Clash Royale: All Champion Abilities Ranked

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Clash Royale: All Champion Abilities Ranked

A well timed Champion Ability can swing the tide of battle. Some are better than others.

Champions are still a pretty new idea in Clash Royale, but it’s been long enough where we know what to expect from them now. One thing we know will be a part of each new Champion is an ability they can use during game, which makes them stand out from every other card rarity and type. These abilities range from forgettable to game changing, so I’m gonna take all six that we currently have and rank them! Just remember that changes happen all the time in Clash Royale, so stats and such might change.

I’ve ranked the champion’s abilities below by worst to best.

#6 Monk

The Monk has had a pretty decent impact on Clash Royale since its introduction, but it’s simply too hard to use for it to ever be the best. Its Champion ability, in particular, is really difficult to use optimally. The ability allows Monk to block and deflect incoming damage back to its originator, which has lots of potential. But since it relies on countering specific moves, it’s just not very consistent. It is only 1 Elixir, though, and it does compliment the Monk’s control-focused style. It’s not a useless ability, but due to its inconsistency it is the worst of the Champion abilities so far.

Since Monk arrived in Clash, it’s had a pretty mediocre impact. There have certainly been top meta decks which used Monk, but it hasn’t felt like a “must-have” card at any point. As a defensive troop it’s not bad, but the 5 Elixir cost makes it hard to justify. It’s great for defense in the right situations, but there are too many situations where it does nothing for it to be ranked higher.

#5 Mighty Miner

Mighty Miner has one of the more interesting abilities, as it’s more movement-focused than anything else. Whenever Mighty Miner is in danger, you can activate his 1-Elixir ability to cause him to go underground and dig through to the other side of the arena. In addition to allowing Mighty Miner to escape, this also leaves a bomb behind which will clear out most low-HP swarms. Thanks to this, Mighty Miner’s ability has the benefit of accomplishing two goals and being much more well-rounded than most.

The reason this one isn’t ranked higher than this is simply that it isn’t as impactful as others. It’s consistent and does have very clear purposes, but it is still just a movement ability with a small bit of damage attached. Since Mighty Miner, in general, is a pretty solid defensive troop right now, that’s not necessarily a bad thing though. If his ability was too much stronger it’d probably become a big issue, so maybe it’s for the best.

#4 Golden Knight

The Golden Knight might just look like a shinier version of the original Knight, but his ability gives him the chance to stand out. Whenever you activate the ability, Golden Knight will charge forward until he reaches a targetable (ground) troop or building. Then, once he’s within range, he dives into all nearby enemies and damages them all. Golden Knight is the perfect troop for taking out a huge swarm of enemies, but he’ll need some help. This ability is great, but it does suffer from some minor inconsistencies, plus it puts him in a vulnerable situation once over.

Even though Golden Knight’s ability does require a specific situation to be useful, that situation (multiple low- to mid-HP enemies) is very common. It’s rare not to get some use out of a Golden Knight ability, so for the most part it’s always a good way to go.

#3 Little Prince

Little Prince is the newest Champion so far, and you can tell that Supercell is getting a bit more comfortable with the idea of Champion abilities. This is the first one with such a high price tag (3 Elixir), and one of only two that cost more than 1 Elixir at all. Plus, it has the most instantly notable effect on the game of them all: it spawns another troop. And not just a low-HP troop or a swarm, but a very large and tanky one. The troop spawned by Little Prince’s ability is more than enough to tank for the Little Prince himself as he does massive DPS.

Thanks to this ability, you can create the perfect duo. But, like we said, there is a really high Elixir cost to remember. It costs 7 Elixir total to get both the Little Prince and his tanky companion, but it’s often well worth it. Making use of the Little Prince without his helper is also completely possible, though, so it isn’t something you absolutely have to do every time.

#2 Archer Queen

Archer Queen is my personal favorite Champion ability, even if it has a history of being far too powerful. When you activate Archer Queen’s ability, she’ll swing her cloak over her shoulder and go invisible and untargetable. She also gets a large damage boost during the few seconds she’s invisible. This turns the Queen into a mini-gun of unstoppable damage, allowing her to shred through tanks, towers, or anything else!

The only drawback to this, though, is that it’s been nerfed so many times. It isn’t nearly as overpowered as it once was (which is good), but it does mean it’s not the best ability anymore. It is the best, though, if your goal is a defensive troop that has the potential to solo towers if she gets near them.

#1 Skeleton King

Skeleton King’s ability is the other one above 1 Elixir, and for good reason. The reason it’s the best Champion ability in Clash Royale is a combination of consistency and how good it is in almost every situation. Skeleton King’s ability allows him to summon a large army of low-HP Skeletons, and the amount spawned depends on how many “souls” the King has when activated. (He collects souls from troops that die while he’s on the battlefield, including your own.) This allows for some of the largest pushes in the game, especially if you’re utilizing a swarm deck that can support them.

Of course, since these are just Skeletons, they’re not very hard to destroy. A single Log can take out your whole swarm, but that’s always the case. You can use these Skeletons defensively to take out tanks, to support the King once he’s under tower, or for many other purposes. Plus, it’s hard to nerf an ability whose troops are already one-shot from anything, so you don’t have to worry quite as much about that.

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