Baldur’s Gate 3: The 10 Best Feats for Warlocks

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Baldur’s Gate 3: The 10 Best Feats for Warlocks

Commune with dark powers!

Warlocks are one of the offensive-based magic user classes in Baldur’s Gate 3. They get some amazing cantrips like the Eldritch Blast that can devastate enemies and a variety of area-effect spells.

Being charisma-based casters, Warlocks also make a great negotiator or leader for your party, with buffs towards persuasion and an option to unlock the Friends cantrip that can be used to double your chances of a successful dialogue.

Wyll is a potential party member that is also a Warlock, so much of this applies to having Wyll in your party or beginning the game with him as an origin character. You get feats at levels 4, 8, and 12.

#10 Actor

The Actor feat is a great pick for a player character that’s playing a Warlock, or if you plan on letting Wyll do charisma checks in conversations for you. It doubles the proficiency bonus associated with your performance and deception checks, potentially letting you shift a conversation your way. The Actor feat also gives you a point of charisma that you can use to push your main stat up just a little bit higher.

#9 Alert

Warlocks can be played as a glass cannon, super-explosive but easy-to-hurt type of character, and the Alert feat helps with that kind of build. It gives you a +5 bonus to your Initiative rolls while also preventing you from being surprised. Foes can sometimes leap out of nowhere and get a surprise round against the party, but if your Warlock has the Alert feat, they’ll get a chance to respond with a crippling spell.

#8 Ritual Caster

The Ritual Caster feat is a good pick for Warlocks because it will give you a few options for support spells that can be cast outside of combat, like “Speak With Dead” or “Speak With Animals”. Both of these spells unlock alternative options for finding additional information about the world you’re exploring.

#7 Tough

Warlocks are particularly vulnerable characters and their greatest defensive attribute is typically that they have more health than other spellcasters, and lots of options for getting temporary hit points as well. Tough doubles down on this by giving you two more points of HP per character level.

#6 Spell Sniper

Spell Sniper lets you grab a free cantrip that will be cast using your own spellcasting ability modifier, charisma in the case of a Warlock. Its a great chance to grab Shocking Grasp for close-range fights. It also lowers the number you need to get a critical hit by 1 every time you cast a spell that can crit, making your Eldritch blasting just a little more deadly.

#5 Magic Initiate: Sorcerer

Sorcerers share the Charisma modifier with Warlocks and also get some spells that are good at blasting away nearby targets. This gives you a little more versatility in terms of how many spells you have at your disposal, along with bringing you a few more out-of-combat options in terms of cantrips.

#4 Resilient

This feat lets you increase one of your ability scores by one, while also giving you proficiency in the saving throws surrounding that ability. If you use it to bring up your Charisma it’ll be harder for an enemy to charm you or damage you with psychic abilities.

#3 Moderately Armored

Moderately Armored is one of the best picks for Warlocks because it solves one of their fundamental problems, that of having a low AC compared to other characters nearby. This lets you wear medium armor to its maximum benefit and also gives you access to shields. While Wyll starts with proficiency using shields, other Warlocks that don’t get it through a racial bonus do not. Shields make a huge difference in the survivability of your squishiest characters. Lastly, it will also let you sink a point into your Dexterity ability score, potentially also raising your AC by making your Warlock more nimble.

#2 Lucky

The Lucky feat is one of the best feats all around for plenty of classes, and the Warlock is no exception. It’s an incredibly versatile feat, giving you three “Luck Points” that can be used to reroll almost any roll in the game, including forcing an opponent to re-roll their successful attack rolls against you. Luck can be used for almost any playstyle, even if you don’t want to try to kill everything in your path, since you can use it to re-roll ability checks and dialogue failures.

#1 War Caster

War Caster is the best feat for Warlocks because of how many great Warlock spells require concentration, and because Warlocks of all the soft-target casters tend to spend a lot of time on the front-line where they’re the most effective. This feat gives you advantage for saving throws on keeping concentration on a spell when you take damage or get pushed around. It also allows you to cast Shocking Grasp as a reaction when an enemy tries to leave your melee range, letting you apply your abilities in a deadly, magical way.

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