Baldur’s Gate 3: Strongest Classes and Subclasses, Ranked

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Baldur’s Gate 3: Strongest Classes and Subclasses, Ranked

Few things are as fun as the path to power in D&D.

Few things are as fun as the path to power in D&D. Watching your character grow stronger after each encounter. Learning new techniques and spells to lay your enemies low. It’s something to be savored. And this is especially true in Baldur’s Gate 3. Larian Studios made sure to make leveling feel rewarding, But just like in the tabletop it’s based on, not every class is built the same.

Just like in D&D 5th Edition, some classes in Baldur’s Gate 3 are just stronger than the rest. And the same goes for the subclasses offered with each class. If you want to ensure you begin your adventure along the Sword Coast with the strongest foot forward then have no fear. In this guide, we’ll be going over the strongest classes and subclasses in Baldur’s Gate 3. 


Before getting into the guide I want to preface how I will be choosing the classes and subclasses on this guide. Each class will be ranked based on how it handles content in the game throughout all levels as well as how easy it was to make the class powerful during my time with the game. Subsequently, the subclasses will be chosen based on how it elevates the class above the other subclass choices. 

Classes and Subclasses Ranked Strong to Mighty

Let’s get into it! We’ll climb our way to the #1 strongest class and subclass in Baldur’s Gate III.

#7 Fighter

The first class in this guide is the ever-classic Fighter. A simple yet extremely effective class, it doesn’t take much to get the Fighter powerful. And every adventuring party can benefit from having a Fighter on their side.

 With access to all armor, simple and martial weapons, the Fighter starts with a strong foot forward. Finding powerful magical gear that can be used on your Fighter should never be an issue as you progress through the game. Add some of the highest hit points in the game, the most weapon attacks amongst every class, and ability score improvement at almost every other level, it’s really hard to make a weak Fighter.

Subclass: Battlemaster

All the subclasses for Fighter are pretty powerful in their own right. The Battlemaster shines just a little brighter than the other options, however. The Battlemaster’s Maneuvers provide a level of utility the Champion lacks and is way more powerful than the small number of spells an Eldritch Knight will be effective with.

The Battlemaster also provides an opportunity for players to specify what role their Fighter plays in the party. While every Fighter is good in combat, Maneuvers allow players to be more than just front liners. Several abilities can shift Battlemaster Fighters into more support or controller roles for example. The extra d8 of damage is just icing on top.

#6 Rogue

The next class on this list is the Rogue. Stealthy, dangerous, and incredibly skillful, the Rogue is a very powerful asset both in and outside of combat. Take anything you can get your hands on and keep a knife ready to drive it into the backs of your enemies.

With access only to light armor, simple weapons, and a handful of finessable weapons, the Rogue isn’t exactly the martial master that the Fighter is. What they lack in direct martial prowess, they make up for in skills and utility. Rogue Expertise alone almost makes Rogue one of the strongest classes in Baldur’s Gate 3 as it trivializes many skill checks you’ll face throughout the game. Stealth and Sleight of Hand are some of the most used checks in my playthroughs of Baldur’s Gate and any Rogue has these in spades.

Add on increasing sneak attack dice, and the ability to move around the battlefield with ease and you get a very effective annoyance for your foes.

Subclass: Arcane Trickster

How do you make a class better? Add a sprinkle of magic. While Thief’s extra bonus action is nice, and the Assassin’s first-round abilities can be devastating, the utility of a little spellcasting cannot be understated. Even though an Arcane Trickster will never stack up to a Wizard or Sorcerer in terms of spells, the small amount of spellcasting they do get is incredibly useful. It adds an increased level of versatility to the Rogue that makes them truly prepared for any situation in and out of combat.

#5 Wizard

Speaking of spellcasting, next we have the Wizard. I’ve always held that you can’t think of D&D without the Wizard pushing to the front of your mind. And there’s a reason for that. Not only is the Wizard incredibly iconic, but it’s also powerful as well.

The Wizard has access to just about any spell you could think of. They can also take spells from scrolls and add them to their spellbook. Pair that with leveling Cantrips and you’ll have everything you need. If you’re looking for the strongest classes in Baldur’s Gate 3, Wizard makes the list out of pure versatility alone.

Subclass: Evocation

Damage is the name of the game and the Evocation Wizard has damage. Simple and to the point, the Evocation subclass gives you everything you need to be a powerful blaster wizard. The other Wizard schools add some interesting mechanics and abilities to the Wizard, but they can’t beat the simplicity of big damage spells.

The cheaper price for copying Evocation to your spellbook is also a great bonus as it frees you up when choosing spells each level up. Features like Potent Cantrip and Empowered Evocation also ensure your damage stays consistent. It’s strong. It’s simple. And It’s a great time.

#4 Druid

If you liked the versatility of the Wizard, then you’re going to love the Druid. The ability to shape-change mixed with their robust spell list allows the Druid to fill several roles in an adventuring party.  

