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Best Traps in Fortnite: Save The World, Ranked

With the Battle Royale mode of Fortnite sweeping the gaming world, a lot of people have forgotten about the game that started it all – Fortnite: Save The World. Despite being somewhat in the shadow of its BR mode, Fortnite: Save The World is no less fun with its huge selection of traps and strategies.

Billing itself as an action-building campaign, Fortnite: Save The World is perfect for people who enjoy the aesthetic of Fortnite, but in a more PvE setting. And those familiar with the pre-zero-build of Fortnite will remember just how important building and especially traps were for victory.

This is no less true in Save The World. That’s why in this article, we’re going to go through and rank the best traps in Fortnite: Save The World. Let’s get started! 

Every Trap in Fortnite: Save the World, Ranked

Our list will be ranking every trap from worst to best in Fortnite: Save the World and going over the best way to use each one.


Vertical Bouncer Floor

Image: Epic Games via HGG

The first trap on this ranking is the Vertical Bouncer Floor Trap. This trap is designed to launch players vertically around three tiles. It also has the bonus of negating fall damage when jumped on.

The ability to negate fall damage is nice, and its ability to launch players upward can lead to some quick vertical building. Ultimately, however, this trap is useless. It fills a very niche role. A role that, in my experience, has never been that helpful in the first place. It doesn’t help that the best perks of this trap are already encompassed by the ninja class.


Wooden Spike Wall Trap

Image: Epic Games via HGG

Next, we have the Wooden Spike Wall Trap. This trap ranks so low because of the incredibly niche role it plays in base building. A word I’m gonna use a lot for these lower-ranked traps.

Designed to reflect damage when attacked, this trap becomes obsolete after a few levels. While the reflected damage is good against weaker foes, there are better options available. One bonus this trap does have is how cheap it is to make. At the end of the day this trap is better than nothing but blown way out of the water by the other traps on this list. In terms of Fortnite’s best trap? Not even close.


Flame Grill Floor Trap

Image: Epic Games via HGG

The Flame Grill Trap is one of the more visually appealing traps in the game. Unfortunately, I hardly ever use it in any of my bases. Designed to burn and afflict enemies with AOE damage, this trap is incredibly lackluster in my opinion.

While the Flame Grill does bonus damage to nature, because it’s designed for AOE, the upfront damage is low. On lower levels, this trap will kill most Storm Creeps. Once you bump up the level a bit, this trap falls behind. If you need to make a choice, choose any other floor trap and it will probably serve your needs better.


Retractable Floor Spike Trap

Retractable Floor Spike Trap
Image: Epic Games via HGG

Next up is the Retractable Floor Spike. Designed to shoot spikes up damaging all enemies in the area before reloading, this trap is just okay. While this trap does decent damage, it’s locked to physical damage only. That and its inability to take out a full-health enemy most of the time means it should be skipped.


Sound Wall Trap

Sound Wall Trap
Image: Epic Games via HGG

Now we have the Sound Wall. Designed to stun enemies, this trap forces the husks to start dancing. This has the excellent effect of leaving them open for attack. While forcing the Mist Monsters to dance is always fun to watch, this trap takes some work to be truly effective.

The hard CC is what makes this trap useful. Needing the necessary loadout and perks to make it useful is why it’s ranked as low as it is. While I’ve seen some players craft this trap to keep mobs dancing for an entire mission, that takes careful crafting and planning. If you’re not down for that, then simply use this trap when you need it and focus on more useful traps.


Ceiling Zapper Trap

Ceiling Zapper Trap - Best Traps in Fortnite: Save the World
Image: Epic Games via HGG

Now with the Ceiling Zapper Trap, we have a spot on this list that could move higher if not for a few shortcomings. Designed for high single-target damage, the Ceiling Zapper is decent. The low cost of the trap also means it’s easy to make.

Unfortunately, the single target caveat of the trap means it should be put in the back of any trap tunnels. This will keep it from targeting small monsters, wasting its high damage. Add some crit perks onto this trap, and you’ve got a good last line of defense for your base. Not exactly the best trap in Fortnite, but it’s still infinitely better than the Bouncer Floor.


Healing Pad

Healing Pad
Image: Epic Games via HGG

This spot and the next spot will focus on the healing traps in the game. Designed to heal a single player quickly, the Healing Pad and its brother are not as useful as they seem.

While healing is always helpful, these traps are kind of unnecessary. Its job can be replaced with items like the Coconut. At the end of the day, this item is nice to have but can be skipped in most situations.


Cozy Campfire

Cozy Campire
Image: Epic Games via HGG

The reasons for the Cozy Campfire’s place in this ranking are much the same as the Healing Pad. Nice to have, but it’s not necessary. It doesn’t heal as fast as the Healing Pad, but it heals more over time. It also heals multiple players at a time instead of a single one.


Wall Dynamo Trap

Wall Dynamo Trap - Best Traps in Fortnite: Save the World
Image: Epic Games via HGG

We’ve hit the part of the list where every trap is fairly useful, but outclassed by the traps higher on the list. The Wall Dynamo Trap does good damage and can stagger most husks that get close.

It’s a bit expensive to make, but if placed in a good spot, it can really make a difference in your builds. Don’t be afraid to take a chance on this trap if you think it’ll help.


Wall Lights Trap

Wall Lights Trap - Best Traps in Fortnite: Save the World
Image: Epic Games via HGG

The Wall Lights is a great CC trap that stuns enemies. Hard CC is always a great addition. Plus, with two Wall Light Traps and a clever loadout, it’s possible to stun husks in place permanently. A great choice overall and not to be skipped.


