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Best Weapons For Fighters in Baldur’s Gate 3, Ranked

A sword fighter is only as sharp as their weapon.

Fighters are one of the most classic archetypes of any fantasy setting. With its cutting-edge adaptation of Dungeons and Dragons, you’ll find Baldur’s Gate 3 to show you one of the best examples of a hard-fighting knight or warrior making their way, through martial means, in a magical world. Early in the game, you’ll meet Lae’zel, a Githyanki fighter who wields a greatsword and is willing to join your party. Lae’zel provides a sample of the Fighter playstyle even if you didn’t choose one for your own player character.

Fighters work best when equipped with appropriate weapons and armor, perhaps more dependent on the stats of their weapons than any other class. With this in mind, the best way to give your fighters their best possible chances against the horrors of the Mind Flayers is to equip them with the best possible weapon for the situation, whether it’s a two-handed greatsword, two smaller magical weapons, or a steadfast shield with a flail, boosting your defenses. I love running fighters in both Baldur’s Gate and on the tabletop, because of the feeling of fighting a supernatural world with nothing but grit and trusty steel.

Now, I’ll tell you which weapons I’d put on my fighter at any point in the game. I’ve ranked the fighter weapons below from good to great.

#10 Sword of Justice

Early in the game, the Sword of Justice might be one of the first good weapons accessible for your Fighter to use. It’s a two-handed greatsword with a +1 enchantment, making it a magical weapon for damage resistance purposes. Greatswords give you access to some great weapon-based attacks like Cleave and Pommel Strike while also doing some of the best damage out of any weapon class. Plus, they’re just classically cool. You’ll see Greatswords represented often on this list because of all these factors.

The Sword of Justice is a magic greatsword blessed by Tyr, the god of justice, and because of that, it can give you some of his divine protection. It allows you to cast a spell called Tyr’s Protection that functions identically to the Shield of Faith spell, raising the armor class of yourself or an ally by 2. Each point of AC effectively makes you 5% harder to hit, so you’re likely to dodge a lot of damage with this protection!

A beat-up young man stands in armor with a sword
Anders a fallen paladin of Tyr (Image: Larian Studios)

You obtain the Sword of Justice by defeating Anders, a corrupted paladin who has taken a deal with Zariel, or alternatively are rewarded the sword by Anders for slaying Karlach in the “Hunt The Devil” quest.

#9 Everburn Blade

This is one of the only magical weapons you can receive during the Prologue to the game. It is a greatsword that deals some, admittedly minimal, extra fire damage every time you strike an enemy with it. The main reason this lands on my list is the sheer speed you can acquire it. Lae’zel can have this weapon in her hands before you even really start act 1.

While you’re on the crashing nautiloid ship in the prologue, one of the last groups of enemies you’ll encounter will be Commander Zhalk and some of his fiendish reinforcements fighting against a Mind Flayer. You have 15 rounds to get to the controls of the ship before it crashes, and only 4 rounds before two Cambion reinforcements arrive. The best way to acquire this weapon is to have Shadowheart, or your own player character if possible, prepare the “Command” spell that lets you try to magically push Zhalk into dropping his weapon. Then you can snatch it up off the ground without even having to finish him off.

#8 Halberd of Vigilance

One of the most min-maxed, borderline broken builds that you can give a character in Dungeons and Dragons revolves around Halberds and the Sentinel feat. In Baldur’s Gate 3, Sentinel allows you to react with a melee attack each time an enemy tries to make a melee attack against an ally within melee range of you, while also giving you advantage on attacks of opportunity and allowing those opportunity attacks to immobilize an enemy for the rest of the turn when struck. What makes this feat truly valuable is when you combine it with weapons that have the Extra Reach attribute like this Halberd of Vigilance, since you’ll have a much wider range to strike from. Additionally, this item from Act 2 provides you with a +2 bonus to its strikes, along with some force damage, a bonus to initiative and perception, and an advantage on some of the extra reaction strikes you unlock via the Sentinel feat.

A shadowy and fog-covered castle is in the distance
Larian Studios

You can acquire this item from a trader, Lann Tarv, on the ground floor of the Moonrise Towers near the start of Act 2. You can get much better prices from this Bugbear merchant by first taking a moment to impress him with tales of your accomplishments.

#7 Charge-Bound Warhammer

This is a peculiar item as it only will function at its full power for a fighter of a particular subclass, the Eldrich Knight. It is a Warhammer, the bludgeoning equivalent of a longsword, meaning it can be wielded in two hands or in one with a shield or secondary weapon. It needs to be Bound to an Eldrich Knight to give you its magical benefits of 1d6 lightning damage.

A horned man looks at the camera disparagingly
Dammon, a renowned blacksmith, can sell you this Warhammer at the Last Light Inn in Act 2. (Image: Larian Studios)

This item can be bought from Dammon, a blacksmith you’ll encounter several times throughout the game. As one of the Tiefling refugees, he’s only around if you manage to save them and the druid grove from the Goblin raid, in which case you can meet him at The Last Light Inn during Act 2 where he can sell you this powerful weapon.

#6 Adamantine Longsword

The Adamantine Longsword is a +1 longsword that also gives a couple of unique effects, most notably that it will always trigger a critical hit if used against an object. This means anything blocking your path can be cut through with ease, including heavy doors and the ubiquitous prison bars that block many paths in dungeons across the land. It also ignores resistance to slashing damage due to its incredible sharpness.

