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OSRS Heroes’ Quest Complete Guide

There’s a hero in all of us. And OldSchool RuneScape is eager to introduce you. 

You’ve bested the dragon Elvarg and solved a slew of quests along the way. Your stats are respectable, and you’ve earned your place in the Champions’ Guild. What’s next for an up-and-coming adventurer such as yourself? Why, proving your worth as a hero and climbing to the next rung on the ladder of guilds, of course. 

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Welcome to the High Ground Gaming Heroes’ Quest OSRS Guide! 

It’s Time to Be a Hero

Quest Requirements

  • Quests
    • 55 Quest Points
    • Dragon Slayer
    • Lost City
    • Merlin’s Crystal
    • Shield of Arrav (and a partner in opposing gang)
  • Items
    • Anti-dragon shield
    • Combat gear (melee, magic, or ranged)
    • Fishing rod
    • Fishing bait
    • Food (Enough for you to defeat a level 111 enemy and survive encounters with others of assorted levels) 
    • Harralander potion (unf)
    • Pickaxe
    • Teleport runes (Enough for a half-dozen teleports to any free area and member area hubs like Falador and Seers’ Village) 
  • Skills
    • Level 53 Cooking
    • Level 53 Fishing
    • Level 25 Herblore
    • Level 50 Mining

To prepare for the next leg of your legend, you’ll have to grind out some levels and a few more quests. Hit the 50s in Cooking, Fishing, and Mining, and make sure you have level 25 Herblore for that unfinished Harralander potion. And as for the quests, if you followed along with our Dragon Slayer guide you’ve already got that one handled. That just leaves Lost City, Merlin’s Crystal, and Shield of Arrav – as well as any other quests you need to squeeze in for those 55 Quest Points. Might I recommend The Fremennik Trials

Shield of Arrav is actually more important to Heroes’ Quest than it appears. Make sure you pay attention – and think about keeping your partner-in-crime in your friends list. With their permission, of course. Like its predecessor, you can’t complete Heroes’ Quest solo. Ask around for an active Heroes’ Quest CC (clan chat) in hubs on populated worlds, or just check the Minigame Group Finder.

Now with all that out of the way, it’s time to get down to business. 

The Heroes’ Journey

Quest Start
Image: Jagex via HGG

Step through the Taverly gate northwest of Falador and breathe the honeyed members’ area air. Then make your way along the road as it doglegs to the north until you arrive at the Heroes’ Guild. Out front will be the rather heroic looking guard, Achietties. And before she’s going to let you in, you’ll have to quest across the realm for three rare items to offer as proof of your worthiness. The items: a fire feather from an Entrana firebird, a cooked lava eel from a magma lake, and a Master Thieves’ Armband. 

Sounds simple enough, right? Insert maniacal laughter here and buckle up. Your first task is to get the fire feather. 

Like a Phoenix

Like a Phoenix
Image: Jagex via HGG

In order to handle hot stuff – take a moment to think of a self-esteem boosting joke – you’ll need some cold gloves. Ice gloves to be exact. They can be found near the heart of White Wolf Mountain between Taverly and Catherby. 

At the outset, they’re in the hands of the Ice Queen (level 111), who has made her lair in a system of caverns beneath the snowy peak. Head to the northern face of the mountain, find and remove the rock slide with your pickaxe, then head past the ice warriors to the lower of the three ladders. 

From here, you head southwest, then up a ladder. Run past the ice giants to the ladder on the east side, and then carry on all the way through the horseshoe shaped to another two ladders – and finally, the Ice Queen’s Lair. Try to kill her in a hurry, as you’ll be in a multi-way combat zone and all her warriors can gang up on you. Killing her will net you’re the ice gloves, at which point you can backtrack or teleport. 

Icy Gloves
Image: Jagex via HGG

At this point, you’ll want to bank your weapons and armor, as you’ll be heading to the pacifistic island of Entrana. Speak to the Monk of Entrana at Port Sarim to get to the island, then don the ice gloves and head to the north and east where the firebird roosts. Beat it to death with your cold, cold hands and claim the fire feather. That’s one item down, two to go! 

Eels and Escalators 

Next up in the Heroes’ Quest OSRS Guide, we’re going to have to wrangle us a lava eel. As you might imagine, there’s a bit of prep work to make this happen. 

Eels and Escalators
Image: Jagex via HGG

On your way back to the mainland from Entrana, stop and speak to Gerrant in his shop to obtain the blamish snail slime. You’ll use this with the unfinished harralander potion to create a potion of blamish oil. 

Next, fetch your combat gear and food again. And the anti-dragon shield too – as the lava eels we’ll be fishing are well guarded. Also bring your fishing rod and fishing bait from your bank or purchase them from the Grand Exchange. Make sure to lather up your fishing rod with the blamish oil while you’re at it. Now we’re going to head back to Taverly (specifically the Taverly Dungeon) and dodge a few dragons to land our eel.

You’ll need the dusty key to open the door to the blue dragon area, and perhaps you already have one. If not, simply kill the jailer in the Black Knight section of the Taverly dungeon and use his key to unlock Velrak’s cell and speak with him. He’ll set you up.

