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Fortnite News & Events: Chapter 5 Season 1 Underground

Everything that's happening on the Island in Fortnite right now!

With the end of another live event comes the beginning of a new chapter and season in Fortnite Underground. Just like every new season, Fortnite gives a new evolving map, weapons, gadgets, and events to play with.

To keep you up to date with everything that’s happening on the Island and beyond, I will be covering all new quests, events, changes, and more from week to week on this page.

Let’s begin with what’s happening right now in Fortnite.

What’s Going On Now in Fortnite (February 13 – 20)

➡️ Chapter 5 Season 1 Underground: December 3rd – March 4th 2024 

  • Splinter Assignment: The Ooze War: February 9th – February 27th

With the birth of a couple of new galaxies after the Big Bang live event, we’ve been given a bunch of new playgrounds to entertain us in the world of Fortnite. A Minecraft style open world mode in Lego Fortnite, a car racing mode in Rocket Racing in the vein of classic racing games, and Music Festival which is very reminiscent of old-school music games like Rock Band and Guitar Hero. Fortnite devs seem keen on expanding what players can do in their game and they seem to be right on the money. But just like every season, the ongoing story of Fortnite can be found on the new Battle Royale island of Helios.

In this season we are facing off against the new baddies of the island known as The Society; a group of high society villains that made the mistake of kidnapping Peely. Joining Jonesy and the new faction opposing these villains named The Underground, we’ll be unwrapping the secrets of this new island and the motivations of its inhabitants. Add in new weapons, modification benches, and cool-looking new animations and we’re sure to have a fun time doing it.

My Thoughts

After a relatively quiet week in Fortnite, players were given a host of new content to mess around with on the Island. With the TMNT crossover event in full swing we’ve gotten new weapons, items, quests, and things to unlock. Much like previous crossover events, we’re given a mini themed pass that lets us unlock some new emotes and Turtles themed loot.

I always like events like this because it helps shake up the usual gameplay in Fortnite. A couple new weapons dropped on the map create new ways to play. Supply Drops make for new engagement areas fight over resources. Furthermore, these events usually come with its own narrative attached to them. For this one, the Turtles are gearing up for a war with their rival Shredder. I appreciate that this crossover wasn’t just a ‘chance to buy new skins’ scenario like when the Turtles first came out.

Week 11 Quests (February 13 – 20)

  • Collect different types of ammo: 0/5 (15K XP)
  • Travel distance using the Grapple Blade: 0/250 (15K XP)
  • Deal damage to enemy players at named locations: 0/2,000 (15K XP)
  • Search Rare chests: 0/5 (15K XP)
  • Eliminate opponents: 0/50 (15K XP)
  • Assist in recovering Combat Caches: 0/2 (30K XP)

Along with the TMNT crossover event comes a fresh batch of weekly quests. This weeks quests seem pretty standard fair. Take out opponents on hot drops at named locations, search rare chests, recover Combat Caches etc. It shouldn’t be too difficult to finish these quests, as they’ll likely happen by accident while just playing the game. Which is good since the Turtles’ quests are up and you’ll probably be more focused with those until the event ends.

Splinter Assignment: The Ooze War Quests

Phase 1: Stick To The Shadows

  • Travel through sewer pipes in different matches: 0/3
  • Damage opponents with suppressed weapons: 0/500
  • Search a Ninja Turtle Supply Drop: 0/1
  • Use the EMP Stealth Camo item: 0/1
  • Purchase Ninja Turtle Weapons from vending machines: 0/1
  • Do an impossibly difficult trick on a Driftboard: 0/1

Phase 2: Gear Up!

  • Hire a character: 0/1
  • Have a hired follower eliminate an opponent: 0/1
  • Eliminate opponents while aiming down sights: 0/3
  • Collect weapons from supply drones in Hot Spots: 0/3
  • Spend bars at Mending Machines: 0/200
  • Open chests: 0/7
  • Damage opponents with Ninja Turtle Weapons: 0/150
  • Crack opponent’s shields: 0/10
  • Damage opponents with different weapon types in a single match: 0/3
  • Emote in different matches: 0/3
  • Spin degrees while airborne and on foot: 0/7,500
  • Travel distance while airborne: 0/250

The Turtles are back! And with them come the Ooze War! I’m convinced this event was suppose to happen during the Holidays when the Turtles first dropped, but better late then never. Especially when the event comes with a host of new items to use, new quests and Ninja Turtle themed rewards to gain.

With the event lasting two weeks, there’s a good amount of time to complete all the quest needed to get all the rewards, and fans of TMNT will surely want to grab these rewards. Especially if you grabbed the Turtles when they were in the store.

