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Clash Royale: Best Decks for Arena 7 Royal Arena (2024)

Arena 7 in Clash Royale introduces some of the best win cons throughout the entire game to place in your deck. While some of the previous arenas have focused on giving new support troops and buildings to try out, this one is all in on power. You’ll find some of the most important cards for everything from casual to pro play in Arena 7, so it’s safe to say it’s an exciting arena to reach.

From Royal Giant to Royal Hogs and everything else royalty, this arena is stacked with new cards to try out. Let’s get started with a look at the new cards available in Arena 7, then we’ll look at 5 great decks to try out as well!

New Cards Available in Arena 7

Strangely enough, all the new cards in Arena 7 are troops. No spells or buildings to be seen here. But one cool thing is that the troops actually match the theme of the arena.

The Royal Arena is home to the Royal Recruits, Royal Giant, and Royal Hogs, so it’s safe to say there’s plenty of royalty for the arena. Three Musketeers, Dark Prince, and Prince also all match the theme of the arena, and Balloon is kind of just there too.

➡️ Troops: Royal Recruits, Royal Giant, Royal Hogs, Three Musketeers, Dark Prince, Prince, Balloon

➡️ Spells: n/a

➡️ Buildings: n/a

The 5 Best Decks for Arena 7 in No Particular Order

There’s nothing better in Clash Royale than trying out new cards (other than winning trophies). The decks in this section are listed in no particular order, and all of them have the potential to win you some games. More importantly, they’re all built with cards that you would naturally get for free.

These are the 5 best free decks to beat Arena 7 in Clash Royale.

Balloon Attack

Balloon Attack - Best Deck Arena 7 Clash Royale
(Image: Supercell via HGG / Brett Moss)

All cards in this deck:

  • Balloon
  • Baby Dragon
  • Knight
  • Bomb Tower
  • Arrows
  • Mega Minion
  • Skeleton Army
  • Electro Spirit

Balloon is so strong that you’ll find decks based around it from this point on. It only targets buildings, and the damage it deals is amongst the best in the game.

When Balloon locks onto a building, it moves slowly across the battlefield until it comes to a halt right above it. Then the skeleton in the balloon begins dropping bombs down onto the building below. The only downside here is that the skeleton takes forever to ready the bombs, so it takes a long time to fully take out buildings. But after a few Balloons and some help from the rest of your deck, you’ll be able to take out at least one tower very consistently.

Playing Balloon decks usually involves a lot of air troops, and this one is no different. While most versions of this deck in higher arenas use Lava Hound as an air tank, this deck doesn’t have access to it yet.

Without Lava Hound, there isn’t a need to play as many air troops as the previously-mentioned version does, since there’s no air tank to incentivize it. Instead, cards like Knight and Bomb Tower sneak into the deck, where they might not in higher arenas.

However, no matter what, it’s always good to have some ground defense. One of the weaknesses of the higher-level Lava Hound Balloon decks is the lack of ground defense, so perhaps there’s a case to be made for this variant over it. Either way, it’s a great way to learn Balloon and gain some easy trophies!

P.E.K.K.A. Barrel

P.E.K.K.A. Barrel - Best Deck Arena 7 Clash Royale
(Image: Supercell via HGG / Brett Moss)

All cards in this deck:

  • P.E.K.K.A.
  • Goblin Barrel
  • Dark Prince
  • Fireball
  • Flying Machine
  • Tombstone
  • Bomber
  • Electro Spirit

This deck takes advantage of two strong cards: P.E.K.K.A. and Goblin Barrel. These two cards come in at opposite sides of the Elixir cost scale, and both have very separate strengths and weaknesses.

With P.E.K.K.A., the main use is to counter tanks and make counter pushes that require an answer. While P.E.K.K.A.’s slow movement and hit speed keep it from being a strong win con, when it gets near an enemy tower, it still requires an answer. If a P.E.K.K.A. is able to lock onto an enemy tower, it’ll be able to destroy the tower in a matter of seconds.

The second featured card in this deck, Goblin Barrel, is much more effective at destroying towers. Just drag it anywhere on the battlefield to launch a barrel loaded with 3 Goblins anywhere on the map. Use these to destroy towers as quickly as possible, as they do far more damage than you might think!

This deck is great because you don’t have to worry too much about timing your win cons perfectly. Goblin Barrel can be used at pretty much any time, especially if your opponent doesn’t have a Log or Barbarian Barrel to counter it. (They shouldn’t have those at this level, but you’ll probably see them anyway since you can buy higher arena cards in the shop.) Goblin Barrel is a nightmare to play against for unprepared players and veterans alike. And P.E.K.K.A. is nothing to forget about, either.

