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Honkai: Star Rail – Best Team Comps (F2P)

No matter what you do in Honkai: Star Rail, you need to have a good team comp. It doesn’t matter how great one single character is, they’re not going to perform well unless they have good synergy with their teammates. Not to mention, you’ll eventually need multiple different team comps to handle all of the various challenges that are bound to come in future updates for Honkai: Star Rail.

10 Best Team Comps in Honkai: Star Rail

Here are 10 of the best team comps in Honkai: Star Rail – many of them include alternate characters that are F2P friendly too!

Best Farming Team

Best Farming Team Comp in Honkai Star Rail
Image: Hoyoverse via HGG / Brittany Alva

Characters: Himeko, Herta, Tingyun, Natasha

While a lot of the content in Honkai: Star Rail is challenging and unique, you’ll also have to spend a fair bit of time grinding and farming mobs as well. This team excels at getting through the grind, mainly thanks to Herta and Himeko’s abilities.

Essentially, Himeko will automatically unleash an AoE follow-up attack after a certain number of hits from your team. Combined with Herta, who hits multiple enemies multiple times at once, this is back-to-back AoE damage. It will shred through most mobs of enemies, which also generally appear before major boss battles as well.

Tingyun can buff Himeko, which is great for using the red-haired Astral Express leader’s Ultimate ability as often as possible. Natasha keeps everyone alive while also covering any Physical Weaknesses enemies may have.

Natasha and Herta are both given to players for free, but getting Himeko and Tingyun relies on gacha luck (or spending the money for 300 pulls and choosing Himeko if you haven’t already done so).

Alternative Characters: Jing Yuan, Bailu, Fire Trailblazer

Best Single-Target DPS Team

Best Single-Target DPS Team
Image: Hoyoverse via HGG / Brittany Alva

Characters: Gepard, Seele, Tingyun, Pela

In general, the best team comps have one main DPS and three members who can support them in some way. That’s what this team aims to do. Seele is incredibly strong, and her ability to attack multiple times in a row makes her the perfect DPS carry in this team comp.

Gepard is arguably the best tank in the game, and he’ll easily keep Seele alive with Shields. This allows the team to function without a healer. Instead, both Tingyun and Pela can join the fray. Tingyun’s main goal is to buff Seele and allow her to use her Ultimate almost constantly. Pela specifically focuses on debuffing enemies, which can help overcome any issues with Weaknesses and Resistances you may run into.

Unfortunately, these characters aren’t easy to get. Both Gepard and Seele are five-star characters, and Seele is only available when her limited banner is active. Tingyun and Pela may be easier to pull, but they need Gepard and Seele for this setup to shine.

Alternative Characters: Fire Trailblazer, Welt, Yanqing

Best Boss/Challenge Team

Best Boss/Challenge Team Comp in Honkai Star Rail
Image: Hoyoverse via HGG / Brittany Alva

Characters: Seele, Bronya, Asta, Bailu

One of the strongest team comps in Honkai: Star Rail consists of Seele, Bronya, Asta, and Bailu. They’re all considered to be amongst the strongest characters in the game overall, and they synergize (and cover enemy weaknesses) incredibly well.

Because Seele can hit enemies multiple times, she can dish out more damage than pretty much anyone else in the game. This lets you focus on buffing/protecting her instead of relying on other forms of damage. Bronya also ensures that Seele can get another turn, which Seele can use to create even more turns for herself by killing enemies.

Asta is great for shredding through enemy Weakness bars, and her Ultimate boosts everyone’s speed. This helps Seele do even more damage. Finally, Bailu rounds out the team by keeping everyone alive and reviving someone if they happen to go down. However, this won’t happen much considering most enemies won’t be able to attack before this team takes them out.

As both Bronya and Bailu are permanently available five-star characters, getting them is only a matter of luck/time. Thankfully, Asta is a character everyone gets for free in the beginning. Seele is the only one on a limited banner, and we have no way of knowing when her banner will make a return.

Alternative Characters: Natasha, Tingyun

Yanqing Freeze Team

Yanqing Freeze Team
Image: Hoyoverse via HGG / Brittany Alva

Characters: Yanqing, Tingyun, Bronya, Fire Trailblazer

Yanqing is another incredibly powerful character that can dish out all the damage a team will need if he has the right characters supporting him.

Tingyun and Bronya are two of the best buffers in the game. Additionally, Bronya can give Yanqing an extra turn with her Skill. Considering Tingyun also speeds up Yanqing, Yanqing can attack multiple times in one turn with this team setup.

Yanqing himself has the potential to freeze enemies, meaning that they unfreeze during their next combat phase instead of attacking. This is a very powerful form of CC that works incredily well on a speedy character like Yanqing. He’ll have plenty of attacks to take down enemies before they’re ever able to touch him.

Fire Trailblazer rounds this team out by being an excellent tank option that doesn’t require much investment. They’re also able to help against enemies who are weak against Fire, making this team great defensively and offensively without the need for a healer.

Every player unlocks Fire Trailblazer by progressing through the main storyline, and Tingyun is a standard four-star character found on every banner. However, Yanqing and Bronya are both five-star characters that you’ll have to hope for from the gacha.

Alternative Characters: Natasha, March 7th, Seele

Clara Counterattack Team

Clara Counterattack Team Comp
Image: Hoyoverse via HGG / Brittany Alva

Characters: Clara, March 7th, Natasha, Pela

If you have Clara, then there’s a pretty fun team comp that relies on her counter to obliterate enemies. Two of the characters, March 7th and Natasha, are given to players for free, and Pela is a pretty common four-star character available on every banner.