Wooden Spike Floor Trap

Wooden Spike Floor Trap - Best Traps in Fortnite: Save the World
Image: Epic Games via HGG

Cheap and useful, the Wooden Spike floor trap is a great choice in a lot of bases. The slowing effect and constant damage pair well with other traps. The Freeze Floor trap may be a better alternative, but these spikes have their uses. Slap this on the ground and put your ceiling trap of choice above it, and you’re good to go.


Wall Launcher

Wall Launcher
Image: Epic Games via HGG

Much like the healing traps earlier on the list, the Wall Launcher and Floor Launcher are interchangeable on this list. They both fill the same role, but in different directions. As its name suggests, these traps launch enemies away from the trap. 

The reason these traps are so high on the list is because of certain situations where these traps shine. If you ever have a map that faces a drop off the map, place one of these launchers. Watch your problems fly away, as any husk that gets launched goes right off the map, eliminating them.


Floor Launcher

Floor Launcher
Image: Epic Games via HGG

This trap shares the same reasoning as the Wall Launcher. Place it where it can launch some husks off the map or into other traps and have fun.


Ceiling Drop Trap

Ceiling Drop Trap
Image: Epic Games via HGG

The Ceiling Drop Trap does a little bit of everything pretty well. It does damage, stuns, and pushes enemies. If it didn’t require such specific maps to utilize its full potential, it would be higher on the list. All in all, this trap is good. Use it where you can and profit.


Anti-Air Floor Trap

Anti-Air Floor trap
Image: Epic Games via HGG

The Anti-Air Trap is a trap I forgot about for a long time. Once I started using it, however, it never left my radar again. This trap is designed to laser any projectiles that come near it. This makes it invaluable on missions with a lot of Lobbers and Flingers. Once you start using this trap, you’ll miss it when it’s gone.


Directional Player Jump Pad

Directional Player Jump Pad - Best Traps in Fortnite: Save the World
Image: Epic Games via HGG

What might be a surprising entry on the list this high up is the Directional Player Jump Pad. What this trap lacks in base defense, it makes up for in sheer mobility.

Designed to launch a player in a direction depending on where they land on it, this trap can be chained for some awesome movement. If you toss one of these on the ground before landing, you can potentially keep bouncing your character across the map.

It’s not exactly a gimme, and it does need a little practice. But once you’ve gotten the hang of it, movement will never be the same. Any mission that needs you to search the map quickly will be trivial. This trap is potentially the best trap in Fortnite for that reason alone. 


Tar Pit Trap

Tar Pit Trap - Best Traps in Fortnite: Save the World
Image: Epic Games via HGG

The Tar Pit is another CC trap that ranks high on this tier list. What can I say? CC reigns supreme in this game, especially a hard CC trap like Tar Pit. Designed to stop enemies completely when activated, this trap has another trick up its sleeve. When damaged, the tar will ignite and deal fire damage to whatever is trapped inside.

If not for the low durability of this trap, it would be higher on the list. Regardless, the usefulness of this trap cannot be understated. Always keep an eye on when you can fit a Tar Pit into your bases.


Defender Post 

Defender Post - Best Traps in Fortnite: Save the World
Image: Epic Games via HGG

If you ever need a little backup, use this trap. The Defender Post allows you to trap defender NPCs that you’ve collected to back you up on missions. If you take some time getting the right defenders, you’ll have an effective army at your back. Slap some good weapons on them and they become even more effective.

There’s not much more to say about this trap. It’s easy to see why more guns on the field can be helpful. If you play solo a lot, this trap is easily one of the best traps in Fornite.


Broadside Wall Trap

Broadside Wall Trap - Best Traps in Fortnite: Save the World
Image: Epic Games via HGG

The Broadside is a high-damage trap with bouncing projectiles. This trap has huge one-shot potential and should not be slept on. Place two of these things facing each other and watch the carnage. You can be sure most enemies won’t be making it through this trap. Just watch out for the slow reload, and you should get a lot of bang for your buck with this trap.


Ceiling Electric Field Trap

Ceiling Electric Field Trap - Best Traps in Fortnite: Save the World
Image: Epic Games via HGG

With these final four traps, we have traps that make their way into my bases more often than not. A bit weird to say this in the top four and not the top 3, but these last few traps are just that good. A perfect example is the Ceiling Electric Field.

High damage, large radius of effect, and a decent range of activation. A perfect combo. This trap can do its job and stay out of range of pesky Propane husks at the same time.


Ceiling Gas Trap

Ceiling Gas Trap - Best Traps in Fortnite: Save the World
Image: Epic Games via HGG

Even through all the nerfs, the Ceiling Gas trap still reigns supreme. This AOE trap is a great way to soften up husks for the rest of your devious traps. Place this above a Freeze Floor or Tar Pit and reap the benefits.


Freeze Floor Trap

Freeze Floor Trap - Best Traps in Fortnite: Save the World
Image: Epic Games via HGG

The Freeze Floor Trap was very close to being number one on this list. Hard CC that makes enemies a little more vulnerable to damage is hard to pass on. If the reload speed was a little lower, it would easily take the number one spot. Either way, this is one of the best traps in Fortnite hands down.


Wall Darts Trap

Wall Darts Trap - Best Traps in Fortnite: Save the World
Image: Epic Games via HGG

The Wall Darts are one of the most versatile traps in Fortnite. They can be placed just about anywhere and easily up the damage against any Mist Monster that dares attack your base. With three tiles of effective range, pierce, and high damage, this is the best trap in Fortnite: Save the World

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And that’s our rankings of the best traps in Fortnite: Save The World. Thanks for reading! Do you agree with our list? Do you think I placed a trap in the wrong spot? Let us know in the comments below and subscribe for more Fortnite and other gaming content in the future!

Happy gaming! 


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