Solid Snake Quests

Page 1

  • Hide in a Cardboard Box for 10 seconds: 0/10
  • Damage opponents within 10 meters: 0/250
  • Deal damage with explosives: 0/50
  • Damage opponents with assault rifles: 0/500
  • Break security cameras or turrets: 0/2
  • Complete Page 1 Quests: 0/4

Page 2

  • Deal damage to opponents with a weapon that has a suppressor: 0/2500
  • Use EMP Stealth: 0/3
  • Use hiding spots in different matches: 0/5
  • Assist in opening vaults or hack train heist chest: 0/3
  • Damage different enemy players before they damage you: 0/10

It seems like Fortnite is adding more and more video game characters to the game every Season, and I’m here for it. Snake is a great addition to the game and he looks amazing. The new stealth items that dropped with him are a ton of fun and very on brand with the character itself. I can’t wait to see what the developers add next.

Gameplay Improvements / Patches (V28.10 – Jan 23)

Battle Royale

  • Anvil Rocket Launcher unvaulted
    • It’s always nice to see old weapons unvaulted and see what changes were made. I don’t have a lot of experience with this weapon but I’m excited to see what it can do.
  • EMP Stealth Camo and Cardboard boxes added to game.
    • New stealth added to the Battle Royale sounds like a fun time. I’m curious to see if its implemented well and how much like Snake you can actually get.
  • The Enforcer AR has been slightly buffed with increased bullet speed, damage, and headshot damage with a reduction in bullet drop.
    • I thought rifles were in a good spot this Season, so I wasn’t expected any of the AR’s to get a buff, even a small one. Apparently the Enforcer was lagging behind, but I always found it reliable when I used it. No complaints for the weapon getting even better though.
  • The Reaper Sniper Rifle has received a slight reduction in bullet speed and an increase in bullet drop.
    • The Reaper came out of the gate really powerful so I’m not sad to see this weapon nerfed a little more. I just hope it’s not nerfed to the point where the weapon is completely unusable which sometimes happens. Either way, a good change in my book.
  • The Hyper SMG has received an overall increase in accuracy with tightened spread.
    • I’ve rarely used the SMG with my time on the Island, so I’m not sure if the Hyper SMG really needed the buff, but I’ll be sure to pick it up and see what it can do.
  • The Ballistic Shield has received a decrease in damage required to stagger holder.
    • The Ballistic Shield is a very strong defensive option, especially when running in squads. A little nerf is a good idea, especially in modes like Zero Build where you can build defenses.
  • Storm circle speed, sprint speed, and energy regeneration have been reverted to match the speed from Chapter 4.
    • I liked the speed and movement in Chapter 5 so I’m a little sad to see this reverted. Hopefully it doesn’t change too much and this Season still feels fresh.
  • Unvaulted Business Turret (Hotfix Jan. 30th)
    • Always great to see old weapons and items unvaulted. Especially ones that I enjoyed. I’m curious to see how the Business Turret will fair on a more open map than the one it was introduced, but only time will tell.
  • Added TMNT themed weapons and items (Hotfix Feb. 9th)
    • Added Donatello’s Staff
    • Added Leonardo’s Katanas
    • Added Michelangelo’s Nunchaku
    • Added Raphael’s Sai
    • Added TMNT Driftboard
    • Added Ninja Turtle Supply Drop
      • The Turtles weapons are finally added to the game. New additions to the map are always welcome. The fact that each weapon plays different also adds to the variety of what we’re given.
  • Unvaulted Pizza Party and Pizza Slice (Hotfix Feb. 9th)
    • A great healing item brought back just for the return of the Turtles. The Pizza Party is great whether you’re running squads are solos. Their healing shouldn’t be passed up on.

What’s Coming Up in Fortnite

Part two of the TMNT crossover is here, and with it is the Ooze War. The different phases of this event will be releasing over the course of the next two weeks showing us how the Turtles prepare and battle Shredder and his goons. New quests and new changes to the map are sure to happen in the next two weeks so we have a lot to look forward to.

In the business of leaks, we have a couple more leaks regarding future crossovers. Rumors are we’ll be getting a One Piece crossover in the near future. With Dragon Ball Z and Naruto already gracing our Lockers, a One Piece collaboration seems very likely.

It also looks like we’ll be getting that Power Rangers crossover sooner then we were expecting, with a couple renders of the rangers popping up on the internet.

In other game mode news, Rocket Racing is supposedly getting some new additions. Not only will there apparently be a new Speed Run mode where your goal is to be the fastest on different tracks, they’re also adding a ghost mode where you can race ghost versions of other racers. Once again, I’m glad these new modes added are getting their due love and are being fleshed out. I hope this is just the beginning of what’s to come for Fortnite content in the future.


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