Royal Combo

Royal Combo - Best Deck Arena 7 Clash Royale
(Image: Supercell via HGG / Brett Moss)

All cards in this deck:

  • Royal Hogs
  • Royal Giant
  • Baby Dragon
  • Flying Machine
  • Tombstone
  • Fireball
  • Goblin Cage
  • Skeletons

The Royal Combo in this deck consists of the Royal Hogs and Royal Giant. These are two of the strongest win cons in this arena, and since they have a similar name we couldn’t resist making a deck for them.

Royal Hogs are one of the more versatile win conditions, as you can split them at the river, sending two toward each tower. By doing this, you can apply pressure across both sides of the arena, giving the Royal Hogs a unique advantage.

Royal Giant goes really well with the Hogs, as it causes enough chaos that your opponent will have a harder time dealing with it all. When used at the same time, they create a chaotic, hard-to-counter push. But don’t focus exclusively on pairing them up. Royal Giant is expensive and needs support, so you won’t want to waste Elixir.

This deck is all about applying constant pressure. The drawback to that, though, is that it can leave you open to attacks if you play it wrong. Try to avoid using all of your Elixir, and wait until Double Elixir to go for Royal Hog + Giant pushes. This deck can be a lot of fun, but you’ll need to have patience while learning how to time your pushes.

Hog Cycle

Hog Cycle - Best Deck Arena 7 Clash Royale
(Image: Supercell via HGG / Brett Moss)

All cards in this deck:

  • Hog Rider
  • Knight
  • Mega Minion
  • Fireball
  • Cannon
  • Skeletons
  • Bats
  • Guards

In every arena, there’s a Hog Rider deck. Hog Rider is perhaps the best win con in Clash Royale, as it’s fairly cheap, fast, and does a lot of damage.

The strategy with most Hog Rider decks is to play a bunch of cheap cards, so you can cycle through them and cast another Hog Rider. The Hog Rider is powerful enough to take out almost an entire tower on its own (sometimes the whole thing), and it has enough HP to survive for quite a while. It can even jump over the river to avoid obstacles, which is surprisingly helpful.

For the rest of this deck, we have exclusively cheaper cards that serve as defense. Since the Hog Rider is such a strong win con, we don’t have to worry about making counter pushes or having secondary win cons. All you need is good support for the Hog Rider and everything else is trivial.

While you want to be playing Hog Riders consistently throughout the game, make sure to keep at least a Knight up at all times. It’s the best tank in the deck, so it’s essential for stopping pushes while you cycle for the right card to counter with. Cannon is also necessary for defending against pushes, as it can stop most win cons and give you enough time to react.

This deck is all about learning how to maximize the use of each card as a counter, so your Hog Riders have the time they need to destroy your opponent’s King Tower.

Giant Princes

Giant Princes - Best Deck Arena 7 Clash Royale
(Image: Supercell via HGG / Brett Moss)

All cards in this deck:

  • Giant
  • Prince
  • Dark Prince
  • Baby Dragon
  • Archers
  • Minions
  • Fire Spirit
  • Arrows

Here we have a classic Giant deck, with the addition of a couple of Princes to help him out. The Giant’s purpose here is simple: he’s a massive tank that only targets buildings. He’s the perfect meat shield to tank for your pushes, and he can be used defensively if needed.

The Princes are the more impactful part of this deck, really. Both Princes are fairly similar, as they’re ground-only troops that do a charge forward when they run. However, the normal Prince does high damage to single enemies, while the Dark Prince does reduced AoE damage. The three of them (Giant + Princes) make a really strong push, as long as they have a bit of air defense behind them.

Baby Dragon is the standout troop on the support/defense side. It’s a tanky air unit that does splash damage, so it can handle any air swarms and distract other air troops. This deck has lots of extra air defense in the form of Archers and Minions, as air troops are the main threat for the Giant and Princes. The Princes can handle anything that approaches them on the ground, but having a strong line of air defense troops is important for protecting them as they approach the towers.

Join the High Ground!

While there are so many decks to try out in that it feels like we’ll never get through them all, at least one of these decks is guaranteed to get you through Arena 7 of Clash Royale.

Let us know how these decks work out for you and which one is your favorite in the comments below. Thanks for checking out this article, and as always, make sure to keep the High Ground!

Happy gaming!

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