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Clash Royale: Best Decks for Arena 14 Serenity Peak (2024)

Arena 14 is a pretty chaotic arena, all things considered. The new cards introduced change the meta drastically, and some of them can be difficult for newer players to learn how to handle. Regardless, this leads to some really fun gameplay. In this article we’ll look at the 5 best decks for Arena 14, as well as all the cards available in the arena! Let’s get started with that list of all the cards available as of Serenity Peak.

All Cards Available in Arena 14 – Serenity Peak

**Bolded cards are unlocked in Arena 14**

➡️ Troops: Minions, Archers, Knight, Mini P.E.K.K.A., Musketeer, Giant, Spear Goblins, Goblins, Bomber, Skeletons, Valkyrie, Barbarians, Mega Minion, Battle Ram, Electro Spirit, Skeleton Dragons, Fire Spirit, Wizard, Bats, Flying Machine, Hog Rider, Guards, Baby Dragon, Skeleton Army, Witch, P.E.K.K.A., Royal Recruits, Royal Giant, Royal Hogs, Three Musketeers, Dark Prince, Prince, Balloon, Ice Spirit, Battle Healer, Ice Golem, Giant Skeleton, Skeleton Barrel, Goblin Gang, Dart Goblin, Goblin Giant, Elite Barbarians, Minion Horde, Zappies, Hunter, Golem, Mega Knight, Ram Rider, Electro Wizard, Inferno Dragon, Sparky, Miner, Princess, Firecracker, Electro Dragon, Wall Breakers, Phoenix, Royal Ghost, Ice Wizard, Rascals, Heal Spirit, Electro Giant, Bomber, Magic Archer, Bandit, Lava Hound, Royal Delivery, Elixir Golem, Executioner, Night Witch, Lumberjack

➡️ Spells: Arrows, Fireball, Zap, Rocket, Snowball, Lightning, Freeze, Barbarian Barrel, Poison, The Log, Earthquake, Graveyard, Rage

➡️ Buildings: Goblin Cage, Goblin Hut, Tombstone, Cannon, Bomb Tower, Inferno Tower, Mortar, Barbarian Hut, Tesla, Furnace, X-Bow, Goblin Drill

The 5 Best Decks for Arena 14, Ranked in No Particular Order

No reason to waste too much time, so let’s get right to it. Here are 5 of the best decks for Arena 14 (Serenity Peak), ranked in no particular order.

1. Lavaloon

Lavaloon Deck
(Image: Supercell / Brett Moss)

If you wanna be a menace, this is the Clash Royale deck for you. Lava Hound is the tankiest air troop in Clash, and Balloon is one of the highest-DPS air troops. When you pair them together (Balloon behind Lava Hound for max value), you get a push that requires specific cards to counter. You can take out your opponent with one good Lavaloon push, but at the same time, you can lose the game just as fast if you spend all your Elixir making said push. That makes Lavaloon one of the more difficult decks to play, but it’s definitely worth taking the time to master.

In addition to Lava Hound and Balloon, this deck also has Lumberjack to help with pushes. Lava Hound and Balloon are both slow-moving troops, so Lumberjack’s Rage is great for quick pushes. It also helps take out tanks like Giant and Valkyrie. Lumberjack is an important part of this deck, allowing for a more aggressive playstyle than many Lavaloon variations. Lumberjack is also only 2 Elixir more than Rage, so it’s incredible value.

When you’re not obliterating towers, you have a great set of defensive and support troops to utilize. Since this deck is focused on the air, Baby Dragon and Minions are ideal picks. Baby Dragon can take out swarms and support your Lavaloon push, and Minions are great for tanks. Both of these units make for a great counter push behind a Lava Hound, even without a Balloon. Electro Spirit can also be thrown behind your push to help with swarms or dangerous counters like Inferno Dragon and Inferno Tower. Then you’ll have Arrows to clean up anything that manages to make it through all that.

2. Graveyard

Graveyard Deck
(Image: Supercell / Brett Moss)

Graveyard is the only deck on this list that’s based around a spell instead of a troop or building. Most spells serve a defensive purpose (Fireball, Arrows, Zap, etc.), but Graveyard is different. Wherever you place Graveyard (it can be placed anywhere in the arena), skeletons will continuously spawn there for a while. If you drop Graveyard under an enemy tower, the skeletons will eventually start to overwhelm their defenses and lead to major tower damage. Just make sure not to place it too close to a king tower before you’re ready to activate it, as the skeletons stray away sometimes.

