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Best Fortnite Skin Combos

Every season of Fortnite brings a wealth of new customization options to the game. The Battle Pass offers plenty of rewards, the shop cycles new items daily. When your Locker is bursting at the seams, you can start making skin combos! These are an excellent way to show off the awesome items you’ve collected. And let’s be honest, sometimes it’s fun to play digital dress-up. Here are the best Fortnite skin combos to inspire your next customization spree.

Best Fortnite Skin Combos

Let’s get right into our picks for the best skin combinations in Fortnite!


Eldritch Skater Phantasm

Best Skin Combos in Fortnite | Eldritch Skater Phantasm
Image: Epic Games Via HGG / Justin Moniquette
  • Skin: Phantasm
  • Back Bling: Back Board
  • Pickaxe: The All-Seeing Scythe
  • Glider: Flip Flyer

Released back in Season 3, Phantasm is a remixed version of the older Kondor skin Battle Pass reward. It comes with three styles to choose from: the default style, hat off, and cyborg. For this combo, we’re looking at the default and hat off versions of the skin — as cool as the cyborg style is, it doesn’t fit the theme of the combo very much.

The Back Board back bling matches well with the skater/street runner vibe this skin gives off. Combine this with the Flip Flyer glider to complement the aesthetic. The All-Seeing Scythe is just the icing on the cake. The spooky eldritch feel of the pickaxe helps sell the otherworldly nature of the skin itself.

With Phantasm’s color palette being pretty muted, it pairs well with the black of the Back Board and All-Seeing Scythe. Although the Flip Flyer doesn’t exactly match the color scheme, it does the job. Plus the aesthetic of watching Phantasm do a kickflip while gliding to the ground was too much to pass on.


Gold-Touched Marigold

Gold-Touched Marigold Skin
Image: Epic Games Via HGG / Justin Moniquette
  • Skin: Marigold
  • Back Bling: Solid Skull
  • Pickaxe: Golden Crow
  • Glider: Commander’s Descent

Marigold is a skin that can easily combo with many different items, as everything pairs well with gold. For this combo, however, we decided to double down on the gold. The goal of this combo was to make sure Marigold looks good in her default style, as well as with full reactivity. For those who don’t know, Marigold’s reactivity causes her to become more golden. With every elimination, the effect spreads. After six eliminations, the whole skin becomes completely gold.

For our back bling, we choose the Solid Skull. If you did the solid skull quests when they were up, the skull would upgrade with each quest completed. This back bling looks awesome on its own, cause who wouldn’t love a floating golden skull on their back? When paired with Marigold, it’s like they were meant to be together. The same goes with the Golden Crow pickaxe. 

The goal of this skin combo is to make Marigold look like the dangerous underboss she is. At least from the rare moments she pops up in the lore. A golden crowbar and a golden skull of her enemies? That hits the mark. Watching this skin slowly walk its way to the ground with Commander’s Descent? Downright intimidating. This is easily one of the best Fortnite combos, and of course all of these options would work just as good on Midas.


Neon Nightmare Evie

Neon Nightmare Evie Skin
Image: Epic Games Via HGG / Justin Moniquette
  • Skin: Evie
  • Back Bling: Tech Plate 8
  • Pickaxe: Lucky 8’s
  • Glider: Needle Dropper

I loved Evie’s skin when she released in Season 3, but it wasn’t until the introduction of Mega City on the island that I found the perfect skin combo for her. This is fitting, since Evie originates from Mega City in the story of Fortnite.

If you haven’t guessed already, this combo is meant to let Evie blend into the neon lights of the new POI. Using the neon couture style already does most of the heavy lifting. The Tech Plate 8 back bling and Lucky 8’s pickaxe complete the look, however. The neon coloring of the back bling and pickaxe fit perfectly with the cyberpunk style of Mega City. This is somewhat validated by the fact that CRZ-8, the skin bundled with the back bling and pickaxe, is an NPC on the island this season.

The Needle Dropper glider in this combo plays a key part, too. It provides the skin with a glider that matches its color scheme. The lo-fi beats playing while you land is a sweet bonus. This combo makes the list of best Fortnite combos because it fits the theme of this season so well. 


Classic Comic Venom

Classic Comic Venom Skin
Image: Epic Games Via HGG / Justin Moniquette
  • Skin: Venom
  • Back Bling: N/A
  • Pickaxe: Symbiote Slasher/ Chaos Scythe
  • Glider: Gwen’s Spiderchute

Coming in at the number two spot is our first and only crossover combo on this list. While I love the crossovers in Fortnite (and let’s be honest, who doesn’t?), I find making skin combos with them to be not as fun. Usually when a crossover skin comes, it’s bundled with everything it needs to make a good combo. Its nature as a crossover also makes it hard to pair with some of Fortnite’s original content. While watching Master Chief run around with a katana can be fun, sometimes I want something more lore accurate. This problem was completely thrown out the window with the Venom skin.

Unlike the other combos on this list, I don’t wear a back bling so I can show off the spider symbol on Venom’s back. The built-in Symbiote Slasher and the Chaos Scythe also both work as pickaxes. While the Symbiote Slasher is the easy choice, the Chaos Scythe makes a strong alternative. With the texture of the pickaxe already looking like that of a symbiote, it’s easy to spin it as Venom getting a little creative.

Finally, we have Gwen’s Spiderchute for our glider. While it’s not shown too much in his modern comics, Venom used to swing around using white webbing. This was to make him seem more like Spider-Man, his light reflection. While Venom uses tendrils now, this glider acts as a nice callback to those classic comics.


Tech-Knight Emperor

Best Skin Combos in Fortnite | Tech-Knight Emperor
Image: Epic Games Via HGG / Justin Moniquette
  • Skin: The Ageless
  • Back Bling: Inheritor’s Edge
  • Pickaxe: Inheritor’s Edge
  • Glider:  Articulated Blade Wing

For the number one spot, we have the Tech-Knight Emperor combo. This combo really came together when I got The Ageless’s final style. The white of the Articulated Blade Wings high altitude style and The Ageless’s armor pair too well. The goal of this combo was to push the futuristic knight theme of the Oathbound faction to its limits. 

Although The Ageless comes with his sword, no back bling lets him run around the island with it. The simple solution? Slap the Inheritor’s Edge on his back! Since the back bling comes from a different skin in the same faction, the color schemes fit perfectly. This back bling is also reactive. Like a lot of new back blings with pickaxes, you can draw the pickaxe from your back. 

I love dropping with this combo because of how well everything fits together. Tha,t and when the Articulated Wings are out, it gives me hard Gundam vibes. Another bonus with this combo is that it looks great with both styles for The Ageless. Whether he’s armored up or not, as long as you stick with the default color, it all fits.

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And that’s our list of the best Fortnite skin combos. Do you agree with the list? If you have your own combos with these skins or amazing combos of your own, feel free to share them in the comments below. And if you’ve enjoyed this article, subscribe for more Fortnite content coming in the future.

Happy gaming!


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