The Ultimate OSRS P2P Woodcutting Guide (1-99)

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The Ultimate OSRS P2P Woodcutting Guide (1-99)

Cast yourself back — in your mind’s eye — to the mid-aughts. The internet as we know it was still in its infancy. This snazzy new game called World of Warcraft had just burst onto the scene with all the soft-spoken presence of a cannon in a cathedral. Meanwhile, RuneScape transitioned from a janky, partly 2D game to full 3D (and much more besides) after years of rumors and speculation, in an upgrade aptly titled RuneScape 2

It wasn’t long after that an adolescent me convinced my parents to hand their credit card info to a distant British company so I might partake in the glory and prestige of membership. I remember that first night as a member like it was yesterday — there was so much more to see, so many new ways to experience skills.

It wasn’t long before I found myself spending most of my time in a small radius around Seers’ Village, where I took advantage of the coal trucks, the flax fields — and of course, the members-only maple trees.

If you’re a newly forged member with a hankering for hacking at new types of perennials, then you’d best settle in. Welcome to the OSRS Woodcutting guide P2P edition. 

The Forest and the Trees

Mitch Gentry / High Ground Gaming

Unlike F2P Woodcutting, the magnificent member has the option to farm Woodcutting XP from quests. Are they worth the potential XP gains? Probably not. But perhaps you’ve knocked out a few of them by this point in your RuneScape adventures — check the list below to see if you’re already ahead of the Woodcutting curve:

Quest NameRequirementsWoodcutting XP Reward
Enlightened Journey36 Crafting
30 Farming
20 Firemaking
20 Quest Points
Icthlarin’s Little HelperGertrude’s Cat4,000xp
Monk’s FriendNone2,000xp
Skratch Uglogwee: Recipe for DisasterRFD Subquests1,500xp

The Skratch Uglogwee subquest in the Recipe for Disaster chain alone represents dozens of hours of preparation. For the paltry 9,000xp on tap, you might as well take a bronze axe around Lumbridge and bust it out in less than an hour. But if you happen to have these quests under your belt already, you’ll be a few steps ahead of the rest. 

Next up in our 1-99 Woodcutting guide OSRS P2P, we’re going to talk axes. 

Axe Appropriate

Mitch Gentry / High Ground Gaming

An axe is an axe, whether you’re a member or not. However, members in OldSchool RuneScape get more nifty gift-ies to fell trees beyond the typical bronze-to-rune fare. Like the F2P Woodcutting guide from before, we’ll run the gamut of core axes. But this time around, we’ll also shine the spotlight on member-specific ones.

Axe TypeWoodcutting LevelAttack Level (to Wield)Cost
Bronze1116gp (shop)
Iron1156gp (shop)
Steel65200gp (shop)
Black1110350gp (GE)
Mithril2120100gp (GE)
Adamant3130500gp (GE)
Rune41407,000gp (GE)
Dragon616038,000gp (GE)
3rd age6165324M (GE)

No, that 3rd age axe price isn’t a typo. 3rd age gear is really, really rare. But be advised that the 3rd age axe is statistically identical to the Dragon axe, which sits at about one one-thousandth of the price.

The Infernal and Crystal axes are both faster than the Dragon axe (as far as base stats go), and all axes from Dragon and up have a special attack that can boost your Woodcutting level and thereby your effective chopping speed. Fancy that!

Mitch Gentry / High Ground Gaming

Out of all the axes, the Crystal axe is simply the best. But it requires completion of the Song of the Elves quest to craft it. So there’s no shame in sticking with the Dragon or Infernal axes. Really. They’re more than enough to get the job done, all the way from 60 (where the Rune axe gets eclipsed) to 99. 

Oh, and before we move on, I’d like to talk to the ironmen in the audience. This isn’t an OSRS P2P ironman Woodcutting guide. At least, not in so many words. But an axe is an axe and a tree is a tree no matter who you can or can’t trade with. If you’re an ultimate ironman, simply consider that you’ll be dropping (or burning) all the logs along the way. That’s the most XP efficient, after all. 

OSRS Woodcutting Guide P2P: I Can See 1 to 99 From Here

Mitch Gentry / High Ground Gaming

Now it’s time to put the axe head to the proverbial grindstone. Or to the tree trunks, if you will. There are many trees between us and level 99 Woodcutting, so let’s start at the bottom and work our way to the top. 

Prepare thyself. 

Tree TypeTarget LevelIdeal LocationXP NeededNumber of Logs
Oak35Seers’ Village17,936479
Willow50Draynor/Seers’ Village78,9271,170
Maple60Seers’ Village172,4091,725
Teak/Mahogany65Karamja Hardwood Grove175,6862,067/ 1,406
Yew80Seers’ Village1,536,6408,781
Magic92Seers’ Village4,531,18518,125
Redwood99Woodcutting Guild6,517,17817,151

As usual, when aiming for the next tier of tree, we’re going to overshoot the level requirement a bit. This ensures we aren’t bogged down in the doldrums of slow chopping new tree types. Giving yourself a few extra levels after unlocking Maples, for example, keeps the momentum rolling much more effectively. 

As usual, you’re welcome to adapt this leveling route to suit your needs. Most of the steps in this P2P OSRS Woodcutting guide can be cleanly accomplished in or around Seers’ Village, but don’t let that dissuade you from finding other spots for a change of pace. Especially the Sulliusceps — if you can work them in.

You could stick with Maple trees all the way to Yews — but as for this guide, we encourage you to consider the Hardwood Grove on Karamja. Especially if you plan to drop logs, it’s a practical place to train, for the low, low cost of one hundred trading sticks. Don’t have any trading sticks? Completing the Jungle Potion quest and taking part in some Tai Bwo Wannai Cleanup can take care of that.  

Mitch Gentry / High Ground Gaming

Wrapping up your grind at the Redwoods in the newly christened Woodcutting Guild seems like the ideal way to bring your Woodcutting journey full circle. But of course, gathering those final inventories on Maples or Willows in your favorite corner of Gielinor may be how you always imagined reaching 99 Woodcutting. 

No matter how you manage it, 99 Woodcutting loses none of the potency for small variations in ceremony. 

If a Player Gets 99 Woodcutting, Does It Make a Sound?

OSRS Woodcutting Guide P2P - Sulliusceps
Mitch Gentry / High Ground Gaming

To sum up this OSRS P2P Woodcutting guide, don’t sweat the quests, and plan to stick with the Dragon or Infernal axe (unless you’re especially accomplished). Most of your trees will be felled around Seers’ Village, although brief jaunts to Karamja or the Woodcutting Guild may be in order. 

As always, savor the journey. You only reach 99 Woodcutting once…

… per account. 

We’ll see you in the next guide. 

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