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OSRS Dragon Slayer Quest Guide

You never forget your first dragon kill. 

While the denizens of OldSchool RuneScape sleep soundly in their beds, cautious eyes perched in battlements scan the skies for signs of danger riding the wind. They await the telltale winged silhouette blotting out the stars or backlit by the moon. For most, a dragon attack means sounding the horns before fleeing for any safe haven left uncharred. 

Not so for the land’s mightiest warriors. These brave few seek out dragons in their musty, bone-strewn homes. The glint of treasure may seem like a handy explanation for their reckless dance with death, but more often, it’s the radiant glory of the dragon kill that draws them in. 

Whether member or non-member, the run-up to the Dragon Slayer quest represents the first steps to becoming an OldSchool RuneScape legend. From zero to hero in about thirty-two quest points. 

Well, actually, the Hero’s Guild comes later. “Champion” will have to do in the meantime. The High Ground Gaming OSRS Dragon Slayer quest guide starts after the break. 

OSRS Dragon Slayer Quest Guide: Getting to the Champion’s Guild

Dragon Slayer 7
Image: Jagex via HGG

The first step to becoming a Dragon Slayer is gaining entrance to the Champion’s Guild. Located just southwest of Varrock along the river Lum, the guild demands that you’ve earned a name for yourself in Gielinor before stepping beyond the threshold. 

As the only questing guild available to both members and non-members, the Champion’s Guild pulls double duty. It’s both the pinnacle of an adventurer’s career in F2P and the springboard for the rest of a member’s world-spanning heroics. For our purposes, we just need to speak with the Guildmaster.

You need thirty-two Quest Points to enter the Champion’s Guild. How you get those is ultimately up to you. But whether you’re here for the F2P or P2P OSRS Dragon Slayer quest guide, you’re probably going to want to grind out the whole gamut of F2P quests eventually. So that’s exactly what we’re going to do. 

The F2P Quest Grind

Even some of the F2P quests have requirements that force a particular order of operations. What follows is simply an alphabetical list of the quests — feel free to mix it up as desired. 

Below Ice Mountain16 Quest Points | 10 Mining | Beer | Bread | Cooked meat | Knife | Pickaxe1 Quest Point | 2k GP | Access to the Ruins of CamdozaalMust be able to defeat a level 25 Ancient Guardian.
Black Knights’ Fortress12 Quest Points | Bronze med helm | Cabbage | Iron chainbody3 Quest Points | 2.5k GPMust be able to defeat level 33 Black Knights.
Cook’s AssistantBucket of milk | Egg | Pot of flour1 Quest Point | 300 Cooking XPOne of six quests available at RuneScape’s launch on January 4th, 2001.
The Corsair CurseSpade | Tinderbox2 Quest Points | Access to Corsair Cove facilitiesMust be able to defeat a level 35 Pirate.
Demon SlayerBones (25) | Bucket of water | 1 GP3 Quest Points | SilverlightMust be able to defeat a level 27 Demon.
Doric’s Quest15 Mining | Clay (6) | Copper ores (4) | Iron ores (2)1 Quest Point | 1,300 Mining XP | 180 GP | Use of Doric’s AnvilsShowing up with the items already in your inventory offers unique dialogue with Doric.
Dragon Slayer IWe’ll cover it in detail belowIt’s the reason you’re here, isn’t it? Must be able to defeat a level 83 Dragon. Good luck.
Ernest the ChickenYour wit and guile4 Quest Points | 300 GPMust be able to defeat a level 22 Skeleton.
Goblin DiplomacyGoblin mail (3) | Blue dye | Orange dye5 Quest Points | 200 Crafting XP | Gold bar
Imp CatcherBlack bead | Red bead | White bead | Yellow bead1 Quest Point | 875 Magic XP | Amulet of AccuracyYou’re going to have to hunt down a lot of imps to get these beads. If the Grand Exchange is an option for you, you might want to use it.
The Knight’s Sword10 Cooking | 15 Mining | 15 Smithing | Blurite ore (2) | Iron bars (4) | Pickaxe | Redberry pie1 Quest Point | 12,725 Smithing XP | Blurite sword
Misthalin MysteryYour wit and guile1 Quest Point | 600 Crafting XP | Uncut Emerald | Uncut Ruby | Uncut Sapphire
Pirate’s Treasure60 GP2 Quest Points | Ability to use pay-fare option to and from Karamja | Treasure chest
Prince Ali Rescue100 GP | Ashes | Balls of wool (3) | Beers (3) | Bronze bar | Bucket of water | Pink skirt | Pot of flour | Redberries | Rope | Soft clay | Yellow dye3 Quest Points | 700 GP | Free passage through the gate between Lumbridge and Al KharidYou may have to fight a level 26 Guard.
The Restless GhostYour wit and guile1 Quest Point | 1,125 Prayer XP | Ghostspeak amuletMust be able to defeat a level 13 Skeleton.
Romeo & JulietYour wit and guile5 Quest PointsSupposedly based on a stage play by some old dude. I don’t remember it ending like that though…
Rune MysteriesYour wit and guile1 Quest Point | Access to a novel, fanfiction-like addendum to the circles of Dante’s hell | Air talismanMathematically, it stands to reason that there’s someone out there who genuinely enjoys Runecrafting.
Sheep ShearerShears1 Quest Point | 150 Crafting XP | 60 GPOne of six quests available at RuneScape’s launch on January 4th, 2001.
Shield of Arrav20 GP (if Phoenix Gang) | Another player aligned with the opposing gang to help you.1 Quest Point | 600 GP
Vampyre SlayerBeer | Garlic | Hammer | Stake3 Quest Points | 4,825 Attack XPMust be able to defeat a level 34 Vampyre. Remember, there’s a lot at stake…
Witch’s PotionBurnt meat | Eye of newt | Onion | Rat’s tail1 Quest Point | 325 Magic XP
X Marks the SpotSpade1 Quest Point | 200 GP | Antique lamp | Beginner clue scroll

