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Best Asta Build in Honkai: Star Rail

Honkai: Star Rail may be a gacha game, but it gives you several units that can carry you through the game. Asta is one of them, and players receive her within the first few hours of gameplay. She’s a Fire character on the Harmony path, but she does more than just buff her teammates – she tears through enemy Shields. As a F2P character, Asta is easily a staple on many teams in Honkai: Star Rail and can shine as brightly as the stars she studies with the right build.

With that said, here’s everything you need to know about the best Asta build in Honkai: Star Rail

Ascension Materials for Asta

As a four-star character, Asta is pretty easy to level up and ascend. Here’s everything you’ll need:

  • Silvermane Badge x12
  • Silvermane Insignia x13
  • Silvermane Medal x12
  • Endotherm Chitin x50
  • Credits x246,400

How to Build Asta in Honkai: Star Rail

Asta is more than your average Fire Harmony character. Her damage output and ability to inflict Weakness Break on enemies are incredibly valuable. Especially since she can speed allies up and increase their ATK at the same time. 

Combine it all together, and Asta is a core part of many early teams, but she can thrive later in the game too. Especially when paired with the right teammates, some of which are also free characters. 

Abilities and Combat Skills

Asta using her skill.
Image: Hoyoverse via HGG / Brittany Alva

Asta and her abilities scale off two different things: her ATK stat and how many enemies she hits.

Her Basic ATK deals Fire DMG to a single enemy based on her ATK stat. Asta’s Technique also does Fire DMG to all enemies when entering a battle. 

Asta’s Skill is where things get interesting. When using it, she deals Fire DMG to her primary target, before hitting random enemies another four times. When combined with her Talent, which gives her a Charging stack for every enemy hit per turn, Asta becomes invaluable. 

Each Charging stack Asta has gives her teammates extra ATK % (up to five stacks). For teams with more than one main damage dealer, this effect can provide tremendous value. Asta does lose three Charging stacks at the beginning of every turn, but it’s easy to gain the stacks back with her Skill. You also gain an extra stack for hitting an enemy with Fire Weakness.

Asta’s Ultimate is a 2-turn teamwide SPD buff, which is one of her biggest selling points. Being able to have hard-hitting characters attack multiple times in a single turn can be a huge advantage – especially in those longer fights where you’re trying everything you can to pump out more damage.

Traces and Leveling Priority

Image: Hoyoverse via HGG / Brittany Alva

Despite doing well at breaking enemy Shields, it’s almost always beneficial to level up some of her other combat skills first. Her Talent and Ultimate in particular are too good to ignore, so your resources should go into them first. Since you’ll never really use her Basic ATK, there’s no rush in leveling that up.

All of the Major Traces for Asta are great, so it’s a good idea to unlock them as you Ascend her. However, if you’re looking at all of them, Ignite is the best one for providing a huge boost to any other Fire character’s damage, especially if you run multiple Fire characters in one team. This pairs well in particular with the Fire Trailblazer, who can easily protect Asta and deal even more AoE damage at the same time.

If you’re not running Fire Trailblazer, don’t worry – Constellation increases her Defense for every Charging stack she has. Since you want to maintain max Charging stacks, Asta can be surprisingly tanky.

While Asta’s Basic ATK is lackluster in comparison to the rest of her kit, her last Major Trace (Sparks) opens up her kit to burning enemies. It grants her Basic ATK a damage-over-time effect that actually does as much damage as her Skill does. It’s a nice effect, but not one you’ll be commonly using given that you want to be mainly using Asta’s Skill to maintain Charging stacks.

Recommended Combat Skills Order: Talent -> Ultimate -> Skill -> Basic ATK

Recommended Major Traces Order: Ignite -> Constellation -> Sparks

Best Light Cones for Asta

Best Light Cone for Asta in Honkai Star Rail
Image: Hoyoverse via HGG / Brittany Alva

There are several good Light Cones for Asta, and she even works pretty well with a very accessible three-star Light Cone. 

  • But the Battle Isn’t Over (5-star) is easily the best Light Cone for Asta in Honkai: Star Rail. However, it’s difficult to get, so it’s not exactly ideal for free-to-play players. If you do happen to have it, the Energy Regeneration Rate works incredibly well on Asta, and the buff it gives the following ally is pretty busted. Using this Light Cone also lets Asta have a bit more wiggle room with stats on her Relics.
  • Past and Future (4-star) is similar to But the Battle Isn’t Over, as it also boosts the following ally’s stats. However, it doesn’t have the Energy Regeneration Rate buff, which makes it a much weaker option. 
  • Carve the Moon, Weave the Clouds (4-star) is another good option that boosts every ally in a random way (between ATK %, CRIT DMG, or Energy Regeneration Rate). This can be a better option than Past and Future for teams that have multiple damage dealers. 
  • Dance! Dance! Dance! (4-star) is a great option that focuses on Asta’s Ultimate – after she uses it, it advances her teammates’ next actions. Combining this with the SPD boost from her Ultimate makes for a powerful buff, especially on speedy characters like Dan Heng or Seele. 
  • Asta’s signature Light Cone, Planetary Rendezvous (4-star), is a great option for teams that have multiple Fire characters since it boosts the DMG of Elements that match the wearers. 
  • Chorus (3-star) is the easiest Light Cone to put on Asta and the most F2P-friendly option by far. It increases the ATK % of allies when a battle begins. While it’s not a stellar boost or the best option, it’s a good one to build on Asta if you’re at the beginning of Honkai: Star Rail

