you’re willing to grind, the wide, wide world of archery and archery-adjacent mayhem will unfold before you like a creased map of a brave new world, just begging you to explore it all.

Are you ready to get your range on? The High Ground Gaming OSRS P2P Ranged Guide starts right now.

P2P Ranged Guide OSRS: Stock Your Quiver, String Your Bow

OSRS P2P Range 5
Image: Jagex via HGG

Preparing to be the most roguish ranger in the room is a fairly straightforward process. All you really need is a bow and some arrows to get started. Some gold coins and the Grand Exchange are enough to keep you slinging damage. But if it were that easy to max Ranged, everyone would be doing it, right? 

There aren’t many quests worth noting that offer Ranged experience. Perhaps you’ve already done X Marks the Spot or Client of Kourend, in which case you could have up to 1,300 Ranged XP to start with. Other guides might point you toward a smattering of other quests for their Ranged XP — although they usually come with some minor but noteworthy skill and quest requirements. In the interest of getting started as quickly as possible, we won’t be doing that in this Ranged Leveling Guide OSRS P2P. 

But there is one Members-only quest that’s essential to the Ranged grind.

OSRS P2P Range 3
Image: Jagex via HGG

The Dwarf Cannon quest unlocks the Dwarf multicannon, which offers “set-it-and-forget-it” style room-clearing Ranged mayhem. At least until you have to reload. It’s expensive to buy (750k!) and expensive to keep it stocked with cannonballs, sure — but the amount of low-effort damage you can stack up with the multicannon makes it the ideal training weapon for partially-AFK grinding. 

Just be advised: damage dealt with the Dwarf multicannon exacts a tariff for the convenience to the tune of 50% Ranged experience per damage point and no Hitpoints experience. This may or may not be a tradeoff you’re willing to consider.

Once you have your death-dealing implements, it’s time to get grinding. 

Your Arrows Will Blot Out the Sun

OSRS P2P Range 1
Image: Jagex via HGG

Since we aren’t emphasizing quest XP, your early Ranged levels will be rather humble. Take full advantage of your membership by training on efficient targets like the rock crabs in Rellekka. Their unique combination of high HP and low Defence allows you to stack up damage (and therefore XP) in a hurry. Use either a bow in the Rapid Fire combat stance or the Dwarf multicannon to get through the first sprint in a hurry. 

Stock up on arrows or cannonballs at the Grand Exchange for some coin. Or, if you’re particularly enterprising and high enough in Fletching and Mining/Smithing, you can forge your own ammunition. 

After that, your horizons broaden to encompass the whole of Gielinor. Pick your targets wisely. Ideally ones you can safespot. There are far more efficient ways to handle 1-99 P2P Ranged Training OSRS can offer you, but they usually come with some hefty requirements. We’ll cover those separately.

ObjectiveLevel TargetXP RewardNumber Required
Rock Crabs 4525-50xp2,461-1,231
Moss Giants60120-240xp1,769-885
Lesser Demons75158-316xp5,929-2,965
Green Dragons90150-300xp27,572-13,787

This is what could perhaps be referred to as the “safe” route. Nothing particularly surprising or innovative. The late game will be dominated by boss runs, which aren’t exactly AFKable but offer good drops and can be farmed for experience. Toward the end, you may also wish to invest in a toxic blowpipe as well for that lightning-quick damage. You’ll want to supplement bosses with other quick XP targets like (if need be) more Rock Crabs, or perhaps one of the more exotic training options below.

Note that the following options often come with a hefty slab of quest requirements. Throwing in some questing during your grind will open some interesting doors and make the whole thing more palatable. Food for thought.

OSRS P2P Range 2
Image: Jagex via HGG

Pull Pin, Throw Rodent

Chinchompas are great training tools for the experienced Ranger, unlocked upon reaching level 45. They function like a grenade that can strike multiple targets at once. Given the proclivity of monsters in OldSchool RuneScape to spawn in crowds, with the right target, you can sit in a room and farm experience off multiple monsters with each detonation.

Any high HP monster that spawns in groups makes a good target, but many guides will point you toward skeletal monkeys or maniacal monkeys. Bear in mind that both targets require completing various states of the Monkey Madness and Monkey Madness II quests, and so may not be viable on a fresh account. Good alternatives may be kalphites, giants, or minigames like Pest Control

Horrible Deeps

For high-level Rangers (70+), if you’ve completed the Horror from the Deep quest, there’s a dungeon beneath the lighthouse that’s simply teeming with dagannoth. If our experience has taught us anything, it’s that thick crowds of monsters in close quarters are prime candidates for farming Ranged levels. 

Bring your cannon below and unleash Dwarven hell on the misshapen sea monsters. But there’s no need to stop at the cannon. Supplement those XP gains with some arrow-based violence of your own, and you can multiply your earned XP rate. 

A Ranger’s Worst Nightmare

OSRS P2P Range 4
Image: Jagex via HGG

Lastly, if you’ve been questing your way across Gielinor as you’ve been grinding out Ranged levels, you’ve likely fought a lot of nightmarish monsters in the process. Why not relive your epic battles with them, as one might rethink an argument over and over until they find just the comeback they should have said?

The Nightmare Zone allows you to refight boss-type monsters you’ve vanquished during various quests. Naturally, the more quests you complete, the more options are on the table. And you’ll need to unlock the Zone is to complete at least five Nightmare-compatible quests.

When configuring your very own Nightmare, you’ll want to choose the Rumble mode, which puts you in a room with up to four of your very worst enemies at once. Bring good armor and food along with all the Ranged implements you require. You’ll be earning experience and Nightmare points here, the latter of which can be used to purchase certain rewards like items or imbues for unique equippables. 

Nightmare runs are very on-brand for a boss-centric final sprint to level 99 Ranged. Don’t turn a blind eye to quests you stumble upon during the grind, and you’ll have more fun in the Zone. 

Hang the Bow on the Mantle

You fought your way through nightmares and fiends while keeping them at arm’s length. Perhaps you even threw some suspiciously grenade-like rodents into the fray as well. You’ve used bow and arrow along with a Dwarven multicannon to rain death on the battlefield. And in the process, you earned yourself a shiny new level 99 skill. 

We’ve reached the end of our OSRS Ranged Guide 1-99 P2P edition — but after a well-earned respite from the grind, we suspect you’ll be back on your feet and eyeing new challenges. No one really quits RuneScape, after all.

We’ll see you in the next guide. 


Special thanks to Andrew Cunningham for the featured image.

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