A dark stone room is set above a pool of lava
The Adamantine Forge can give you access to numerous fantastic weapons. (Image: Larian Studios)

You can craft yourself an Adamantine weapon towards the end of Act 1 inside the Grymforge. You’ll receive a quest leading you toward the Adamantine Forge from various sources across the Underdark. Using the forge will activate a boss fight with Grym, a powerful golem who guards the area. You can defeat Grym by superheating the Adamantine Golem with lava, then using the mechanically operated hammer of the forge to deal an immense amount of bludgeoning damage. After defeating Grym you can collect your choice of Adamantine weapons, although the Longsword is likely the best choice for your fighter.

#5 Sussur Greatsword

The Sussur Greatsword is an excellent weapon for any mage-hunting fighter, giving you an extra point of damage and striking ability as a +1 Greatsword, while also applying a Silence effect to any target it strikes. This means you can do a ton of damage quickly, while also making sure your magic-wielding targets don’t get a chance to reciprocate.

A glowing blue tree appears magical
The Sussur Tree in the Underdark is the source of this weapon’s amazing silencing power. (Image: Larian Studios)

Similar to the Adamantine Longsword, the Sussur Greatsword is crafted in Act 1. You can craft it by finding notes from a blacksmith who previously lived in the Blighted Village that runs along the risen road, then delving into the Underdark to acquire Sussur Bark. Surviving the Dread Hollow area of the Underdark will allow you to scrape some of this valuable bark from a Sussur tree underground. Return to the forge at the blacksmith’s shop to combine a Greatsword with the bark, resulting in this powerful anti-magic weapon.

#4 Defender Flail

There are really two ways to play a fighter in Baldur’s Gate 3. First, you jump into the fray and attempt to do as much damage as possible, a task well-suited for the Greatswords that have, and will continue, to dominate this list. However, a secondary playstyle where you use the Protection fighting style, along with heavy armor and a shield, to become a tank of a warrior, is just as viable. Fighters are great at soaking up damage and using their excellent defensive skills to avoid taking it altogether. This flail helps with that second, defender playstyle, giving you a +1 to your AC and a -1 to all traditional sources of damage.

A githyanki woman stands in bright armor with a sword
The Githyanki quartermistress named A’jak’nir Jeera can sell you this powerful defensive weapon. (Image: Larian Studios)

You can buy this flail only if you keep the peace with the Githyanki in Creche Y’llek. Find the quartermistress named A’jak’nir Jeera, who will sell you this powerful defensive flail for a modest amount of gold.

#3 Sword of Chaos

The Sword of Chaos is a very rare Greatsword, providing a +2 enchantment bonus towards attack rolls and the damage it does, while also dealing a small amount of necrotic damage with every strike. More importantly, the Sword of Chaos will heal its user every time you land a hit against one of your targets. You regain 1d6 worth of hit points for every attack you land via the Sword of Chaos, and since Fighters start to get lots of attacks later in the game, you can really maximize this benefit to make your Fighter a self-preserving death machine.

Four dark figures stand in a candle lit room
The Bhaalspawn await another trial at the Murder Tribunal while Sarevok watches on. (Image: Larian Studios)

This is loot from one of the bosses later in the game, Sarevok Anchev, the final boss of the original Baldur’s Gate game. You’ll be led to fight or attempt to impress, Sarevok during a quest in Act 3. Defeat him and you can take his unholy sword for yourself.

#2 Silver Sword of the Astral Plane

If the only fighter in your party is Lae’zel, this is going to be the absolute best weapon in the game for her, or if you’ve decided to play as a different Githyanki Fighter. While its still a solid weapon in the hands of an average, non-psionically powered Fighter, the psychic abilities of the Githyanki activate special powers in this +3 Greatsword. Notably, it will hit for 1d6 of extra Psionic damage, a rare damage type that few sentient beings can resist. Additionally, a Githyanki Fighter holding this blade will gain resistance to psionic damage themselves, along with an Advantage on saving throws against Intelligence, Wisdom, or Charisma-based checks. It will also make them immune to the Charmed condition.

A red dragon roars towards the camera
Kith’rak rides a mighty red dragon named Qudenos, pictured here very much being a dragon. (Image: Larian Studios)

You can acquire this powerful weapon by showing the Orphic Hammer to the dragon-riding Githyanki knight Kith’rak Voss during Act 3. While this is a plot-pivotal moment, refusing to show him the hammer will still let Kith’rak show up later on, and you can still acquire the sword from him then.

#1 Balduran’s Giantslayer

Finally, we reach the best weapon in the game for any Fighter that isn’t a Githyanki. It’s a +3 Greatsword that doubles your strength damage bonus. By the point in the game when you can start using this weapon you’ll hopefully have raised that vital Fighter stat as high as it can go. Additionally, you gain an Advantage when trying to strike any large or bigger creatures, making dragon slaying a much more viable hobby. It also grants two special skills: An attack called “Topple the Big Folk” that only works on larger creatures and excels at knocking them prone, and the “Giant Form” buff that makes you do more damage while gaining temporary hit points and a slew of benefits to all things Strength related.

A dead dragon skull lies glowing blue
Ansur is an undead Bronze Dragon you’ll need to defeat to get this powerful sword. (Image: Larian Studios)

You receive this item as loot from defeating one of the bosses of Act 3, the undead dragon Ansur. He resides within the Wyrmway, a hidden area inside Wyrm’s Rock Prison. It requires solving four different puzzles of varying difficulty, followed by a battle with Ansur himself that will truly test your party’s mettle.


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