Clash Royale: Best Decks for Arena 18 Silent Sanctuary (2024)

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Clash Royale: Best Decks for Arena 18 Silent Sanctuary (2024)

Arena 18 is the last arena which unlocks new cards, so it’s the first where we can recommend decks without any restrictions. You’ll have access to all the Champions and Legendary cards, and it’ll become much more common to see Evolutions in most decks. This arena is hard to reach and will require you to fine-tune your deck, which is exactly what we’re here to help with. In this article, we’ll take a look at the new cards you’ll unlock in Arena 18, then we’ll look at 5 of the best decks for the arena!

All New Cards Available in Arena 18

➡️Champions: Monk and Little Prince

Once you make it to Arena 18, you’ll be able to unlock every single card in Clash Royale (so far). This includes the last two champions–Monk and Little Prince. Monk is a 5-cost ground troop that’s most useful for defending, thanks to his knock-back and defensive Champion ability. He isn’t a win con, nor should you base your whole deck around him, but he’s perfect for countering certain troops. The only downside is the high Elixir cost, but depending on the meta, it can definitely be worth the cost.

Little Prince is the newest Champion card, releasing on November 6 this year. At the time of this article being written, Little Prince is not out yet. He will be releasing this upcoming week, and it will probably be a few weeks before we really see where he’ll fit in the meta. After he’s settled into whatever role he will serve, we’ll update this list with more picks featuring him (if applicable).

There are a million deck combinations that could get you all the way to the next arena. From all-in decks with multiple win cons to control-heavy ones with just Rockets, everything is worth trying. If you’re hoping to make it to Arena 19, here are 5 of the best decks for arena 18 to try out!

The decks below are ranked in no particular order.

Monk Hog Deck

All cards in this deck:

  • Firecracker (Evolved)
  • Monk
  • Hog Rider
  • Cannon
  • Skeleton Army
  • Ice Spirit
  • Earthquake
  • The Log

This Hog deck takes advantage of the new (to the arena) Monk card to help make stronger Hog pushes than the standard versions make. Where most Hog decks focus on keeping an ultra low Elixir cost with the goal of cycling cards to cast as many Hogs as possible, this one is okay with a slower pace. The Monk is a strong tank that can keep himself alive for seemingly forever, and his utility as a fighter is pretty good as well. The two of them make a really strong push, along with Firecracker for defending against swarms and air troops.

Without the Evolution for Firecracker, this deck will probably struggle a bit with air defense. The evolution’s improved damage and swarm control make it one of the best evolutions in the game, but you can make do without it. Either switching to Musketeer or Princess could get around this if you don’t have it, or you can just use the normal version with another card substituted in for extra anti-air.

Rounding out the rest of this deck, we have a number of cards meant for just defense or supporting Hog Rider. Skeleton Army and Cannon are both great defense cards which can handle most tanks and ground-based win cons, so they’re great to have. Then there’s Earthquake, which is essential for getting Hog Rider past annoying buildings like Inferno Tower or Tesla.

Royal Hogs Counterpush Deck

All cards in this deck:

  • Knight (Evolved)
  • Archer Queen
  • Royal Hogs
  • Bomb Tower
  • Ice Wizard
  • Minions
  • Skeletons
  • The Log

A lot of people underestimate how powerful the Royal Hogs are, but we aren’t those people. This deck features a pretty general lineup of support and defense cards to manage that part of the match, while Royal Hogs go all over the arena to cause mayhem and destroy towers. There’s really nothing you won’t be able to handle with ease since the defense side of this deck is so extensive, so you’ll just have to worry about getting damage through. Royal Hogs can be countered easily by buildings, so you’ll need to utilize the remnants of your defensive efforts to make counterpushes around them.

The Knight is arguably the strongest tank evolution right now, as its low cost makes it easy to always get value back. The evolved version is easily enough to tank while the Royal Hogs chip away at towers, so it’s a very easy pick for this deck. To defend against air troops, we have the Champion card Archer Queen, and we also have Ice Wizard as a lower-damage support troop. Bomb Tower is also here, since it’s such an effective tower capable of stopping many pushes by itself.