Use the dusty key on the blue dragon’s door, then sprint past them west and south to the large magma pool.

Magma Pool
Image: Jagex via HGG

This is the place we’ll be landing our eel(s). It’s as simple as clicking on the fishing spot with the oiled rod and bait in your inventory. Thenook the raw lava eel anywhere you like. Enjoy a sensible chuckle as you contemplate the metaphysical implications of burning a creature that makes its home in liquid fire. You can’t actually burn lava eels, so no worries.

Congratulations, that’s two down! Only one left to go….

The King of Thieves

King of Thieves
Image: Jagex via HGG

We saved the longest and most complicated step for last. Now you’re going to have to find another Heroes’ Quest partner to earn the Master Thieves’ Armband – and thereby flex your mastery of Gielinor’s seedy underworld. This should be old hat for you since you’ve already completed Shield of Arrav as a prereq. But there’s still a lot to it so we’ll cover each step in turn. 

Reach out to your partner-in-crime (or find one via a clan chat or the group finder) and ensure they’re ready for Heroes’ Quest as well. That means having the following…

  • If you’re a Black Arm Gang member:
    • Black full helm
    • Black platebody
    • Black platelegs
  • If you’re a Phoenix Gang member:
    • Ranged weapon and appropriate ammunition OR combat magic runes

Now let’s talk diverging paths. 

For the Black Arm Gang Member

If you’re in the Black Arm Gang, this section of the Heroes’ Quest OSRS is for you.

Talk to Katrine near the city gates on the south side. She’s got a password for you – because covert actions usually come with secret passwords – and instructs you to set sail for Brimhaven. You’re going to be stealing Scarface Pete’s candlesticks. Make sure to put on your Black armor before making the trip.

In Brimhaven, find the gang’s base of operations in the area next to the Agility Arena and talk to Trobert, who adds to the intrigue with a set of identification papers to infiltrate Pete’s mansion. 

Upon attempting to enter the mansion, you’ll be bounced by bouncer Garv – but the papers you have are enough to stop him in his tracks. Head inside and talk to Grip, because part of your cover is handling menial duties as good covers so often do. He’ll give you a key at this point. This very important key must be given to your partner-in-crime on the other side of the criminal aisle. 

Proceed back into the mansion and head to the room that’s northeast of the foyer. Your friend will be following their own set of instructions, and will end up in the room on the opposite side. Once they’re in position you have to search the cupboard. You’ll be interrupted by a guard the first time, so do it again.

This time Grip will burst back in, powerfully upset that you’re rooting around in his cupboard. That will be your partner’s cue to “execute” their plan. Afterward, pick up the key that Grip drops and head across the mansion to the treasure room. The key will allow you entrance to loot the northernmost chest in the first area. And what do you know – two candlesticks are inside! Make sure to give one to your partner-in-crime after this, as thanks for their assistance on a job well done. 

All that’s left is a trip back to Varrock to show Katrine the candlestick. She’ll bestow you with the Master Thieves’ Armband as your reward. 

For the Phoenix Gang Member

If you’re in the Phoenix, this section of the Heroes’ Quest OSRS is for you.

Weasel your way back into your hideout and talk with Straven. He’ll share a secret password with you – a prerequisite for any successful criminal operation – and promptly dispatch you to Brimhaven. Bring your Ranged weapon and ammo or combat runes along for the trip. You’ll need them. 

On arriving in town, your first stop will be waiting patiently outside the mansion for your Black Arm Gang partner-in-crime to give you the key. Your next stop is the restaurant, where you’ll want to tell Alfonse the Waiter the secret password. After getting through the first firewall, next you’ll talk to Charlie the Cook and tell him the password too. Charlie will let you know they’ve been scoping the place out, and that there’s a false wall you can push aside to exit the kitchen in a stealthy manner. 

On exiting through the pushwall, you’ll find yourself knee deep in guard dogs. Kill them or run past to enter the mansion through the eastern door. Then use your key on the door to the north. You’ll enter a sinister hidey-hole for nefarious characters such as yourself, which grants you a perfect vantage point on the room your partner should be in or shortly entering. When they raise a ruckus and Grip moves into position, use your weapon or magic to put a period at the end of his life’s sentence. Then head back outside, past the dogs and through the restaurant, to wait for your partner to emerge victorious with a candlestick for you.

Bring the candlestick back to Straven in Varrock to get your Master Thieves’ Armband.

You’re a Hero, Harry

The Heroes Quest

Take your fire feather, cooked lava eel, and Master Thieves’ Armband back to Achietties at the Heroes’ Guild, and earn your place amid the pantheon of heroic adventurers. You scaled snowy peaks, plunged into the fiery depths of the earth, and even performed a bit of light burglary and assassination. But after all that, you’re now well and truly a hero. You can’t see or hear it, but we’re giving you a big round of applause. 

After all that, what’s next? You’re already a hero. But are you a legend? Only time and another long, punishing quest will tell….


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Until next time, we’ll see you in the next guide.

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