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The 7 Best Fortnite Streamers

There’s no question that Fortnite has become a permanent fixture in gaming culture. While some hate to admit it, the meteoric rise of this playful battle royale has once again elevated video games into popular culture. And much of its success is due to the Twitch streamers and esports players that played Fortnite to elevate their own brands and careers.

Now, like any game, Fortnite has experienced various peaks and droughts of popularity. And while it may not see concurrent player numbers reaching heights seen a few years ago, it’s still a force to be reckoned with. With the latest Marvel-themed season and hints of a collaboration with Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, now seems as good a time as any to check in and see who are the most popular streamers playing Fortnite today.

Top 7 Best Fortnite Streamers

When looking at the best or most popular Fortnite streamers, you must look past pure viewership numbers. While competitive esports personalities like Bugha and Clix currently rack up the highest numbers, they haven’t hit the brand recognition that some of the earliest Fortnite streamers have. 

This is why our list is comprised of all best Fortnite streamers that bring in a major audience, even if they don’t play the game as regularly. These are seasoned pros that have surpassed the need to strictly stream Fortnite but can’t help but jump back in with the start of a new season. They are the top Fortnite streamers.

1. Ninja

The most popular Fortnite streamer


It’s probably not much of a surprise that out of all the best Fortnite streamers out there, Ninja tops our list. He has been intricately tied to the game throughout his entire streaming career, was one of the first to get an in-game icon skin, and is almost synonymous with the game at this point. In many ways, Fortnite wouldn’t be the game it is today if it weren’t for his contributions and reputation.

The crazy thing is, he still holds the title as most-followed Fortnite streamer on Twitch, despite his brief jump to Mixer. When Microsoft’s streaming service went belly up, it was easy enough for Ninja to jump back onto Twitch when the time was right. He has a staying power that has yet to be shaken among his fanbase and shows no signs of slowing down.

He’s not even currently the most competitive or best Fortnite player currently streaming. But his family-friendly nature, relationship with other streamers, and energetic gameplays keep people coming back even if he jumps around between titles whenever he likes. Like Fortnite, he’s grown beyond just a singular experience and represents the epitome of streaming and modern gaming culture.

You can view Ninja’s Twitch channel here.

2. Tfue

The best Fortnite streamer


Tfue is the perfect blend of entertaining streamer and competitive Fortnite player. In many ways, he harkens back to streamers of old (as in only two years ago), where entertaining but victorious gameplay is vital for a successful stream.

After Ninja left Twitch, Tfue claimed the title of best Fortnite Twitch streamer overall. The fact that he still takes the game so seriously, despite the vast changes found in Season 2, is one of the things that keeps his fans coming back for more. He intricately analyzes, tests, and refines his gameplay live on stream, giving viewers and aspiring content creators a rare behind-the-scenes look that other players rarely provide.

The only unfortunate downside is his regularly negative attitude and history with buying and selling accounts, both of which earned him a short-term ban. He has shown a bit more maturity lately, but still hasn’t been able to hit a level of responsibility that matches his play.

View Tfue’s Twitch channel here.

3. Dakotaz

The most streaming-focused Fortnite streamer


Dakotaz is one of the more interesting streamers playing today, mainly because he focuses solely on streaming for TSM’s Fortnite team rather than competing outside of in-game tournaments. Funnily enough, he’s legitimately so good at the game that he could easily make the jump to the pro roster if he wanted to.

But that’s the thing about Dakotaz — he’s extremely good, but he’s laid back. He really seems to enjoy showing off various combat scenarios and testing out different weapon combinations to challenge himself. Like Tfue, he intricately runs through his mindset and approach with his audience instead of just showing off the gameplay moments.

Of course, I’d be remiss to mention Dakotaz without mentioning how good he is with a sniper rifle. His ability to make intricate shots, judge drop distance, and switch between long-range weapons without losing accuracy are almost uncanny. It’s a vital component of what makes his gameplay so spectacular, but it’s his humble and apologetic nature that really pushes him over the edge. He’s a humble player that lets his gameplay do the talking.

Check out Dakotaz’s Twitch channel here.

4. CouRageJD

The best variety content Fortnite streamer


CouRageJD is one of those streamers that you can’t help but love. He has a knack for making friends among the gaming community and, despite being in the game for a number of years now, he still retains the energy and excitement of a newbie. Some of that may have to do with his willingness to try new things and jump between games and streaming partners, all with a giant smile on his face.