Best Stats for Asta

Best Stats for Asta in Honkai Star Rail
Image: Hoyoverse via HGG / Brittany Alva

The best stats for Asta will look like they’re all over the place, but there’s a reason. Considering many of her abilities scale off her ATK, CRIT stats are powerful options in moderation. However, her actual ATK needs to be high enough to make use of the CRIT stats.

More importantly, you’ll want to make sure she has enough Energy Regeneration Rate to keep her Ultimate coming up as much as possible.

Of course, to help her Break Effect and damage in general, she needs Fire DMG too. Keep in mind the Relics you’re using when looking at how much Break Effect to focus on stat-wise – testing out your Asta is the best way to see what you’ll need in terms of Break Effect and Energy Regeneration Rate.

Here’s the best stats to optimize your Asta build in Honkai: Star Rail:

Main Stats

  • Body: CRIT Rate / CRIT DMG
  • Feet: ATK% / Break Effect
  • Planar Sphere: Fire DMG
  • Link Rope: Energy Regeneration Rate / Break Effect


  • CRIT Rate / CRIT DMG
  • SPD
  • ATK%
  • Break Effect (if needed)

Best Relics for Asta

Despite Asta having two main uses (providing buffs and breaking Shields), her Relics stay the same no matter what you focus her build on. Additionally, it’s pretty easy to get the Relics she needs since the main ones are available early on. 

Asta’s Planar Ornaments are heavily dependent on what stats you have and which Cavern Relic set you’re running. It may take a bit of testing, but make sure you’re not overkilling the Break Effect stat – it doesn’t take much to start shredding through the Shields on most enemies, and it may be better to use a different Planar Ornament set if you’re already using a Break Effect Cavern Relic set. 

Cavern Relics

  • Thief of Shooting Meteor (4-piece) is easily the best option. It increases Asta’s Break Effect, and the 4-piece set also regenerates Energy. Regenerating Energy is something to pay attention to for Asta, and this set helps with that a lot. 
  • Muskateer of Wild Wheat (4-piece) is another decent option if you don’t have enough pieces for Thief of Shooting Meteor. It does increase Asta’s SPD and ATK a bit, but it’s best to use it as a 2-piece set with the other 2-piece set being Thief of Shooting Meteor.

Planar Ornaments

  • Fleet of the Ageless (2-piece) is a great option to use with Thief of Shooting Meteor. It increases Asta’s HP, and when her SPD is high enough, it provides a teamwide ATK% buff. This is a great way to enhance what Asta already does.
  • Talia: Kingdom of Banditry (2-piece) increases Asta’s Break Effect and provides a second Break Effect boost when her SPD is high enough (given her Ultimate, this happens frequently). This set may not be the best to use alongside Thief of Shooting Meteor, but it’s great with Muskateer of Wild Wheat.
  • Sprightly Vonwacq (2-piece) is perfect for anyone who’s struggling with Asta’s Energy Regeneration Rate. This will depend heavily on the stats you have on your Cavern Relics, but it’s a good backup option. 

Best Team Comps for Asta

Best Team Comps for Asta in Honkai Star Rail
Image: Hoyoverse via HGG / Brittany Alva

Thanks to her kit, Asta can easily be slotted into a majority of teams as a dedicated Support. That being said, here are two recommend teams for Asta that include other free characters you get at the beginning of Honkai: Star Rail.

Dedicated Support Asta (Best F2P Team)

This team is compromised of the first four characters you acquire in Honkai: Star Rail and covers a wide variety of Weaknesses. This team works because March 7th can focus on protecting everyone, while Dan Heng and Physical Trailblazer can take advantage of the buffs from Asta. 

Dan Heng in particular works incredibly well with Asta because he gets buffs from his kit based on his SPD. With Asta, this can spiral him into a hard-hitting, speedy killer that takes down everything in his path. 

Shield Break Asta

  • Asta
  • Natasha
  • Sushang
  • Pela

This team also covers a wide array of Weaknesses, but it’s got a very different focus – namely ripping through shields. Pela can debuff enemies, making it even easier for Asta and Sushang to tear through their Shields. Natasha does well at keeping all of them alive, and she can dish out pretty great damage as well. 

In order to optimize a bit more on Asta’s buffing abilities, Pela can be replaced with another damage-dealing character (especially if Asta’s Break Effect is high enough). 

Join the High Ground

That’s everything you need to know about how to build Asta in Honkai: Star Rail. She’s one of the best Supports in the game, and the fact that she’s given to players for free is a massive bonus.

Let us know in the comments what team you like to use her on, and subscribe below for even more Honkai: Star Rail and gaming news, guides, and more. 

Happy gaming!


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