Clash Royale: Best Decks for Arena 15 Miner’s Mine (2024)

Reaching Arena 15 (Miner’s Mine) is no easy feat. It’s one of the major stepping stones to reaching really late game arenas, and you get access to a lot of fantastic cards that you can base entire decks around. In this article we’ll start off with a look at the new cards unlocked in Arena 15, then we’ll check out the top 5 decks for this arena as well!

All New Cards Available in Arena 15

Miner's Mine Arena Level 15 in Clash Royale

As you get further and further into Clash Royale’s trophy road, you’ll start getting access to more powerful cards. Cards like Mother Witch and Fisherman might not be the absolute best in/against every deck, but they’re unique and have major potential against certain decks. That’s kind of the trend for Legendary cards these days, so they fit in nicely. This is an arena full of unique cards you can build around, especially if you like the more specific, goal-oriented decks.

➡️ Troops: Cannon Cart, Mother Witch, Fisherman

➡️ Spells: Clone, Tornado, Mirror

➡️ Buildings: Elixir Collector

The 5 Best Decks in Arena 15 in No Particular Order

This is the first arena where you have access to every card other than the Champions. You might not (probably won’t) have all the evolutions, but you can begin to assemble most of what might become your late game decks. Here are our picks for the 5 best decks in Arena 15 (in no particular order)!

Note: Some decks show evolutions, but they’re not required for the decks to work. They’re always nice, but at this arena they aren’t really required (they aren’t required at any arena, and they’re not even that common until the late arenas).

1. Royal Push

Royal Push Deck for Arena 15
(Image: Supercell / Brett Moss)

All cards in this deck:

  • Royal Giant (best for evolution slot) – win con
  • Ice Wizard – support
  • Royal Ghost – defense / counter-pushing
  • Archers – support
  • Skeleton Barrel – alternate win con
  • Guards – defense
  • Electro Spirit – cycle card / shock effect
  • Log – cheap spell / swarm control

Royal Giant is a pure win con that is near-unstoppable whether you have the evolution or not. Just drop it and let it do its thing. It only targets buildings, so as long as your opponent doesn’t have Inferno Tower, Tesla, or another strong building, you’ll at least get a shot or two off on the tower. Royal Giant doesn’t require much to do a ton of damage, but the biggest threat to it is swarms and Mini P.E.K.K.A. Thankfully, we have a great suite of support troops like Ice Wizard, Archers, and Guards to take care of those.

The other half of the Royal name of this deck is the Royal Ghost, who has a key role in this deck. Since he’s invisible until he attacks, he’s able to avoid taking random damage from buildings until he’s already locked onto and attacking his target. Royal Ghost also does splash damage, so he’s more useful as a defensive unit as well. While he’s more of a backup or distraction troop for Royal Giant, he’s certainly strong by himself as well. This deck does have a secondary win con, though, which can be paired with Royal Giant or thrown on its own. This card is Skeleton Barrel, which drops a horde of skeletons where it falls (either where it gets shot down or on a building/tower). This deck is aggressive, has multiple viable win cons, and can quickly overwhelm your opponents if they aren’t ready for it.

2. Recruits’ Log Bait

Recruits' Log Bait Deck for Arena 15
(Image: Supercell / Brett Moss)

All cards in this deck:

  • Royal Recruits – major swarm
  • Goblin Barrel – win con spell
  • Princess – support / log bait
  • Phoenix – defense / support
  • Fireball – damaging spell
  • Bomb Tower – defensive building
  • Spear Goblins – cheap air defense
  • Wall Breakers – cheap tower damage

The Log Bait archetype has many forms at this point, but this version features the Royal Recruits as a new major spell. Log Bait decks hope to make an opponent use their Log or other swarm-control card (Barbarian Barrel, Arrows, Fireball, etc.) so you can use a more powerful spell the Log would have been able to counter. In this deck (and most versions) the powerful spell is Goblin Barrel, which drops a trio of Goblins anywhere on the map. Since that’s the main way to do damage with this deck (unless your Recruits can consistently break through for damage), having such an effective way of getting rid of your opponents’ counters is great.

