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The 10 Best Skins in Fortnite, Ranked (2024)

“Always dress to impress.” This old saying is perpetually in effect for Fortnite, with its mountain of skins to choose from. If you’re anything like us, you’re constantly checking the store for new skins to add to your locker, eager to see which survey skins have finally made their way into the game.

The 10 Best Skins in Fortnite

With over 1500 skins in Fortnite at the time of writing, there are a lot of good options to choose from when you drop out of the Battle Bus. From this massive list, we’ve chosen the top 10 best Fortnite skins and will be ranking them from good to amazing. Let’s get started!



P33LY - Best Fornite Skins
Image: Epic Games via HGG / Justin Moniquette

We would be hard-pressed to create a list of the best skins in Fortnite without at least one version of Peely. Those familiar with the game will recognize Peely immediately. Our banana friend has been around the island for quite some time, and he has gone through a couple of variations since then. From a roman soldier to an old squash and stretch cartoon, Peely loves his wardrobe changes.

On this list, however, the number ten spot is taken by Peely’s P33LY skin. A futuristic cyberpunk version of one of Fortnite’s top mascots. Out of every version, P33LY  would have to be my personal favorite. The absurdity surrounding a  futuristic ninja banana is enough on its own. The funny emoticons that replace his normal face are just a bonus.

I’m not going to lie, I don’t usually play P33LY when I want to win. This walking banana makes a big easy-to-find target. But when I need a good laugh, he’s always my first choice. Because who can resist laughing with a giant dancing banana on the screen?



Xenomorph - Best Fornite Skins
Image: Epic Games via HGG

Moving onto our number nine spot, the Xenomorph. Fortnite has a lot of amazing original skins under its belt. And I mean a lot. But that doesn’t mean the art team puts any less work into their crossover skins. One perfect example is the Xenomorph.

As a longtime fan of the Aliens franchise, this crossover was an instant favorite of mine. This is due in no small part to how well the infamous alien translated into the game. It’s clear fans of the franchise were in charge of this crossover. The love and detail put into this skin show that. This is even more relevant with the built-in emote Xeno Menace. Now you too can be the menace that hunts the other loopers of the island and look creepy while doing it.



Evie - Best Fornite Skins
Image: Epic Games via HGG / Justin Moniquette

Next on the list is Evie, an amazing skin from Fortnite’s season of vibing. There are a lot of good reasons why Evie fits the bill for one of the best skins in Fortnite. One of which is the options that come bundled with her. Four styles, a semi-customizable shirt emblem, and a couple of super-level skins to be exact. The reason she makes the list, however, is because of how she represents the next step in Fortnite skin design.

Throughout chapter three, there was an increase in the quality of Fortnite’s original skins. A slight shift from the more cartoony look of the early days before there were chapters. These new skins had more interesting designs and expressive faces, and Evie seems to be the culmination of all that work. Until the shift to Unreal Engine 5 that is. But that’s for later in the list dear reader.

With Evie taking a more active role in Fortnite’s current season, I’m excited to see if she gets any more skins in the future.



Venom - Best Fornite Skins
Image: Epic Games via HGG / Justin Moniquette

Who’s more iconic than the friendly neighborhood Spider-Man? One of his most dangerous villains of course. Even though Venom plays more of an anti-hero role in his more current appearances. Despite this, I wouldn’t fault you for thinking he’s still a villain. Especially when you see him running around the island. 

While there are technically two Venoms in the game (a movie and a comic version), the comic version deserves to be on the list of the best skins in Fortnite. Much like the Xenomorph, it’s hard to deny that the art team doesn’t put a lot of hard work into their crossover skins. This skin is Venom with a capital “V” and I love it. 

Not only does this skin look amazing, but it also comes with a built-in emote: We Are Venom. This emote mimics one of Venom’s most iconic poses with a spine-tingling roar to match. Other items bundled with this skin are the Symbiote Slasher pickaxe and Tendril Tote back bling. Both of which give me some serious Prototype vibes. Eagle-eyed comic fans will also notice this skin’s Extreme style looks just like Venom’s appearance in the short period he was bonded to Lee Price.



Helsie - Best Fornite Skins
Image: Epic Games via HGG / Justin Moniquette

Helsie marks our first post-UE5 skin on this list. Much like Evie earlier on the list, Helsie looks like she is simply a tier above previous skins. While her design alone may not be as out there as some skins, there’s a lot in this skin that shows how far character design has come in Fortnite

A unique lobby idle animation, one of the most expressive faces I’ve seen in the game, and three unique styles that change her outfit completely. All good stuff, as it gives these skins even more character than they already had.



Drift - Best Fornite Skins
Image: Epic Games via HGG / Justin Moniquette

Drift is one of those fan-favorite skins that has stood the test of time. Which is no surprise given how cool it is. Drift joined the game back in Chapter One, Season Five, when rifts began popping up all over the island. Since then, he has had a couple of variations of his skin come out. Summer Drift and the infinitely cool-looking Driftwalker for example. Despite this, the classic Drift makes the list because of how important he is to the story of Fortnite.