The goal of this team is for March 7th to give Clara a shield and counterattack whenever Clara is targeted. When Clara is hit by an enemy, Svarog (the Robot with her) will counterattack. Considering many of her abilities, and March 7th’s Shield, make her more likely to be targeted, Clara can take down enemies as quickly as they can attack.

Natasha’s goal in this team is to keep everyone alive. Bailu also works for this if you have her. Since Clara is dishing out so much damage, the last place on the team is perfect for a debuffer like Pela. Welt is another great option here if you have him.

Clara can be difficult to get since she’s a five-star character, but this is one of the best ways to use her if you’re lucky enough to get her.

Alternative Characters: Welt, Physical Trailblazer, Serval

Best Dan Heng Team

Best Dan Heng Team Comp in Honkai Star Rail
Image: Hoyoverse via HGG / Brittany Alva

Characters: Welt, Dan Heng, Bailu, Asta

Despite being a free character that everyone gets at the beginning of the game, Dan Heng is a very powerful character of The Hunt Path. When paired with Asta, another free character in Honkai: Star Rail, he becomes a powerhouse.

Dan Heng gets stronger the faster he is, and Asta speeds up her teammates. She also shreds shields, giving Dan Heng room to slice and dice enemies. The two also cover both Wind and Fire Weaknesses that enemies may have.

Welt is on the team to help out by debuffing enemies (and providing coverage for those enemies with a Weakness to Imaginary), and Bailu keeps the team alive. Natasha also works well as a replacement for Bailu, and Pela is a good budget option for Welt.

This is a great way to utilize Dan Heng, who’s a free character everyone gets right at the start. And while Welt and Bailu are five-star characters that require a bit of gacha luck, Asta is also free.

Alternative Characters: Pela, Natasha, Fire Trailblazer

Best Damage Team

Best Damage Team
Image: Hoyoverse via HGG / Brittany Alva

Characters: Jing Yuan, Bronya, Gepard, Seele

Fun fact: You can use both Jing Yuan and Seele for a team comp that can take on almost anything in the game. Between Jing Yuan’s massive AoE damage and Seele’s insane single-target damage, both bosses and hordes of enemies don’t stand a chance.

Using both Bronya and Gepard to support the dynamic duo will help cover additional enemy Weaknesses. It also protects and buffs the two, and Bronya can help one of them attack over and over again.

Overall, this team is hyper-focused on dishing damage back to back. Gepard can easily be replaced with Fire Trailblazer or even Natasha — because of how much sheer damage Jing Yuan and Seele are throwing out, you don’t have to worry about taking too many hits. The enemy will be down before they get to attack much.

The downside to this team is that it consists of four five-star units, two of which only run on the limited banner. This makes getting the team tricky, but it’s worth building if you have the units.

Alternative Characters: Fire Trailblazer, Tingyun, Dan Heng

Best F2P Friendly Team

Best F2P Friendly Team Comp in Honkai Star Rail
Image: Hoyoverse via HGG / Brittany Alva

Characters: Asta, Sushang, Pela, Natasha

Sushang is a solid four-star DPS character that works well when supported correctly. Her abilities deal out extra damage when enemies have no shields up, which makes her a perfect pair to Asta. Asta is one of the best units for shredding shields whether an enemy is weak to her Fire Element or not.

While these two can focus on working together to take enemies down, Natasha’s goal is to keep them alive. On the other hand, Pela works well at debuffing enemies. Having Natasha and Pela also covers Ice and Physical Weaknesses.

Considering two of these characters are given to players for free, this is a fairly accessible team to build.

Alternative Characters: Dan Heng, Bailu, Seele

Best Arlan Team

Best Arlan team
Image: Hoyoverse via HGG / Brittany Alva

Characters: Arlan, Fire Trailblazer, March 7th, Tingyun

For those who love living on the wild side, Arlan is the perfect character to use. He dishes out more damage the lower his health is. Considering there are plenty of ways to shield a character in Honkai: Star Rail, he’s a good unit with the right team.

Two free shielders are Fire Trailblazer and March 7th. Between these two, you can let Arlan take a bit of damage and then infinitely shield him. Tingyun is the perfect unit to round the team out with, as she can buff Arlan’s damage incredibly well.

Everyone gets March 7th and Fire Trailblazer for free, so the biggest hurdle here is obtaining both Arlan and Tingyun through gacha mechanics.

Alternative Characters: Gepard, Bronya, Dan Heng

Best AoE Damage Team

Best AoE Damage Team Comp in Honkai Star Rail
Image: Hoyoverse via HGG / Brittany Alva

Characters: Jing Yuan, Himeko, Natasha, Bronya

If you fancy dealing AoE damage constantly, then this is the perfect team for you. Jing Yuan and Himeko both deal great AoE damage when it’s not their turn, and Himeko plays off of Jing Yuan wonderfully.

Natasha and Bronya handle support on this team, with Bronya buffing and speeding up Jing Yuan. This is the best way to deal the most damage. Natasha does what she does best: heals. This team does incredibly well against hordes of enemies, but it also does pretty great single-target damage because of the constant barrage of attacks.

On the downside, Jing Yuan is a limited banner five-star character, making him difficult to get. Bronya and Himeko are also five-star characters, making this team a bit hard to obtain.

Alternative Characters: Herta, Serval, Bailu, Tingyun

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That’s all we have about the 10 best team comps in Honkai: Star Rail. You should be able to build one of these teams with any character combination in the game. The game does a great job at giving you plenty of options to work with as long as you invest the time to build characters as needed.

Let us know in the comments below what team you’ve enjoyed using or if you have a better team that should be on this list! You can also subscribe for more Honkai: Star Rail content and gaming news.

As always, happy gaming!


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