The main win cons for this deck which benefit from the Log Bait strategy are Goblin Barrel (which we’ve already discussed) and Wall Breakers. Wall Breakers are great for quick poke damage, and they can do a ton of damage if both connect. Our main Log Bait fodder cards are Princess, Royal Recruits, and Spear Goblins. Obviously all of those cards have their own roles in this deck, but you’ll be more than happy to see your opponent wasting their valuable swarm clearing cards on them instead of Goblin Barrel or Wall Breakers. Other than that, the rest of the cards are here for support and/or defense. When playing this deck, just try and get used to timing your major threats until you can tell that your opponents are out of answers.

3. Big Elixir Golem

Big Elixir Golem Deck for Arena 15
(Image: Supercell / Brett Moss)

All cards in this deck:

  • Golem – major threat
  • Elixir Collector – special building
  • Ice Wizard – support
  • Mother Witch – support
  • Archers – support
  • Fisherman – ground defense
  • Barbarian Barrel – spell
  • Electro Wizard – cheap troop

Golem is one of the most menacing tanks you can play in Clash Royale. As soon as someone drops Golem, the entire state of the game shifts. Golem requires the person playing it to play slowly and build up enough Elixir to successfully support it. You can drop Golem behind one of your towers, then save up mana for support troops to help guide Golem to the enemy towers.

In addition to the Golem itself, the most important part of this deck is the Elixir Collector. It costs 6 Elixir and grants you 1 Elixir periodically during its 65 second duration. Elixir Collector gives you 8 Elixir over time, for a net positive of 2 Elixir. Once you have Elixir Collector down, you’ll be able to easily support a Golem push along with support troops like Ice Wizard and Mother Witch. Mother Witch is especially good against swarms since it turns them against their controller, but it is very weak to spells. Fisherman is another new card to Arena 15 which features in this deck, and it’s here to support against dangerous ground troops that threaten Golem. This deck can take a while to get used to (especially playing around Elixir Collector and figuring out when to cast it), but if played right it makes for a quick three-crown victory.

4. Skeleton Clones

Skeleton Clones Deck for Arena 15
(Image: Supercell / Brett Moss)

All cards in this deck:

  • Giant Skeleton – dangerous tank
  • Electro Dragon – support
  • Skeleton Barrel – alternate win con
  • Clone – offensive spell
  • Tombstone – spawner building / distraction
  • Tornado – moves enemies where you need them, usually closer to Giant Skeleton’s bomb
  • Bandit – backup troop
  • Fire Spirit – cheap spell / swarm control

Clone is one of the most fun spells to use, even if it is a bit inconsistent. It’s a spell that clones some of your currently-active troops, with the downside that they only get 1 hit point. However, they do get the same death effects as their normal versions. So for troops like Giant Skeleton and Skeleton Barrel that have an effect after they die, Clone pairs with them perfectly.

Giant Skeleton is one of the best tanks you can use for managing major pushes, since it drops a massive bomb upon death that will clear up most units around it. The only downside is that it can’t really be used to make an aggressive push, so you’ll have to wait for a good counter push opportunity. To pair with Giant Skeleton as either backup or just another strong defensive troop, we have Electro Dragon. Electro Dragon can clear out the skies and shock troops, so it works for both general flying troops and specific ones that have to charge up a shot. Against Sparky or the Princes, Electro Dragon is a great option. This deck focuses on being defensive and making strong counter-pushes that might benefit from a well-placed Clone, so just keep that in mind as you play.

5. Sparky Time

Sparky Time Deck for Arena 15
(Image: Supercell / Brett Moss)

All cards in this deck:

  • Sparky – major threat
  • Goblin Giant – tank
  • Lightning – high-damage, multi-target spell
  • Tornado – moves troops and deals damage (groups them up better for Sparky)
  • Ice Wizard – support
  • Tesla – defensive building
  • Log – cheap spell / crowd control
  • Spear Goblins – cheap support

Sparky and Giant Goblin always pair well together, since Sparky always needs a tank to cover for it and Giant Goblin does that while also defending itself. Sparky is the main win con for this deck, but you have to be careful with it. It moves slowly and takes a long time to charge each shot, but those shots do massive splash damage. To further protect it, we also have Lightning. It’s able to take out the major threats to Sparky like Electro Wizard or Dragon, so it’s perfect for what we need here.

The rest of this deck features support and defense cards, although they all contribute to keeping Sparky alive (except for Tesla, which is pure defense). Ice Wizard synergizes well with Sparky since it also does splash damage and benefits from Tornado’s grouping abilities, and Spear Goblins are great for distracting and causing problems anywhere on the battlefield. This deck is literally explosive and has good defenses built in, so it’s worth a shot at any arena.

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