The crazy thing about Jack “CouRageJD” Dunlop is that, unlike many popular Fortnite streamers, he didn’t get his start with the game. Instead, he entered the gaming industry as a shoutcaster for the Call of Duty League, up until the end of the Infinite Warfare season. It was that experience that led him to stream and makes him such an energetic and entertaining personality.

Aside from making popular friends, what truly elevated his Fortnite career was his dedication to well-edited highlight clips of his best moments. CouRage has mentioned multiple times over the years that he really enjoys putting these together, sometimes even more so than actually streaming. 

It should be no surprise that he announced his desire to branch out into more content creation opportunities for 100 Thieves early last year. So far, he seems to juggle the content and streaming lifestyle successfully, creating more engaging real-life content while jumping back into Fortnite and other game-of-the-moment tiles like Among Us.

You can see CouRageJD’s channel on YouTube here.

5. DrLupo

The best full-time Fortnite streamer


More than any streamer on this list, DrLupo takes the craft incredibly seriously. It’s a full-time job for him that he seemingly cannot get enough of. For most people, that would likely lead to some serious burnout, but DrLupo continuously finds new and innovative ways to make gameplay, engagement with chat, and collaborations with other streamers a good time.

Like CouRageJD and Dakotaz, DrLupo plays competitively in Fortnite but doesn’t make that the driving force behind his streams. Instead, he teams up and takes on top-tier Fortnite players with a laid-back attitude that could almost be seen as not taking the game seriously. In reality, it takes a tremendous amount of skill to take on the best of the best while trying to pull off trick shots, build massive structures, and try out other ways to win while goofing-off in-game.

He’s carved out one of the best spots to hang and engage with a friendly community on Twitch. He prioritizes chatting and relating with his audience just as much as he does competing. This makes him one of the more approachable and likable active Fortnite streamers, even if he’s not playing the game as much as he once did.

View DrLupo’s on Twitch here.


The best console Fortnite streamer


NICKMERCS has never been one to shy away from expressing himself. Advocating for the console version over PC hasn’t slowed him down any, and has helped him make a name for himself as the best PS4 Fortnite streamer around. In many ways, his time playing with a mouse and keyboard has helped him carve out such a competitive niche by using a controller.

He’s also quite possibly the one streamer on this list that still plays Fortnite regularly. While many streamers mix in various other games, he hasn’t seemed to experience the same level of burnout — perhaps due to the wild frontier nature of competitive play on console Fortnite that has somewhat vanished in the PC version.

For dedicated streamers like NICKMERCS, it provides the opportunity to experience the thrill of launching a new pro scene with the challenge of advocating for console play. As part of 100 thieves, he balances out streaming with regular content uploads on YouTube and a wealth of collaboration with members from the esports lifestyle powerhouse. Like many of the other members, he is truly an entertaining and energetic presence that shows no signs of slowing down.

See NICKMERCS on Twitch here.

7. TSM_Myth

The best veteran Fortnite streamer


Myth has been in the streaming game since the “launch” of Fortnite back in 2017 and was one of the first (and youngest) players to be picked up by an esports organization. How’d he do it? By being a building wizard, seemingly adapting to a core pillar of the battle royale that other great players simply cannot master.

His building skills were elegantly complemented by the rest of his TSM squad, Daequan, Hamlinz, and CaMills. For a time, there wouldn’t be a stream where this team wouldn’t regularly reach at least the top 3 in Fortnite‘s in-game tournaments. This group remained consistent for a few years, but more recently have begun branching out to other titles.

And it’s during this break-up period where Myth has made a name for himself. He’s a pro at social engagement and has an elegant approach to hyping up and engaging his community. More recently, he has made a name for himself playing Valorant and taken a step back from Fortnite since the launch of Chapter 2. But, more and more regularly, he dips his toes back into the battle royale that helped launch his career and hasn’t lost his step in the process.

You can find Myth’s channel on Twitch here.


Victory Royale

Fortnite likely isn’t going anywhere anytime soon thanks to solid and approachable gameplay and legions of streamers that frequently revisit the game. While some of the younger Fortnite players haven’t quite become household names just yet, you’ll likely see some of them taking spots on this list within the next few years. But for now, these are the top Fortnite streamers currently playing.

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