For those who enjoy a bit of lore in their games as we do, Drift is an actual treat. In the narrative, Drift marks the first person from our reality to go to the island. And when I mean our reality I mean real-life Earth. Due to traveling between dimensions, he gained his very own rift powers. Sometime between seasons, he also met up with the mysterious Fox Clan.

While he hasn’t had a direct role in the narrative for a while, certain rift events show him and other members of the Fox Clan up to something on the island. The addition of Stray in the current season’s battle pass also promises more information about the Fox Clan and its members. Something I am very much looking forward to.



Spider-Gwen - Best Fornite Skins
Image: Epic Games via HGG / Justin Moniquette

One thing that I’m constantly impressed by is the quality of the crossover events in Fortnite. Something you’ve probably realized from the Xenomorph and Venom entries on this list. Compared to all the crossovers however, Spider-Gwen is by far the best. 

Not only is she an excellent choice for one of the best skins in Fortnite, but she’s also a perfect recreation of her movie counterpart. It is abundantly clear that the art team wanted this skin to jump right out of the movie and into the game, and it shows! With both a masked and unmasked version, there is a lot to like about this skin. Especially if you’re a fan of the movie. 

One easter egg that put me over the moon however is this skin’s secret reactivity. When Spider-Gwen uses the emote Arachrobatics, she will mimic the animation style used in Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse. This drops the animation frames to push the feeling of 2D and make it look more like a comic book. That’s a level of polish I can’t ignore and will always applaud.


Rift Knight Kieran

Rift Knight Kieran - Best Fornite Skins
Image: Epic Games via HGG / Justin Moniquette

And here we are at the final three of this list. I went back and forth on a lot of skins before settling on Rift Knight Kieran. Mainly because, since his release, I have almost exclusively used this skin every time I’ve dropped from the Battle Bus. As a medieval history nerd, the mix of knight-errant style and sci-fi is a really big hook for me.

Much like what I mentioned with Evie and Helsie, this skin is incredibly expressive. Especially with the lobby idle they gave him. Furthermore, his connection with the Oathbound, a new faction in Fortnite has my lore senses tingling.

While light on backstory at the moment, his connection to the Ageless means this won’t be true for long. For those who don’t know, the Ageless is a snapshot of Geno – a character who is the closest thing Fortnite has had to a recurring antagonist. With luck, this connection foretells a long and enriching involvement in the narrative. 


Shadow Midas

Shadow Midas - Best Fornite Skins
Image: Epic Games via HGG / Justin Moniquette

Much like Peely, we couldn’t make a list of the best skins in Fortnite without including at least one version of Midas. Especially given how many there are. Just like Drift, Midas is a fan favorite that has been able to maintain his popularity despite being away from the spotlight for quite some time.

In all honesty, any version of Midas could have taken this spot. I like them all, and based on how many variations this skin has, I assume other players have the same sentiment. But for this spot, I decided to go with the Halloween version of him with Shadow Midas. It takes everything I know and love about the original Midas skin and makes it spooky. 

Another neat feature is the Midas Touch reactivity on other versions of the skin is present here. Instead of making Midas’ weapons and himself more gold, he makes them ghoulish. What I mean by this is that Midas and his weapons turn a haunting purple. It’s a nice addition that both my friends and I love based on how often I’m asked to “spookify” their weapons mid-match.

Much like the other skins on this list, Shadow Midas holds a bit of weight in the narrative of Fortnite. While there have been some hints of Midas’ return from season to season, Shadow Midas is a grim reminder of his failed past. While not the actual Midas, Shadow Midas is the revived ghoul of one of his snapshots that met a fishy end way back in the trailer for Chapter 2, Season 3. A perfect backstory for this Halloween-themed skin.


Boundless Set

Boundless Set - Best Fornite Skins
Image: Epic Games

Finally, we hit the number one spot. In a game all about new and interesting skins, the best skin in Fortnite is the one you can make yourself! Any fan of games like Mass Effect and Dragon Age will know exactly what I mean. We all know how satisfying it is to be able to create your perfect hero. The uniqueness of the Boundless Set is that it allows you to do exactly that.

Technically speaking, the Boundless Set has multiple “skins” included.  But these skins are more like starting canvases than anything else. Almost everything about these skins is customizable. You’re able to mix and match so many options it would be a miracle that any two skins in this set end up looking alike. And that’s what I love about these outfits. 

In the lore of Fortnite’s narrative, the players are known as Loopers. These Loopers act as the protagonists of the season events and narrative quests. While the players can always use any skin they want to during these events, the chance of duplicates showing up is high. Even with the inclusion of snapshots and remixes to explain duplicate skins, a unique skin still holds some weight. The Boundless Set allows the player to go through Fortnite almost as if it was a single-player game. It allows them to go from season to season as a character wholly unique to them.

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And there you have it, our list of the top 10 best skins in Fortnite! Did you agree with my list? Did I miss any of your favorite skins? Let us know in the comments below! I’d love to see what skins I may have missed or overlooked. And if you’ve enjoyed this article subscribe for more Fortnite content coming soon!

Happy gaming!


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