Completing all of the currently available F2P quests would net you a cool forty-two Quest Points. That’s comfortably over the Quest Point threshold we need, so feel free to sidestep a few quests that are high on time and low on reward. If you’re eyeballing the Quest Cape, however, you’d be better off just getting them out of the way.

So now you have the clout needed to earn your way into the Champion’s Guild. It’s time to slay a dragon. 

Fire Breath, Ashes, and Death

To start the party and begin the journey in our OSRS Dragon Slayer quest guide, speak to the Guildmaster in the Champion’s Guild. Ask him for a quest. Oh boy, does he ever have a quest for an adventurer of your stature.

Dragon Slayer — Requirements

  • 32 Quest Points
  • 2K GP (+10K if your Magic level is lower than 33)
  • Hammer (1)
  • Lobster pot (1)
  • Planks (3)
  • Runes for Telekinetic Grab (if your Magic level is 33 or higher) 
  • Silk (1)
  • Steel nails (90)
  • Unfired bowl (1)
  • Wizard’s mind bomb (1)

A Bit of Backstory

Next in our OSRS Dragon Slayer quest guide, let’s touch on some lore.

The Guildmaster will tell you it’s time to earn the right to wear the Rune platebody. To that end, he’ll send you to Oziach, located in his tiny house near Edgeville. Ask Oziach to sell you a Rune platebody and insist that he’s supposed to give you a quest for one. 

Naturally, his quest is for some brave, bold champion to slay the feared dragon of Crandor Isle.

Tell him killing a dragon sounds fun, and ask how you can defeat it. He’ll send you back to the Guildmaster. After informing him of your assigned quest, the Guildmaster will offer some backstory on the dragon and Crandor Isle. 

Be sure to choose all the available conversation options with the Guildmaster before continuing. You’ll need to learn where each of the three map pieces is, obtain the Maze key, and prepare future dialogue for securing your ship to Crandor and the anti-dragon shield. Keep the Maze key with you until you obtain Melzar’s map piece. 

The Anti-Dragon Shield

Dragon Slayer 1
Image: Jagex via HGG

Simply speak to Duke Horacio on the second floor of Lumbridge Castle to obtain the shield. He’s all too happy to grant this boon to an adventurer who promises to solve the kingdom’s little dragon problem.

