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Adamantine Forge Tier List For Baldur’s Gate 3

Deep in the depths of the Underdark, an ancient forge is ready to craft powerful gear. How will you use the Adamantine Forge?

Towards the end of Act 1, you’ll take a ship located inside a Duregar camp deeper into the Underdark, leading you to an area known as the Grymforge. From here, you can make your way to the valuable and powerful Adamantine Forge. This area can transform Mithral Ore and certain smithing patterns into some of the best gear in the game, especially by the standards of early Act 2.

Adamantine Gear NameTier
Splint Armour (Heavy)A
Scale Mail (Medium)A+

Once you’re inside the Grymforge you’ll need to blast away some rubble to get deeper inside and access the area with the Adamantine Forge. You’ll likely have a quest by this point that can be triggered from a few different sources, like scattered books and speaking with dead Drow nearby using Speak With Dead, requiring you to try and forge something in the Adamantine Forge.

How To Beat Grym & Use The Forge

By the time you find the Adamantine Forge, you’ll be deep underground near a pool of lava. You’ll need to gather two pieces of Mithral Ore from nearby veins and the templates for the gear you’re looking to create. The templates are cumbersome, so you’ll want to spread them among your party members. Set the template of the piece of gear you’re looking to create within the forge, and add the Mithral to the device next to it. Next, save your game, or if you’re playing on Heroic mode just take a deep breath, because you’re in for a really hard fight when you turn the lava wheel to allow lava to flow into the forge.

Baldur's Gate 3's Lae'zel stands ready to turn the wheel that allows lava to flow into the Adamantine Forge.
(Image: Larian via HGG)

Grym is the guardian of the Adamantine Forge, and this fight is partially so difficult because it operates more like a puzzle or a trap. Grym is almost impenetrable because of his Adamantine body but becomes vulnerable to bludgeoning damage for a few turns when standing in the lava in the center of the forge arena. The best way to beat Grym is to lure him onto the pillar in the center of the area with one character while having another pull the lever that makes the hammer drop down from above. Two or three hammer pulls should be enough to finish off Grym. Be cautious not to let your characters wander into the lava by accident, as the pathfinding during combat doesn’t discourage them from wading directly into the lava in what is likely an instant death scenario.

Grym from Baldur's Gate 3 stands imposing and ready to guard the Adamantine Forge.
(Image: Larian via HGG)

Lava Mephits will attack later on in the fight and should be defeated as quickly as possible from a distance, so they don’t get a chance to stand too close to your party members when they explode. Their explosion can push your characters into the lava, again resulting in nearly instant death. When you beat Grym, the first item you sought to forge will be lying in the casket nearby, and unless you wish to forge the same item again you’ll need to pull another lever to eject the template.

Best Items To Forge

You only have access to two pieces of Mithral Ore in the game, so you’ll only be able to make two items from the following list. This tier list was built with a balanced party dynamic in mind, taking into account which companions usually get included in a player’s party.

#6 Adamantine Scimitar

This is the lowest-rated pick on my list of Adamantine gear because its use window is just so limited. Scimitars stand in an odd spot in BG3, being a light, finesse-based weapon that allows you to use your dexterity modifier instead of your strength mod. In many ways, they’re similar to shortswords but fewer characters have proficiency with scimitars, with no race-based proficiencies including them, and only fighters, paladins, barbarians, rangers, and druids gaining proficiency with scimitars via their class. College of the Sword Bards also get access to scimitars but will likely fare better with a rapier anyway.

Baldur's Gate 3's Adamantine Scrimitar is a curved blue metal sword with a blue glow.
(Image: Larian)

Thus, scimitars largely exist in a gray area where even a good one like the Adamantine Scimitar, with its ability to ignore resistance to slashing damage and ability to deal maximum damage to any objects it strikes, isn’t going to be used often. You can get the Mould to craft this item by getting on top of a stairwell that overlooks the rubble trapping Nere. Search the skeleton you find up there. You’ll likely need to use a Misty Step or a jump-enhancing spell to get up here.

#5 Adamantine Mace

The Adamantine Mace ranks higher than the Scimitar solely on the basis that it is a simple weapon instead of a martial one, allowing more characters to use it at its full capacity. Similar to the scimitar, it’s a +1 weapon with the special properties of dealing maximum damage to objects and ignoring a target’s resistance to bludgeoning damage. However, not much further along in the story, you’ll likely be able to acquire the far superior Blood of Lathander mace. Any mace-wielding character will likely prefer the Blood of Lathander, so this weapon also ranks low on my tier list.

Baldur's Gate 3's Adamantine Mace is a deep blue metal with a blue glow.
(Image: Larian)

You get the Mace Mould by checking a table near the stairwell that leads you down to the forge itself, It is one of the easiest Moulds to find.

#4 Admantine Longsword

The Adamantine Longsword is the best of the three weapons that can be forged out of Mithral. Dealing more damage even when wielded with one hand, it shares the same magical properties as the Scimitar and Mace by dealing max object damage and ignoring slashing resistance. It can hit for 1d8+1 as its base damage or can be used two-handed for 1d10+1 worth of damage. This is a great weapon for any martial character that is entering battle with a shield in one hand and a one-handed or versatile weapon in the other. Elves of all kinds start the game with proficiency using longswords.

Baldur's Gate 3's Adamantine Longsword is a blue metal and shines with a blue glow.
(Image: Larian)

You can find the Mould for the Adamantine Longsword on a central platform in the Grymforge. Take a set of stairs in the northernmost area of Grymforge to get to the overhanging bridge where you can find the Mould.

#3 Adamantine Splint Armour

Now we’re getting somewhere. This heavy armor has a limited number of possible users, but any Fighter or Paladin in your party will benefit from it immensely since it is one of the best pieces of heavy armor in the game. On top of an 18 armor class, this armor also reduces all incoming damage by 2 and sends any melee attackers Reeling when they strike you. Nobody will be able to land critical strikes against you anymore. The only thing keeping this from being in the highest tier is that shortly after getting it you have the option to make the Flawed Helldusk Armor that is nearly equal in quality to this heavy armor in many ways.

Baldur's Gate 3's Adamantine Splint Mail is thick and powerful metal that glows with a green light.
(Image: Larian)

You’ll find the mould for this armor very close to the waypoint for the Adamantine Forge area, lying on a rocky outcropping above the lava.

#2 Adamantine Shield

This shield is one of the best shields in the game and is also one of the best Adamantine pieces of gear to forge. Shields are usable by a wide range of characters, with even casting-based characters like Wyll and Gale getting access to them since all humans are proficient with shields. Like any other shield, it gives you a +2 to your armor class, but will also send foes reeling if they strike you in melee. You can use a bonus action to shield bash with it and attempt to knock a target prone, and it also prevents you from taking critical hits.

Baldur's Gate 3's Adamantine Shield is made of powerful inlaid, blue metal with an artful pattern
(Image: Larian)

You’ll find the Mould for this shield on a skeleton at the top of the Dormitory stairs.

#1 Adamantine Scale Mail

My top pick for gear at the Adamantine Forge is the medium armor class Scale Mail. It’s usable by the widest range of characters in the game compared to other options, with so many different classes gaining proficiency with it. It reduces all incoming damage by 1 and gives you a 16 armor class while allowing two points of Dexterity to be added to your AC as well. You can’t be struck with a critical hit and any melee attackers are sent Reeling for two turns.

Baldur's Gate 3's Adamantine Scale Mail is ornate and imposing blue metal with a teal glow.
(Image: Larian)

While it’s my top pick for Adamantine gear, the Mould for this item is also exceedingly easy to find, lying on the floor right next to the waypoint for the area.

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