To defend your Graveyard attack, you have two options. One is getting another troop under the tower to take the aggro and lead to very quick tower eliminations. Miner works great for this, since you can drop him under towers just like you can Graveyard. Poison is another way to defend your Graveyard, but it only stops swarms and weak enemies. However, lots of people try to counter Graveyard with cards like Minions or Dart Goblin, so it often works.

Other than that, just use the rest of the units to defend your towers. Mini P.E.K.K.A. can take out any tank or building-targeting troop, so make sure to save it for those situations. Ice Wizard and Musketeer can keep the air clear, so you won’t have to worry too much there. Use Ice Golem to tank for your support and defense units to keep them safe for counter pushes, or use it to tank for Graveyard if your Miner isn’t ready.

3. Log Bait

Log Bait Deck
(Image: Supercell / Brett Moss)

Log Bait is a strange name for a deck if you’re not already familiar with it. What it means, though, is pretty simple. Log Bait decks seek to bait out your opponent’s Log or similar spell using cards like Goblin Hut, Princess, and Royal Recruits. Then, you can get the maximum value from your Goblin Barrel and/or Royal Hogs, since there won’t be a Log to ruin the fun. Mortar is a great inclusion in this deck, as it gives a secondary win con if your opponent has multiple ways to take out your Goblins or Hogs.

With this deck, you have to play smart to get your opponents to react the way you want them to. You can do something like drop Princess on the bridge to bait the Log, then throw Goblin Barrel or drop Royal Hogs. Assuming your opponent doesn’t have multiple Log effects, this should lead to more effective pushes than normal. Once your opponent figures out what you’re doing, you might have to mix up your strats. Princess on the bridge won’t work every time, but other things might. Try dropping Royal Hogs, then wait for a Log before throwing the Barrel. Or the other way around. It’s a really fun strategy that has a much higher skill cap than you might think.

For defense, Goblin Hut, Royal Recruits, and Knight are fantastic. Really any card in this deck that isn’t a win con or building works well to defend. You can even throw a Goblin Barrel on the battlefield to defend if you get desperate.

4. Giant Skeleton Sparky

Giant Skeleton Sparky Deck
(Image: Supercell / Brett Moss)

This deck uses two of the best 6-Elixir troops, Giant Skeleton and Sparky. Giant Skeleton is a defensive powerhouse, which can do literally explosive damage to towers if he gets close to one before dying. Sparky, on the other hand, is the main offensive troop in the deck. Sparky moves slow and takes a while to charge up a shot, but that shot is enough to level anything it hits (almost). The downside is that it can be easily countered, which is why we have all these great support cards!

To defend Sparky while it tries its best to build up a shot, troops like Mother Witch and Firecracker are perfect. They both clear up swarms without problems, and Mother Witch causes such a problem for enemies that Sparky will have all the time in the world. One thing you’ll always have to watch out for with this deck are the Electro cards. The main ones that can mess up this deck are Electro Wizard, Electro Spirit, and Electro Dragon. This is because these Electro spells reset the attack of their target, which prevents Sparky from doing anything thanks to the long charge time. Fireball can take out some of the Electro troops, and you can even pair it with the Log if necessary.

5. Valkyrie Ram

Valkyrie Ram Deck
(Image: Supercell / Brett Moss)

There are a ton of high-power win cons in Arena 14, but the Ram Rider is one of the most versatile. In addition to her fast speed and building-only targeting, she also throws snares at enemies which greatly slow them down. She’s one of the only win cons with such a powerful built-in defense system. However, Ram Rider can still use some backup. In this deck, we’ll be using Valkyrie to hold back anything that makes it across the bridge, while the Ram Rider does her thing on the other side.

Rascals are a notable addition to this deck, as they include both a tank and two ranged attackers. They make a formidable team with Valkyrie as they prevent anything from getting close to your towers. Mega Minion and Inferno Dragon are this deck’s flying troops, and both serve a similar purpose. Both are defensive, but Mega Minion is for less powerful enemies. Inferno Dragon is more risky and more expensive, but his scaling damage is so good against tanks that it’s worth it. We included Electro Wizard as well as a defensive support unit, and he’s probably the best support unit in this deck. We already talked about how he counters Sparky earlier, but he does the same thing to other troops as well. And even when there isn’t a target for him to reset, his damage is more than suitable for his purpose.

This is a very defensive deck, so wait for pushes, then counter and make your own. Valkyrie usually survives for the counter push, and together with Ram Rider and some support they can make for one insane counter push.

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We hope you enjoyed our best decks for Arena 14, Serenity Peak, in Clash Royale. If you’ve got a favorite deck that we didn’t mention, be sure to drop it in the comments below. Happy gaming!

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