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The Ultimate OSRS P2P Crafting Guide (1-99)

Your deeds are renowned throughout the realm of Gielinor. You’ve earned a reputation as an adventurer whose blade has tasted the blood of countless enemies. There is no challenge too lofty for you. No task too insurmountable. No villain too powerful. Now you must prepare yourself for the ultimate test of your abilities. It’s time for you to enter the arena of mortal combat and —

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Nah, just kidding. It’s time for you to sew some stuff and make a metric ton of jewelry. 

Crafting isn’t the most glamorous skill in the game. There’s no comma after that sentence. You do get to make some cool stuff, though — like solid Ranged armor, jewelry for Mages to enchant, and maybe a battlestaff or two. Crafting isn’t the most engaging as far as production skills go, but it’s certainly not the worst grind to 99. Not by a long shot. It will require some serious hours and attention, but at least it’s not Runecrafting

The High Ground Gaming OSRS Crafting Level Guide P2P edition starts after the break. 

Needles and Threads: OSRS P2P Crafting Guide

OSRS Crafting Emerald Jewelry
Mitch Gentry / High Ground Gaming

Preparation for a career as a craftsperson involves lots of raw materials — namely, needles, threads, gold bars, and gems. Rather than provide a laundry list here of preparatory purchases, we’ll address the items needed along each step of the path. Perhaps you can fund further crafting adventures with profits from your other products. 

As with most skills, there are more than a few P2P quests you can complete for a bit of an XP boost. Some of them have rather lofty requirements, though. Assuming that you’re starting with a relatively unleveled account and/or want to get straight to the grind, we’ll recommend only the quests sans level requirements for a jump start.

Quest NameRequirementsCrafting XP Reward
Sheep ShearerShears150xp
Goblin DiplomacyGoblin mail (3)
Blue dye
Orange dye
Misthalin MysteryNone600xp
Dwarf CannonEnergy potions
Healing items
Teleports for areas in Kandarin and Asgarnia
Murder MysteryPot1,406xp
Observatory QuestPlank (3)
Bronze bar
Molten glass

A few of these quests, like the Dwarf Cannon and Observatory Quest, might require a little more preparation due to covering a lot of ground or dealing with some enemies. There are even more quests that offer Crafting XP — see The Fremennik Trials for one example — but to reasonably complete them, you’d need even higher-level stats both combat and otherwise, so those are right out for a quick start.

The total XP reward for the basic Crafting XP quests might not be worth the time or effort, but if you already have a few of them done (or mostly done), all the better. Otherwise, you’re good to jump straight in. The brief sprint through the leather items will be done in less than an hour. And by Level 20 Crafting, you’ve already outleveled any XP you would have earned through questing. 

But hey, quests are fun. Sometimes the best part of taking on a new skill is the quests it unlocks along the way. And OldSchool RuneScape’s stellar quests are worthwhile diversions along any route to 99. 

Metals and Moulds

OSRS Cutting Diamonds
Mitch Gentry / High Ground Gaming

Unlike gathering skills — consider Mining or Woodcutting — where you simply need the right tool for the job to farm items, Crafting is a production skill. This means that you’ll be taking those raw materials from production skills and turning them into something more. We’re talking leather and dragonhide armor, golden jewelry inset with gems, and maybe a few battlestaves. 

While you might be surprised to hear it, you can’t craft macaroni and cheese. That’s a Cooking thing

With so many different options in this 1-99 Crafting Guide, P2P players would be wise to hold off on stockpiling resources at the outset. At least wait until you identify your preferred waypoints along the dusty trail. 

So what are we waiting for? Let’s hit the road. 

The Route of Maximum Efficiency

OSRS Crafting Dragonhide
Mitch Gentry / High Ground Gaming

In order to maintain that XP per hour, you have to be ready to pony up some serious gold. This may be the most expensive route to 99, but it’s also the fastest. So if you have the coin, Khajiit has the XP. Or really, you’ll have the XP. Because you’ll be grinding hard for it even with all the monetary help you can muster.

