Clash Royale: Best Counters for Golem (2024)

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Clash Royale: Best Counters for Golem (2024)

The colossal Golem will fall.

Clash Royale has tons of tanks, and none are more annoying than Golem. Whether you love or hate Golem, everyone has to respect how much power it has. But since it’s such a major threat, it’s best to have something in your deck that can counter it. From buildings made to destroy tanks in seconds to swarms ready to chop the Golem down, there are plenty of great counters out there. Here are 5 great cards to counter Golem that can fit into any deck!

#5 – Phoenix

I’ve always liked Phoenix as a low-key Golem counter ever since it was added to the game. Whenever my opponents use Golem, I always hope to have Phoenix along with whatever more direct tank counters I have. Since Golem is so slow and does low damage, Phoenix has plenty of time to take it out before it hits your towers as long as you have a way to distract it for a bit. Another reason I like Phoenix so much is how good it is at surviving against Golem’s support crew. While Phoenix’s revive doesn’t succeed most of the time when attacking, it often does when defending. When there’s an army of Ice Wizards and Knights coming in behind Golem, nothing is better than a strong defender that can revive itself.

Evolved Firecracker is good at countering a lot of threats, but it’s at its best against Golem decks. While Firecracker’s damage might not pose a huge threat to Golem itself, it’ll be more than enough to take out 90% of his support team. Golem decks are nothing without a ton of support troops to back up the Golem, and that often means a swarm of low-HP troops. Firecracker is perfect for doing a bit of damage to Golem and then clearing up the troops behind him, allowing the rest of your troops to take care of Golem unthreatened.

If you don’t have the evolution for Firecracker, it’s still a good Golem counter. The damage will be worse and won’t cover as much space, but it’s still great damage. However, you might be better off with a different choice here like Princess, Ice Wizard, or Archers (especially if you have their evolution).

Barbarians are the best swarm card for taking out tanks, including Golem. With the evolution, Barbarians gain bonus attack speed with each hit, which allows them to quickly take out any tank. The evolution also grants them bonus HP, which helps them survive Golem’s death blast much more consistently. Evolved Barbarians are almost always enough to take out a Golem, and then they make for one of the best counter pushes you can have.

Without the evolution, Barbarians are still a top-tier Golem counter. You just have to be aware of how much damage his death explosion does, and remember that your counter push will probably not be as strong.

#2 – P.E.K.K.A. or Mini P.E.K.K.A.

P.E.K.K.A. stands out as a great tank counter because of how much damage it does on each hit. Without a doubt, P.E.K.K.A. is a top-tier counter for any tank, as long as you can get him to target the right unit. Make sure you have some splash damage to support P.E.K.K.A. and clear out any swarms that might threaten him, as he’s easily countered by almost any swarm. But once you get your P.E.K.K.A. to target a tank like Golem, it’ll be gone in seconds.

If you don’t have room for P.E.K.K.A.’s high elixir cost (7), you could also go with Mini P.E.K.K.A., which is effectively the same thing with less HP. Many decks prefer the mini version since he is so cheap and also works better to counter other threats like Hog Rider and Giant. As long as you have good support for them, either of these cards can be a perfect Golem counter.

#1 – Inferno Tower/Dragon

As someone who really loves playing Golem, all of the “inferno” cards are a nightmare to see. Inferno Tower is the most notable of these cards, as it’s both a building (already annoying for Golem) and destroys tanks quicker than any other building or troop. The inferno cards function by locking onto a target and then dealing damage which increases over time. Against tanks like Golem, inferno cards quickly ramp up their damage to destroy them in just seconds. Inferno Tower is the best of these cards for countering Golem, but Inferno Dragon is also a popular and consistent option. The only downside to the Dragon is that it can be taken out easily by spells, but it’s still a good (and cheaper) option.

Inferno Tower is my pick for best overall Golem counter, but be sure to try out other cards mentioned here if that doesn’t work for your deck. There’s a ton of room to improvise in Clash Royale, so be sure to try out anything you think might work!

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