Baldur’s Gate 3: The 10 Best Feats for Druid

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Baldur’s Gate 3: The 10 Best Feats for Druid

As shapeshifters and wielders of nature magic, druids are unique spell casters in Baldur’s Gate 3. Choosing feats for the class can be tricky, particularly when trying to figure out which feats will work with Wild Shape. If you’re looking for the best druid feats in Baldur’s Gate 3 for Halsin, Jaheira, or your own custom character, we got you covered with our list!

Remember: You can acquire 3 total feats for your druid over the course of Baldur’s Gate 3: one at level 4, another at level 8, and the final one at level 12, which is the maximum level.

The best feats for you will depend on the type of character you want to play and the makeup of the rest of your party, so keep that in mind if you choose one of the feats from our list.

The feats below are ranked from good to great.

10. Dual Wielder

This feat might seem like an odd choice for a class that revolves around spells and shapeshifting, but there’s a reason we’ve included it.

The Dual Wielder feat can allow you to equip and benefit from two staves at once. That means you can double the stats and bonus spells you have access to through staves. Better yet, his feat grants you an extra point of AC while wielding two weapons.

This feat works particularly well for a spell-focused druid with the Shillelagh cantrip.

9. Resilient: Constitution

The Resilient feat has two main benefits: one, it increases the chosen stat by 1, and two, it gives you proficiency in saving throws for the chosen stat. When choosing the Constitution version of this feat, both benefits are particularly useful to you as a spell caster. Not only do you get some extra health, helping you stay alive, you also get proficiency in concentration checks.

That means that every time you take a hit, you’ll have a better chance of maintaining concentration on whatever spell you’re trying to hold onto. This can really save you from wasting spells and/or having to waste a turn re-casting them.

That’s especially important if you’re a Moon Druid who’s going to be spending a lot of time in Wild Shape, since you’ll have to drop your form every time you want to cast a spell.

8. Polearm Master

This is another feat that works well with the Shillelagh cantrip. The Polearm Master feat lets you use a bonus action to deal some extra damage with the butt of your staff. This attack doesn’t use the bonus damage from Shillelagh, but it’s still a nice extra if you’re going to be using a staff as your backup attack.

This feat will also allow you to make opportunity attacks whenever a target comes within range, rather than only when they try to leave your melee range. This bonus attack can use the extra damage from the Shillelagh cantrip.

7. Shield Master

As a druid, you get to use medium armor and shields by default. This feat gives you some extra benefits while using a shield.

First, you’ll get a +2 bonus to Dexterity saving throws while wearing it. That will help you avoid damage from many kinds of spells. Second, you’ll be able to use a reaction to reduce damage you take when rolling those Dexterity saves, potentially reducing it to nothing. That both helps you stay alive and also helps you maintain concentration on your spells.

6. Magic Initiate: Cleric

Extra spells are always nice to have, and the Magic Initiate feat lets you pick up three more of them: two cantrips and a level 1 from a class of your choice.

The cleric version of this feat is a logical choice for a druid, since the spells you pick will also use your Wisdom score. It also gives you access to some spells you can’t get through your class, like the useful Light and Sacred Flame cantrips, the powerful Bless buff, or perhaps Inflict Wounds for a little extra necrotic flavor as a Spore Druid.

5. Mage Slayer

The Mage Slayer feat gives you two benefits against spell casters in your melee range. For one, it gives you advantage on saving throws against any spells they cast. For the second one, it lets you attack as a reaction whenever they cast a spell. Both of these features are great for either a druid in Wild Shape or a druid who’ll be using the Shillelagh cantrip.

But wait, there’s more: any enemies you hit will also have disadvantage on concentration checks, meaning you’ll have an easier time breaking enemy concentration when you have this feat.

4. Lucky

Lucky is one of the best feats in Baldur’s Gate 3 for any character, not just druid. This feat offers three luck points which can be used to gain advantage on any 3 rolls between each Long Rest. So you can use it to land an attack, pass a skill check, or succeed a saving throw.

The broad applications of this feat give it a lot of potential. You can use it for anything you think is important in the moment, so it’s a good feat to take if you like to fly by the seat of your pants or simply don’t know what to plan ahead for. It’s also one of the few feats that will help you with skill checks.

3. Alert

The Alert feat’s benefits are twofold. First, you’ll have a +5 bonus to your initiative rolls, which means you’ll almost always go first in combat. That’s great for giving your the upper hand, especially since initiative in Baldur’s Gate 3 is rolled with a d4. Second, the feat prevents you from being surprised by enemies. That’s even more valuable, since being surprised means you miss your entire first turn.

Between these two effects, you’ll find that you’re able to get your buffs up or your crowd controls out a lot sooner, often before the enemy has a chance to do anything at all. You may even be able to eliminate them without ever giving them a chance to even act.

2. War Caster

Like the Resilient feat, War Caster helps you maintain concentration on spells – but it it does it in an even more effective way. Where Resilient gives you proficiency, War Caster gives you advantage on concentration checks, which means if you roll poorly the first time you can throw it away entirely instead of just adding a few points to it. That will help a lot with maintaining your concentration, which is especially useful if you’re in Wild Shape and don’t want to drop it to cast the spell again.

That’s only half of this feat’s features, though. You’ll also gain the ability to use the Shocking Grasp cantrip as a reaction in place of an opportunity attack. This half of the feat won’t be too useful in Wild Shape, but it’s great for a druid who is focused on spells.

For Moon Druids who will be in Wild Shape a lot and won’t have much use for this feature, the concentration portion of the feat is still strong enough to make this feat worth taking.

1. Ability Improvement: Wisdom

A straight-forward Ability Improvement feat is the best choice for any druid, offering you two extra points in Wisdom. That will improve the effects of all of your spells, increase your Wisdom-based skills, and even allow you to have additional spells prepared.

This feat might not seem very glamorous since it doesn’t offer any new features or abilities, but it makes you better at everything. It’s also the only feat you can take more than once, although your ability scores max out at 20, so you won’t want to take it again once you’ve reached that number.


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