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Honkai: Star Rail – Best Silver Wolf Build Guide & Teams

Despite being one of the very first characters players see in Honkai: Star Rail, Silver Wolf wasn’t actually a part of the original character roster. However, with her release and limited banner run, players are able to finally play as the cool, technologically-savvy debuffer. This article will go over the best way to build Silver Wolf in Honkai: Star Rail.

Here’s everything you need to know.

Ascension Materials for Silver Wolf

Smug Silver Wolf
Image: Hoyoverse via HGG / Brittany Alva

When it comes to ascending Silver Wolf, here are all the materials you’ll need:

  • Ancient Part x20
  • Ancient Spindle x 18
  • Ancient Engine x13
  • Void Cast Iron x66
  • Credits x308,000

How to Build Silver Wolf in Honkai: Star Rail

Silver Wolf is a Quantum character of the Nihility path, which means she excels at debuffing enemies until they’re only a fraction of what they were before. Her abilities let her introduce new Weaknesses and slash their attack, defense, and speed. 

However, she also dishes out decent damage while knocking enemies down a peg. Compared to the other two Quantum characters in the game, Silver Wolf is arguably the best and can force any fight into your favor. Plus, she’s easily the best debuffer in the game, so making sure you optimize her build is a must for anyone who has her. 

Abilities & Combat Skills

Silver Wolf Ultimate Animation - Best Build in Honkai Star Rail
Image: Hoyoverse via HGG / Brittany Alva

Part of what makes Silver Wolf so powerful is the fact that she can make enemies weak to a new Element. This new Element will be chosen from the Elements of characters you have on the field, which can completely turn a fight around. 

This is her Skill, and it also lowers an enemy’s DMG RES to the new Weakness. The same skill will also lower the enemy’s RES to all types while also dealing massive amounts of Quantum DMG. All of this is done solely by her Skill, which could easily go down as one of the most powerful Skills in the entirety of Honkai: Star Rail. 

Her Basic ATK is a regular Quantum DMG attack. Her Ultimate cuts through an enemy’s DEF while also dealing a lot of single-target Quantum DMG. When she initiates battle, her Technique makes it so that every enemy takes Quantum DMG based on Silver Wolf’s ATK. While this damage does not interact with Weakness Types, it does reduce enemy’s Toughness.

As if all of that isn’t enough, Silver Wolf has a passive Talent that debuffs enemies even more. Every time she attacks, she has a chance to either lower an enemy’s ATK, DEF, or SPD. 

Traces and Leveling Priority for Silver Wolf

While Silver Wolf can throw out a lot of damage, her main use is to debuff enemies as much as possible. This means you’ll want to prioritize leveling up the things that do that, such as her Skill and Ultimate. Her Talent is the other important Trace to level up as well. All of these Traces focus on improving the odds that Silver Wolf will debuff an enemy. 

All of Silver Wolf’s Major Traces are great, so it’s best to get all of them. However, if you have to pick and choose, you should get Generate first. It makes it so that anytime an enemy has a Weakness Break, Silver Wolf has a higher base chance of lowering its ATK, DEF, or SPD. 

Recommended Combat Skills Order: Ultimate -> Skill -> Talent -> Basic ATK

Recommended Major Traces Order: Generate -> Inject -> Side Note

Best Light Cones for Silver Wolf

Incessant Rain - Best LIght Cone for Silver Wolf
Image: Hoyoverse via HGG / Brittany Alva

Silver Wolf has several Light Cones that work really well with her kit and build. Luckily, many of them are accessible to free-to-play players. 

  • Incessant Rain (5-star) is by far the best Light Cone for Silver Wolf. It increases Effect Hit Rate by 24%. If an enemy has three or more debuffs, then the wearer’s CRIT Rate is boosted by 12%. When the wearer uses their Basic ATK, Skill, or Ultimate, the enemy will receive increases DMG for one turn. The only downside is that it’s a limited-banner 5-star Light Cone, but it’s definitely one worth pulling for if you have the funds.
  • Before the Tutorial Mission Starts (4-star) is a great option, because it’s free to get and provides a good Effect Hit Rate buff while also restoring the wearer’s energy. Considering how powerful Silver Wolf’s Ultimate is, you’ll want to use it as much as possible – this Light Cone helps you do just that. It’s a prize awarded during the Starhunt Game event, so you can easily fully superimpose it
  • In the Name of the World (5-star) is another great option that will ramp up Silver Wolf’s damage to debuffed enemies. Considering Silver Wolf is built with her attack in mind, this synergizes really well and can produce staggering damage numbers. 
  • Resolution Shines As Pearls of Sweat (4-star) adds a new trick up Silver Wolf’s sleeves: Ensnare. This Light Cone makes it so that the wearer has a chance to Ensnare enemies, which isn’t a debuff that Silver Wolf has access to regularly. 

Best Relics for Silver Wolf

Genius of Brilliant Stars - Best Relics for Silver Wolf
Image: Hoyoverse via HGG / Brittany Alva

Thankfully, the best relics to build on Silver Wolf are straightforward and fairly accessible. While there’s a clear cut superior choice for both Cavern Relics and Planar Ornaments, the alternative sets perform well too.

