The 3 Best Weapons for Paladins in Baldur’s Gate 3

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The 3 Best Weapons for Paladins in Baldur’s Gate 3

Cleanse the land with these weapons in hand.

The Paladin is the most popular choice for new characters in Baldur’s Gate 3 and for good reason. They’re the classic warrior of justice, and getting access to heavy armor and spell slots alike is very appealing to plenty of players. Paladins are highly charismatic characters with access to every weapon and piece of armor in the entire game, letting you choose a different approach for every encounter, whether your foes can be easily convinced to let you pass or need to be struck down with your righteous judgment.

A human Paladin was one of the first characters I rolled in Baldur’s Gate 3, based on a particularly violent Oath of Vengeance Paladin that I often play in the tabletop equivalent, DnD 5e. Paladins can fill various roles in a pinch, always at the front of the battle, whether a combat medic or unleashing some of the most damage in the game via their smite skills. I’m breaking down the best weapons you can get during each act for a Paladin and how to get them.

Best Paladin Weapon in Act 1: Everburn Blade

The Everburn Blade is one of the best weapons you can get in the early parts of the game, becoming available during the first “boss fight” in the crashing Nautiloid during the game’s prologue. It’s especially great for Paladins because of the extra damage it can help you do compared to other two-handed weapons, which will be a big priority during Act 1.

The Cambion general Zhalk stands ready to attack in Baldur's Gate 3
Larian Studios

You can acquire this weapon from Commander Zhalk, a Cambion leader commanding the fiends you’ll be fighting off during this initial encounter. There are two ways to get the weapon during this fight, and both of them rely on a good bit of luck since you’ll need to take down Zhalk before his Cambion reinforcements arrive to cleave clean through your party. One strategy for defeating Zhalk is to heap some buffs and healing magic onto the Mind Flayer that is going toe-to-toe with him while throwing damaging attacks his way when possible.

An overhead view of a fight between a mind flayer and Zhalk in the prologue of Baldur's Gate 3.
Larian Studios / Nathan Hart

The alternative way to get the sword from Zhalk is to use the Command spell to force him to drop the sword, then scoop it up off the ground and run away to finish the scene before Zhalk seeks revenge. Since Paladins can start with the Command spell alongside the option to select it as Shadowheart, you can take two chances per round to make Zhalk drop his sword when playing as a Paladin, greatly increasing the chances of it working for you.

Best Paladin Weapon in Act 2: Blood of Lathander

The Blood of Lathander is an awesome weapon for a Paladin during Act 2. It’s a +3 mace that restores you to life whenever you’re downed, once per long rest, while also healing all nearby allies for a small amount of life. This a great asset for a frontline fighter like a Paladin. Alongside this, it also emits an aura of light that blinds all nearby Undead or Fiend-type enemies, making it easier to smash them repeatedly with the mace. With the proliferation of Undead enemies in Act 2, this mace makes many fights much easier. Lastly, it lets you cast Sunbeam once per long rest, giving your Paladin a much-needed nuclear option if there are just too many foes standing in a straight line in front of you.

An image of a glowing mace called the Blood of Lathander on a pedastal in Baldur's Gate 3
Larian Studios / Nathan Hart

To get to the Blood of Lathander, you must seek out the Githyanki Creche in the mountain pass area, nestled within Rosymorn Monastery. Go deep through these areas, until you’ve defeated the Githyanki Inquisitor. From this room you can make your way a little further down, taking you to the chamber that contains this legendary mace. Avoid the Dawnbreaker traps that can easily wipe your party if you aren’t careful during this section.

A text box asking you to insert the Dawnmaster's Sigil to get the Blood of Lathander in Baldur's Gate 3
Larian Studios / Nathan Hart

By this point in the game, you’ll want to shift your Paladin into a more defensive role during a lot of fights, since the undead foes you face often in Act 2 are weak to the radiant damage you can deal, letting you dish out a ton of damage without needing to compromise your defenses. Shifting from a two-handed weapon into a build based around a shield and the Blood of Lathander mace will make you an unstoppable tank that can plow through the shadow-cursed lands and all the monsters in between.

Best Paladin Weapon in Act 3: Blackguard’s Sword

The ultimate weapon for a Paladin in Act 3 is the Blackguard’s Sword. This +2 longsword strikes with a small edge of necrotic damage, laying some more necromantic magic on top of your radiant arsenal. Additionally, this sword has a chance to daze your targets when you hit them with a smite. This can set them up for all sorts of follow-up attacks since it reduces a target’s armor class and grants disadvantage on wisdom saving throws.

The Death Knight "That Which Guards" stares at the player in Baldur's Gate 3.
Larian Studios

You get this sword by defeating the three death knights guarding the Murder Tribunal. It’s the sword held by That Which Guards, the most powerful of the three knights. You can reach the murder tribunal by following the “Investigate the Murders” plotline until you find the Bhaalist cult lair beneath Candulhallow’s Tombstones.

An overhead view of the blood-soaked ornate floor of the Murder Tribunal in Baldur's Gate 3.
Larian Studios

Since longswords are versatile weapons, this will also let you use a shield through the rest of the act for maximum defensive benefits. Being able to smite your enemies into oblivion is an important part of being a Paladin.

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