TaskLevel TargetItems NeededXP Net
Leather gloves7Leather (48)
Needle & Thread (10)
Leather boots9Leather (20)
Needle & Thread (4)
Leather cowl11Leather (22)
Needle & Thread (5)
Leather vambraces14Leather (35)
Needle & Thread(7)
Leather body20Leather (95)
Needle & Thread (19)
Cutting sapphires27Chisel
Uncut sapphires (106)
Cutting emeralds34Uncut emeralds (156)10,530xp
Cutting rubies43Uncut rubies (355)30,175xp
Cutting diamonds55Uncut diamonds (1,082)116,315xp
Cutting dragonstones77Uncut dragonstones (9,520)1,309,000xp
Red dragonhide body84Red dragon leather (18,921)
Needle & Thread (3,785)
Black dragonhide body99Black dragon leather (117,246)
Needle & Thread (23,450)

The best place to complete the grind is the good old Grand Exchange. Just sit by the bank to buy your threads, gems, and dragon leather, and keep your XP per hour sky high. It’s really that simple. 

From dragonstones up, you’ll be dropping cold hard stacks of cash on the regular. Deep pockets are the only way to get to 99 in any kind of a hurry. You can turn around and start selling your stuff when you get to gems, but you’ll still be operating at a loss as cut gems sell for less than the uncut gems. Same for the dragonhide bodies. But at least you can offset some of that cost. 

The Route of Maximum Profit

OSRS Crafting Ruby Jewelry
Mitch Gentry / High Ground Gaming

If you want to keep more coin in your purse, you’ll want to focus on bracelets. They tend to be the most profitable of the different jewelry you can create. But as always, that’s subject to market fluctuations, and you should do some due diligence before committing to the task. The unstrung amulets offer more XP, but often sell for less — food for thought.

The best places to grind bracelets in a hurry are the Edgeville furnace and the Falador furnace due to their proximity to a bank. Edgeville is a bit closer, but Falador can be a nice change of pace. Edgeville is also closer to the Grand Exchange if you want to teleport to Varrock or run over and get right back to the grind. 

The start of this route is identical in terms of the leather items, so we’ll pick up at cutting sapphires.

TaskLevel TargetItems NeededXP Net
Cutting sapphires23Chisel
Uncut sapphires (37)
Sapphire bracelets30Bracelet mould
Gold bars (118)
Sapphires (118)
Emerald bracelets42Gold bars (495)
Emeralds (495)
Ruby bracelets58Gold bars (2,237)
Rubies (2,237)
Diamond bracelets74Gold bars (9,177)
Diamonds (9,177)
Dragonstone bracelets99Gold bars (108,529)
Dragonstones (108,529)

Despite the vast quantities of gold bars and gems, this is actually the most profitable way to level Crafting. Call it a Crafting Money Making Guide OSRS P2P edition if you like. Either way, you’ll get to 99 and have some stacks in the bank at the same time. If you can find buyers for your bracelets, that is. The Grand Exchange is an incredibly useful open market, but it’s not a guarantee that you can sell your goods.

And perhaps, along the way, your vision will blur and your mind will grow numb seeing the same gold bars and gems over and over. Looking for a variation on the theme? We’ve got you covered there too.

Alternate Approaches to 99 Crafting

OSRS Crafting Staves
Mitch Gentry / High Ground Gaming

Battlestaves are a good option for the mid-grind. Starting at Level 54, you can start in on Water battlestaves. Bear in mind, however, that they belong in the “Route of Maximum Efficiency” — that is to say, they can be costly while offering solid experience. If you’re simply looking for a way to speed up the grind after Level 66, Air battlestaves offer much more experience than bracelets, albeit without the profit. 

If you’re looking for a good AFK method to get some Crafting XP while watching Netflix (or Disney+ and WandaVision), glassblowing is worth considering. The XP rate is pitiful next to almost every other method, and it’s not profitable in the slightest, but it might be the respite you need interspersed with intense grinds on other methods. 

Ultimately the road to 99 is yours and yours alone. Keep your eyes on the prize, and soon enough, you’ll be at the finish line.

OSRS P2P Crafting Guide: Chiseled Abs and Gems

You’ve made it through the OSRS Crafting Guide P2P Edition. If you favored the fast route to the end, you cut lots of gems and made lots of dragonhide bodies for rangers. If you sought to add to your coin reserves, you focused on gem-encrusted bracelets and spent more than a few hours huddled over a blistering hot furnace. 

Whichever route you chose, we hope you had fun, took time to smell the roses, and finished a few skill-specific quests along the way. After all, what’s OldSchool RuneScape if not a world to lose yourself in for a while, whether you’re stitching dragonhide into armor or uncovering the penguins’ dastardly plot?

Thanks for joining us for this 1-99 Crafting world tour. We’ll see you in the next guide.


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