Their nature-based magic can shape the battlefield to your liking. Your ability to change into an animal can open new routes and methods while exploring the world. Or, in some cases, make you the tankiest person on the battlefield. The Druid’s ability to tackle situations in unique ways makes it one of the strongest classes in Baldur’s Gate 3. Be it Goblin or Githyanki, no one expects the rat at their feet to change into a very dangerous adventurer. 

Subclass: Circle of the Moon

To understand why the Circle of the Moon subclass, you need to understand how powerful Wild Shape is. When a Druid Wild Shapes they get both that animal’s stats and health. It essentially provides the Druid with a free over shield as, when your Wild Shape form reaches zero health, you simply revert to your normal form at whatever health you had before.

Add the Combat Wild Shape of the Moon Druid and you become a very effective switch hitter. If you build your character to fully realize the Druid’s spellcasting, Circle of the Moon means you can shift to a front liner at any moment. Need some more muscle to save your Rogue? Change into a bear and block their path. Need to heal the healer? Cast Cure Wounds and get them back in the fight. No role is out of reach for you and the Druid can form a strong backbone for any team. 

#3 Sorcerer

Moving along to the next spellcaster in our guide, we have the Sorcerer. Unlike the Wizard, the Sorcerer’s magic comes from the blood instead of years of study. And while this means the Sorcerer’s spell list isn’t as robust, the power of their bloodline is evident in every spell cast.

If you want to nuke your enemies out of existence, the Sorcerer is the class to play. While they don’t have the overwhelming versatility of the Wizard, they make up for it with raw power. Add in unique bloodline bonuses and the use of Metamagic and you quickly become the most dangerous thing in Faerûn.

Subclass: Draconic Bloodline

The Draconic Bloodline Sorcerer is far and away one of the coolest subclasses in Baldur’s Gate 3. It’s also no surprise that a subclass based around dragons is also one of the strongest. The Draconic Bloodline subclass has your character’s source of magic hail from one of the many dragon types in D&D. Each dragon is tied to an element that determines buffs and extra spells you’ll receive while leveling up.

Being related to dragons aside, Draconic Bloodline Sorcerer helps round out the weakness of any spellcaster; their defenses. Choosing the Draconic Bloodline gives your characters protective scales that raise your Armour Class when not wearing Armour. This essentially acts as a free Mage Armour which means you don’t need to waste a spell slot casting it every morning. The Draconic Bloodline Sorcerer also receives more hit points for every sorcerer level. While you’ll never be as tanky as a Barbarian or Fighter, you will see the difference. 

#2 Cleric

Moving onto a more reverent class, we have the Cleric. Beholden to one of the many gods on Faerûn, the Clerics draw their power from the divine. More spell focused than their blade-wielding cousins the Paladin, Clerics are excellent frontline support characters that can change the direction of a fight with only a couple of spells.

If you want to keep your team alive and dish out a little damage at the same time, the Cleric is the class for you. Their healing capabilities alone make them one of the strongest classes in Baldur’s Gate 3, but Clerics are way more than just their healing. They have a wide range of spells that will give you complete control of a battle and the lives of your allies.

Subclass: Light Domain

The power of the Light Domain Cleric is its ability to edge in the territory of a Wizard in your average party. With an amazing set of offensive skills offered to them, the Light Domain Cleric begins to look less like a Cleric and more like a Wizard with healing spells. Combine that with the ability to wear medium armor and hold a shield and, in some situations, you’re better than a wizard.

Features gained from the Light Domain make this one of the strong subclasses in Baldur’s Gate 3. Improved Warding Flare at level six lets you impose a disadvantage on enemy attacks against your allies potentially making them miss. Potent Spellcasting at level eight adds your wisdom modifier to the damage dealt with your cantrips adding some serious bite to your free spells. I wasn’t kidding when I said the Cleric has control of the battlefield.

#1 Paladin

And coming in at number one on this guide is the righteous hand of the divine, the Paladin. The perfect mix between the Fighter and the Cleric, the Paladin brings to the table both martial prowess and divine spellcasting. There are very few situations where a Paladin’s presence is not useful.

 High health, heavy armor proficiency, fighting styles, spellcasting and divine smite. The Paladin is a multitool of pain against anything in their path. Much like other martial classes, the Paladin is fairly straightforward and has a lot of wiggle room in terms of creation. This means you can make your Paladin a few different ways and still come out with a powerful combatant. 

Subclass: Oath of Vengeance

Not many things are more important to a Paladin than the oath they choose to take. And while the Paladin can make some pretty powerful oaths, the Oath of Vengeance is the strongest one available to us. 

Spells like Haste, Misty Step, and Hunters Mark are incredible on a Paladin. Not many things will survive the Paladin’s ire and you can easily put your enemies on their backfoot with everything you have to offer. While already a powerful class, the Oath of Vengeance features make the Paladin the strongest class and subclass in Baldur’s Gate 3.

And that’s our guide for the strongest classes and subclasses in Baldur’s Gate 3. Do you agree with my choice of class and subclass? Is there a class or subclass you think deserves to be on this list? Tell me in the comments below and don’t forget to subscribe for more content like this in the future!

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