This deck isn’t that hard to learn, once you learn the best way to use the Royal Hogs. Learning the best time to use them and where to place them for best results can take a bit of time, but it’s not too bad. This deck is really fun and worth learning, so we highly recommend it.

Skeleton King’s Army Deck

All cards in this deck:

  • Barbarians (Evolved)
  • Skeleton King
  • Graveyard
  • Fireball
  • Goblin Drill
  • Goblin Gang
  • Dart Goblin
  • Skeletons

For this deck, we’ll be using Skeleton King to produce massive swarms that can score easy 3-Crown victories if not stopped. Skeleton King functions by collecting the souls of all troops that die while it’s on the battlefield to turn them into more skeletons, including your own. So, the best way to utilize this is to use a variety of swarm-based cards. Even if your opponent has ways to clear large swarms, you can always just hold the King’s ability until that happens and instantly rebuild your army back up.

Moving on, Barbarians are the best evolution for this deck by far. The evolved Barbarians are incredibly powerful as DPS troops, so they’re good for countering tanks and taking towers quickly if they get on them. We also have Graveyard here, which works as both a win con and a way to charge Skeleton’s King meter. And if that wasn’t enough, we also have the Goblin Drill. It gives us troops to refill the King’s meter, and it also does reliable tower damage.

To get the most out of this deck, just utilize the cheaper cards to power up the Skeleton King. Then use Graveyard and the Drill to chip away at towers until you’re able to make a strong enough push to take them out.

Royal Giant + Archer Queen Deck

All cards in this deck:

  • Royal Giant (Evolved)
  • Archer Queen
  • Ice Wizard
  • Lightning
  • Bomb Tower
  • Fisherman
  • Barbarian Barrel
  • Electro Spirit

Royal Giant is one of the more consistent win cons out there, so there are always decks based around him. All you have to do with Royal Giant is just drop him near the river and let him take out the nearest building. He does massive chunks of damage, and his evolved version even defends itself with AOE shockwaves every time it fires its cannon. The hardest part about playing Royal Giant is avoiding counters, but there are always ways around that. Even though buildings are really annoying for Royal Giant, even if he just gets a couple shots on their tower, it’ll be worth it.

To backup Royal Giant, the most important cards are Archer Queen, Ice Wizard, and Lightning. Archer Queen is the best Champion for defending, and her ability allows her to do insane DPS. Archer Queen can handle most threats on her own, so she’s a perfect troop to pair with Royal Giant. Ice Wizard isn’t quite as powerful, but he is cheaper and functions more as just a support troop. And Lightning is without a doubt the best support card for Royal Giant, when you can afford to cast it.

Just make sure not to waste Elixir with this deck, as the cards cost a lot. If you find yourself with no Elixir, it’s not hard to lose in an instant. But as long as you can manage the Elixir well enough, this deck can easily carry you to the next arena.

Sparky Monk Deck

All cards in this deck:

  • Royal Recruits (Evolved)
  • Monk
  • Sparky
  • Mother Witch
  • Fireball
  • Tornado
  • Skeletons
  • Bats

To finish off this list, we have one more deck featuring the Monk. This time, the Monk will be tanking for Sparky instead of Hog Rider. Sparky requires a strong tank that can keep enemies busy for a long time, and it also needs reliable ways to counter hard counters like Electro Wizard/Dragon. Monk takes care of a lot of Sparky’s threats, and Fireball takes care of the ones that necessitate an immediate answer.

Sparky’s high-damage AOE shots are enough to obliterate any enemy that isn’t a high-HP tank, and it’s even enough to take out towers in just a couple shots. But since it’s so powerful, it’s also one of the easiest win cons to counter. Any of the Electro cards that reset enemies’ attack on hit are great, as they can stun lock Sparky into never firing a shot. But between Monk, Mother Witch, and Royal Recruits, you should be able to keep Sparky safe. Once you have a good push with Sparky in the back, don’t forget to use Tornado to make sure its AOE hits as many troops as possible. You don’t want to waste time with Sparky, as every single shot counts.

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