Getting the Map Pieces

After obtaining the anti-dragon shield, it’s time to put the map to Crandor together. 

Lozar’s Map Piece

Dragon Slayer 3
Image: Jagex via HGG

The goblin Wormbrain currently has the first piece on his green, warty person. Speak to one of the goblin generals in the Goblin Village to learn that he’s in a cell in the Port Sarim Jail. Either offer him 10K GP for it or kill him with a Ranged or Magic attack and Telegrab the map piece.

One down, two to go.

Melzar’s Map Piece

South of the Crafting Guild near Rimmington is Melzar’s Maze, which can be accessed using the Maze key you got earlier. It’s a gauntlet, requiring you to kill the monsters on each floor to obtain the key you need to continue onward. 

Dragon Slayer 5
Image: Jagex via HGG

The floors and how to proceed are as follows:

  • First Floor – Kill Level 3 zombie rats to obtain the red key for the northwest door. 
  • Second Floor – Kill Level 19 ghosts to obtain the orange key for the second northeast door.
  • Third Floor – Kill Level 22 skeletons to obtain the yellow key for the southwest door.
  • Basement – Kill Level 24 zombies to obtain the blue key for the blue door.

In the chamber beyond is Melzar the Mad, a Level 43 wizard who’s just as happy to melee you as he is to blast you with spells. He drops the magenta key, which opens the magenta door to the final challenge of the maze.

Lastly, you’ll have to face a Level 82 lesser demon. You can safespot him or brawl toe-to-toe — either way, you’ll need to kill him for the green key that opens the green door. In the room beyond is a chest containing Melzar’s map piece. Score!

Thalzar’s Map Piece

Dragon Slayer 8
Image: Jagex via HGG

Bring the unfired bowl, Wizard’s mind bomb, lobster pot, and silk with you as you talk to the Oracle atop Ice Mountain. Descend into the Dwarven Mine and enter the room to the northeast by using your items on the door (and not drinking the mind bomb). Search the chest to obtain the third map piece.

Use the map pieces on one another to form the map. Now let’s get our boat.

Sailing to Crandor

Bring the nails, planks, hammer, and 2K GP to Klarense in Port Sarim. Pay him the gold for the boat, then climb aboard and fix the holes in the ship’s hull with your nails and planks. After that, speak to Ned in Draynor Village to convince him to captain the ship for you.

Dragon Slayer 2
Image: Jagex via HGG

Now load up your inventory with food and equip your best melee stab weapon (think sword, not scimitar) along with the anti-dragon shield. The fight of your life lies just ahead.

Slaying a Dragon

Board your ship and speak with Ned. You’ll crash on the island. Enter the hole at the heart of Crandor and make your way along the tunnel to Elvarg’s cavern. Open the secret door beyond the lesser demons to ensure you can return quickly if you perish in your attempts. 

Steel your heart, then climb over the stalagmites at the entrance to the cavern to start the fight. 

Whether through brute force, potent prayers, or simply wolfing down food like you’re at an all-you-can-eat buffet, you’ll eventually bring down Elvarg and take her head as a trophy. The victory is yours! You’re a Dragon Slayer now. Congratulations!

Head back to Oziach and present him with the head as proof of your victory. 

Dragon Slayer – Rewards

  • 2 Quest Points
  • Ability to equip Rune and Dragon platebodies
  • 18,650 Strength XP
  • 18,650 Defence XP

All in a Day’s Work

Dragon Slayer 6
Image: Jagex via HGG

By your mighty hand, you slew the legendary dragon Elvarg and earned the right to show off your prowess by donning the quintessentially OldSchool RuneScape armor, the Rune platebody. You’re now a champion such as few adventurers dare to dream. But are you truly a hero? Earning entrance to the Hero’s Guild requires a bit more than a dragon head and some fancy armor…

Thanks for questing along with our OSRS Dragon Slayer quest guide and slaying a dragon with High Ground Gaming. As always, we’ll see you in the next guide.


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