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Honkai: Star Rail – Best Team Comps (P2P)

Honkai: Star Rail players that are willing to swipe their credit cards have quite a few amazing team options that can conquer anything in the game. They come with a good variety of playstyle options, and the potential output of these teams is insane.

Before diving into what the best P2P team comps in Honkai: Star Rail are, let’s talk about what a P2P team even is.

What Counts as a Pay-to-Play (P2P) Team

P2P, or pay-to-play, team comps in Honkai: Star Rail are teams that often cost a lot to put together. The average player isn’t going to have three or four five-star characters that all work together in perfect synergy (although it can happen with good luck and dedicated play).

Generally, players who have the majority of five-star characters are those who have wished a lot and really played into the gacha system – i.e., spending money. While Honkai: Star Rail isn’t a pay-to-play game, there are some incredibly busted teams that generally are only obtainable by spending a lot of money.

Thus, P2P team comps are crafted, which revolve around hard-to-get five-star characters. However, there are some four-star characters that are thrown in the mix, like Asta and Tingyun. These characters do better than five-star characters in certain settings. 

Common P2P Characters in Honkai: Star Rail

A lot of P2P team comps in Honkai: Star Rail feature different variations of the same characters. Examples include Seele, Bailu, Jing Yuan, Tingyun, and Silver Wolf. It’s simply because these characters are the best at what they do. 

As more characters are released, there may be more discussion about who’s a better healer or shielder in certain scenarios. It’s inevitable that the meta surrounding the best team comps will change in the future, but for now (and certainly for a longer while), the following are incredible teams.

The Best P2P Team Comps in Honkai: Star Rail

Here are the most busted and powerful team comps in Honkai: Star Rail. They’re all at the top of their game, and there’s no one that can replace a character on them to make it better. However, if you’re missing one character from these team comps, you may still be able to make them work.

Best Overall Team

Asta, Bronya, Bailu, Seele - Best Overall P2P Team Honkai Star Rail
Image: Hoyoverse via HGG / Brittany Alva
  • Asta
  • Bronya
  • Bailu
  • Seele

With Seele’s back-to-back attacks and Asta’s Shield-shredding capabilities, this team has it all. With four different elements to cover weaknesses and some intense damage dealers, it’s hard to not use this team if you have it.

Bronya and Seele together are nearly perfect. Seele can attack multiple times in a row once she kills an enemy, and Bronya’s skill can make her stronger and give her another turn. On that extra turn, Seele can continue to do multiple attacks (or set her up for a good clear the next turn). 

Bailu is a great healer, and she’s the only one currently in the game with a revive. Beyond simply shredding Shields, Asta can make her teammates faster. This means more attacks per turn, which further snowballs Seele into the dominant DPS that she is. 

Best Boss Team

Silver Wolf, Seele, Bailu, Tingyun
Image: Hoyoverse via HGG / Brittany Alva
  • Silver Wolf
  • Seele
  • Bailu
  • Tingyun

This team is built to stop enemies in their tracks. With Silver Wolf’s barrage of debuffs and Tingyun’s insane buffs for Seele, it’s hard to ignore how powerfully these characters work together.

Bailu has a dual purpose in this team comp. She can keep everyone alive and revive them if they happen to fall, but she also fills the role of another Lightning character. This is important for Silver Wolf’s ability that can make enemies weak to an Element on the team. Having only Quantum and Lightning characters means that enemies will always be weak to at least two of your characters. 

Plus, these characters are the best at what they do, and they can take on hordes of enemies or major bosses with little issue.

Best AoE Damage Team

Jing Yuan, Bronya, Bailu, Silver Wolf - Best AoE P2P Team Honkai Star Rail
Image: Hoyoverse via HGG / Brittany Alva
  • Jing Yuan
  • Bronya
  • Bailu
  • Silver Wolf

If you’re looking to do consistent damage to a lot of enemies at once, then this is one of the best teams to do so. Jing Yuan is an absolute powerhouse, and using him along with the debuffing master Silver Wolf gives him even more room to shine. Additionally, Bronya buffs him even more. 