Cavern Relics:

  • Genius of Brilliant Stars (4-piece) is the best option because of how much it can boost Silver Wolf’s Quantum DMG. Not only that, but it also ignores enemy DEF and will ignore even more DEF if the enemy is weak to Quantum. This complements Silver Wolf’s Skill well and ramps up nicely.
  • Muskateer of Wild Wheat (4-piece) is a great option for anyone who doesn’t have access to Genius of Brilliant Stars. It increases the wearer’s ATK% and SPD, which can give Silver Wolf a nice boost. This set also works well as a two-piece set with two pieces of Genius of Brilliant Stars.

Planar Ornaments: 

  • Pan-Galactic Commercial Enterprise (2-piece) is the best-in-slot for Silver Wolf because of how well it works on its own. Essentially, it provides an Effect Hit Rate boost that directly amps up the wearer’s ATK at the same time. It works well with Silver Wolf’s stat priorities and can make it so that she doesn’t miss her debuffs.
  • Fleet of the Ageless (2-piece) is another solid set for those who can’t get Pan-Galactic Commercial Enterprise Relics. This set increases the wearer’s Max HP and can increase all allies’ ATK if the wearer has a high enough SPD stat. This is generally a pretty easy threshold to meet, and the boost it gives allies furthers the gap between them and enemies (that’s furthered even more by Silver Wolf’s abilities, which is why it works decently together). 

Best Stats for Silver Wolf

Best Stats for Silver Wolf
Image: Hoyoverse via HGG / Brittany Alva

Knowing which stats to build on Silver Wolf is really important if you want to reach her max potential. Luckily, this is pretty easy to keep an eye out for since the most important thing is to get enough Effect Hit Rate to land debuffs consistently. Afterwards, you can focus on boosting her ATK%. There are other stats that can be helpful (and may be easier to get as well), but Silver Wolf can get all the boosts she needs from optimizing her substats.

Main Stats:

  • Body: Effect Hit Rate / ATK%
  • Feet: Speed / ATK%
  • Planar Sphere: Quantum DMG
  • Link Rope: Energy Regen Rate / ATK%


  • Effect HIt Rate
  • Speed
  • Break Effect
  • ATK% (if not the main stat on the Relic) 
  • Energy Regen Rate

Best Teams for Silver Wolf

Best Teams for Silver Wolf
Image: Hoyoverse via HGG / Brittany Alva

Teams with Silver Wolf in them in Honkai: Star Rail can look a few different ways. In all of them, Silver Wolf is going to focus on debuffing enemies, but there’s a lot of potential in her ability to create new Weaknesses.

Because the new Weakness is chosen from Elements in your party, eliminating the number of options makes it easier to get the right one. For example, a team with two Quantum characters (or even three) and two characters of another Element means that the new Weakness can only be Quantum or that other Element. In comparison, a normal well-rounded team of four different Elements could have more options depending on the Weaknesses the enemy already has.

This can be changed around for any enemy that you’re trying to take down, but the most common best team for Silver Wolf includes Seele, Tingyun, and Bailu. These four characters work incredibly well together as Tingyun can buff Seele’s damage, Bailu can provide heals, and Silver Wolf can take care of the rest. 

An easy substitute here would be Qingque for Seele. This also makes the team much easier to get since Qingque is a free character.

If you’re fighting an enemy that’s already weak to your main DPS, then you don’t have to worry about Elemental Weaknesses. Silver Wolf can take the place of any buffing character, like Bronya or Tingyun. However, you’ll want to make sure your main DPS is built well in a team like this. If you’re used to buffing a DPS character, you may find them falling off a bit without that Support. 

Since Silver Wolf helps your characters be more versatile, it may take more investments in the beginning to get your team functioning well. However, it’s well worth the time and resources. 

Should You Pull for Silver Wolf?

Silver Wolf Main Art
Image: Hoyoverse via HGG / Brittany Alva

Honkai: Star Rail has seven different Paths characters can take, and only one of those Paths focuses on debuffing enemies. In the Nihility Path character pool, which currently includes only three characters (Silver Wolf, Welt, and Pela), Silver Wolf stands out the most. Her debuffs are better and much more useful, and she can completely change your playstyle if you have her.

For example, you generally have to consistently keep up and level up multiple different DPS’ to account for enemy Weaknesses. Without dealing damage to an enemy’s Weakness, it’s almost impossible to beat higher-level bosses and Simulated Universes.

However, Silver Wolf changes that by creating a new Weakness that always correlates with someone on your team. This lets you really hone in on leveling up one character, and certain team comps can make sure this idea shines. 

Unless you’re saving for another character or don’t like Silver Wolf’s design, she’s a must-pull unit

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That’s everything you should know about the best Silver Wolf build in Honkai: Star Rail. Silver Wolf is an incredible character, and she should stay in the meta for quite some time. She’s worth investing resources in, and she can even help you save resources int eh long urn by not having to constantly build more DPS characters.

Who are you most excited to use with Silver Wolf? Let us know in the comments below. You can also subscribe for more gaming content like this.

Happy gaming!


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