Honkai: Star Rail Ice Character Tier List

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Honkai: Star Rail Ice Character Tier List

Find yourself a cool, new addition for your teams.

Contrary to popular belief, there is actually no “best” element in Honkai: Star Rail. Every enemy in Honkai: Star Rail is weak to at least 2 different elements and being broken by an element will apply that element’s break effect. That being said, a character’s element really only determines whether that character is able to deplete an enemy’s toughness bar or not depending on the enemy’s weaknesses.

This can be both good and bad for players as it means all elements are viable but also means that there’s an incentive to build different characters. In addition to the break effect applying a freeze to enemies, the Ice element has a solid variety of characters that are able to fill different roles in a team. Version 1.6 for Honkai: Star Rail introduces an amazing new Harmony path Ice character: Ruan Mei.

Here is my personal standing of all Ice characters mostly based on their individual kits and ease of use.

Jingliu (S-Tier)

  • Rarity: 5-Star
  • Element: Ice
  • Path: Destruction

Jingliu is one of, if not the best damage dealer in Honkai: Star Rail as of version 1.6. Jingliu is capable of dealing massive amounts of damage but that’s not the reason she is regarded so highly by many. Her kit grants her innate damage and CRIT boost while also providing a way for her to instantly advance her action forward. Jingliu provides so much value for a relatively low starting investment which is why she is an amazing unit to pick up if you’re in need of a damage dealer.  

Incredible damage outputTiming her ultimate with enhanced skill might be tricky
Very flexibleRequires high investment for best results
SP efficient
Innate stat boosts

Ruan Mei (S-Tier)

  • Rarity: 5-Star
  • Element: Ice
  • Path: Harmony

Ruan Mei is the newest addition to Honkai: Star Rail as of version 1.6 and is actually the first 5-star Harmony character to be released on a limited banner. Not only does she excel in breaking the enemy’s toughness bar herself, she helps her allies with damage and break efficiency buffs. If that wasn’t already enough, Ruan Mei’s ultimate emits a field for 2 turns that provide all allies with 25% resistance penetration against all elemental types. She brings an incredible amount of support to any team and you won’t regret grabbing a copy of her. 

Team-wide break efficiency buffFull potential requires high investment
Team-wide resistance pen buffNot many good light cone options
Permanent team-wide speed buffDelaying enemies may not always be ideal
Great synergy for dual-dps team compositions

Pela (A-Tier)

  • Rarity: 4-Star
  • Element: Ice
  • Path: Nihility

Even though technically she is still only a 4-star unit, Pela’s kit is one of the more unique kits in the game, even across the 5-star units. She has a single-target buff removal for those enemies that like to power themselves up. Her ultimate is arguably what makes her a top tier unit as it will reduce the defense of all the enemies affected to up to 40% at max rank.

The best part about her whole kit is that she is still able to stay skill point positive while applying all of her debuffs to enemies since her skill doesn’t need to be used every turn. Being a 4-star unit, getting eidolons on her is also going to be significantly easier than 5-star units. She’s absolutely worth building if you have the resources.

AoE defense shred with ultimateNot the greatest damage contribution
Able to remove enemy buffsIdeally wants a proper team to support
SP positive
Unique kit for supporting

Gepard (A-Tier)

  • Rarity: 5-Star
  • Element: Ice
  • Path: Preservation

Gepard is a reliable ice tank who mainly focuses on trying to keep his allies alive with his enormous shielding capabilities. While he still has the option to possibly freeze enemies with his skill, Gepard is primarily brought onto teams to help sustain. His ultimate is where the bulk of his value stems from as he provides a shield for all allies that scales off his own defense in addition to a flat amount on top.

While he is best paired with a healer on the team to help sustain, being able to prevent direct damage to health is essential in some scenarios. And as a little cherry on top, Gepard’s talent will give him essentially a second life when his HP reaches 0, which can be very useful in sticky situations where he is the primary target.  

Giant shield for teamTalent could be better
Skill Point positiveBetter options for sustain units
Good energy economy
Can potentially provide crowd control with freezes

Yanqing (B-Tier)

  • Rarity: 5-Star
  • Element: Ice
  • Path: Hunt

Despite all of the new damage dealers introduced into the game, Yanqing is still considered to be a very strong single-target damage dealing character with the proper supporting team backing him up. He gains a pretty solid amount of free stats which gives him a significant boost in overall power at the cost of him needing to be pretty much untouched. Because of this, he has seen less usage over other damage dealers in the game.

His kit revolves around his talent giving him free stats and him being able to get his ultimate off with his talent stat boosts still intact. If he can pull it off, he will do a very respectable amount of damage in a single-target scenario with an added chance to freeze. 

Provides himself with free statsRequires a team to prevent him from taking damage
Great for early game contentRequires a significant amount of resources to maintain talent uptime
Potential to Freeze

March 7th (C-Tier)

  • Rarity: 4-Star
  • Element: Ice
  • Path: Preservation

While her original intended function is to be a single-target shielder with the ability to counter-attack, Match 7th can also double up as an AoE freeze support character which gives her a little more build potential. Even as a starting 4-star character, March 7th is very competent as a sustain unit for starter teams before they have access to other sustain units. Her skill will provide a single-target shield to an ally that scales with March 7th defense and if the shielded target’s health is above 30%, they will also have a higher chance of being attacked by enemies. When the shielded ally is attacked, March 7th will then launch a counter-attack.

Giant singe-target shield for an allyNot entirely skill point positive
Can potentially act as an AoE freeze supportRequires high investment for best results
Flexible in roles

Herta (D-Tier)

  • Rarity: 4-Star
  • Element: Ice
  • Path: Erudition

Herta specializes in dealing fairly consistent AoE damage to enemies. While she may be considered underwhelming in single-target scenarios, she makes up for that against multiple enemies. She’ll hit targets extra hard if they are over 50% health and will proceed to follow-up attack when an ally hits an enemy under that 50% threshold. A well-invested Herta should be able to theoretically annihilate any stage with multiple enemies and/or waves of enemies.  

Great for AoE contentLow base stats
Good damage to toughness barNot ideal in single-target scenarios
Free eidolons

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