The only downside to this team is that it doesn’t guarantee that Silver Wolf’s ability to make enemies weak to an element will be Lightning. However, Bailu helps this a bit, and the coverage between Lightning, Quantum, and Wind is pretty good already. 

Bailu’s also great at keeping Jing Yuan alive, which can be very helpful against hard-hitting enemies. 

Best Endurance Team

Gepard, Seele, Pela, Tingyun - Best Endurance P2P Team Honkai Star Rail
Image: Hoyoverse via HGG / Brittany Alva
  • Gepard
  • Seele
  • Pela
  • Tingyun

If you’re looking to play a bit more strategically, then this is a great team for you. It focuses on Seele’s damage being buffed by Tingyun while Pela debuffs enemies. Gepard’s role is to be a massive shield, but he can also help make sure enemies become or stay frozen. Pela can help ensure that Gepard has the highest chance of freezing enemies without having to devote any Relic stats to Effect Hit Rate, which makes the two work well together.

Altogether, this makes this team play well together. It’s incredibly safe, and while some fights may take a bit longer (or be more difficult if the enemy is resistant to Ice), it’s a solid choice for most of the content in Honkai: Star Rail.

Best Coverage Team

Seele, Welt, Asta, Bailu
Image: Hoyoverse via HGG / Brittany Alva
  • Seele
  • Welt
  • Asta
  • Bailu

This team was one of the first “best” P2P teams in Honkai: Star Rail. As the first banner character, Seele was always strong, and Welt was the strongest debuffer in the game. While Silver Wolf has come out and can arguably do better in some circumstances, this is still an incredibly strong team. 

Asta is here to shred through Shields, and Bailu’s doing her standard job at providing amazing healing and a revive. There’s great elemental coverage between these four, and they all do great (if not outstanding) damage. Plus, Seele’s ability to attack multiple times will always be busted in teams like these that don’t have a character that buffs damage. 

Best Single-Element / Imaginary Team

Luocha, Silver Wolf, Welt, Yukong - Best Imaginary Team Honkai Star Rail
Image: Hoyoverse via HGG / Brittany Alva
  • Luocha
  • Silver Wolf
  • Welt
  • Yukong

Silver Wolf has the lucky advantage of forcing enemies to be weak to an Element on her team. So, if all three teammates are Imaginary, then the enemy is weak to Imaginary. That’s the concept behind this team.

This team works because all the units can dish out significant damage while also providing some other kind of utility to the team. Silver Wolf and Welt will debuff enemies into the ground, with Silver Wolf being a necessary character for this team to work. Yukong buffs teammates so that they do even more damage, and Luocha provides healing.

These units can also do a lot of damage individually, which is what makes this team so strong. When you can guarantee that an enemy is going to be weak against nearly every attack thrown its way, there’s not much that can go wrong. 

There are alternative ways to play a team centered around Silver Wolf like this, but the other Elements can’t hold a torch to Imaginary when it comes to roles covered. 

Best Auto-Clear / Farming Team

Himeko, Clara, Herta, Seele Honkai Star Rail P2P Team Comp
Image: Hoyoverse via HGG / Brittany Alva
  • Himeko
  • Clara
  • Herta
  • Seele

Everyone needs a good auto-clearing team, and this is the best one out there. Besides their regular attacks, every one of the teammates has a second way to deal damage. Himeko and Herta have follow-up attacks, Clara has a counterattack, and Seele gets extra attacks if she kills an enemy.

There’s no dedicated healer or shielder on the team, but Clara can taunt enemies (and deal damage when they attack her, making her a great auto-clear character in general). This will keep them from attacking the others as much, and most hordes of enemies will be taken out before they get many chances to attack anyway. 

This team also covers a great variety of elements, meaning that it works pretty much everywhere.

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Those are the best P2P team comps in Honkai: Star Rail. While new banners may get more overpowered characters, these team comps should do well through the future of Honkai: Star Rail.

Are there any characters or team comps that you think should make this list? Let us know in the comments below, and don’t forget to subscribe for more Honkai: Star Rail and gaming content.

Happy gaming!


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