Honkai: Star Rail – Best Paths for Simulated Universe

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Honkai: Star Rail – Best Paths for Simulated Universe

Simulated Universe Easy Mode

Honkai: Star Rail encourages players to explore different kinds of avenues of content throughout their experience playing the game. One of these pieces of content that players will come across is the Simulated Universe.

The Simulated Universe is Honkai: Star Rail’s Roguelike game mode in which players choose a Path to follow. This chosen Path along with various randomized Blessings and stage buffs are mixed and matched to create unique experiences as you make your way to complete the stages and defeat the last boss.

That being said, some paths could make your Simulated Universe runs significantly easier depending on your team composition and the different randomized blessings. Here’s some suggestions for the best paths to consistently get you through the Simulated Universe in Honkai: Star Rail.

I’ve ranked the paths below from weakest to strongest.

#9 Elation

The Elation Path focuses primarily on the concept of follow-up attacks and buffing the damage from them. Naturally, this path is best used with characters that primarily use follow-up attacks and is definitely not ideal if you don’t have any follow-up attackers on your team.

Some characters that come to mind that can really take advantage of this Path would be ones such as Topaz, Himiko, Clara, and Dr. Ratio.

#8 Preservation

The Path of Preservation is another path that really benefits from having specific units on a team, specifically ones that are able to create a shield. This path specializes in enhancing units based on the amount of shield they have. Because of this, this path should only really be an option if you have a unit to provide a shield such as Gepard, March 7th, or even Fire Trailblazer.

Because of how limited the requirement is for making this path work, it’s not necessarily recommended as there are other Path options that are both better and more flexible.

#7 Destruction

The Path of Destruction is one that follows the idea of high risk, high reward. This Path encourages your units to get hit and lose health in return for potent damage and defensive buffs. This Path is one that is focused around buffing the damage of your units but you will probably have an overall easier time with a different damage Path that doesn’t require you to sacrifice health.

That being said, this is another one of the more niche Paths that encourage a more unique playstyle compared to other paths that would offer an easier experience going through the Simulated Universe.

#6 Propagation

The Path of Propagation is one of the more recent Paths added to the game and was not part of the original selection on the game’s release. This Path focuses primarily on buffing basic attacks while adding and detonating Spores and even refunding a small amount of skill points.

This Path shines not only with characters that like to use up an exorbitant amount of skill points but also characters that primarily use their basic attack to do damage.

#5 Erudition

The Path of Erudition is another Path recently added to the game that was not available on release. This Path focuses on dealing AoE damage while refunding some energy in the process. The Path’s Resonance will link enemies, causing them to share damage taken from your Ultimates. Because of this, all types of characters are able to benefit from using this Path and not just characters that do AoE damage.

#4 Abundance

The Path of Abundance specializes in providing healing and debuff removal for your team. This Path is a great choice if you’re lacking and kind of sustain on your team. While using the Abundance Path, you shouldn’t really have to worry about your team’s health and can even choose to bring more damage characters to compensate.

Because this Path’s Blessings aren’t a huge help in the damage output department, you should make sure your team’s damage dealers are able to comfortably clear the stages. However, the best part of this Path is arguably the ability to have a consistent team-wide debuff cleanse with the Path Resonance. This is amazing if you lack a unit such as Loucha or Huohuo that would otherwise be able to handle cleansing for your team.

#3 Remembrance

The Path of Remembrance is one of the Paths exclusive to the Simulated Universe. This Path focuses on freezing enemies with the Path Resonance in addition to frozen enemies also taking more damage.

This Path is one that doesn’t necessarily require specific characters to take advantage of it even though it requires enemies to be frozen. This is due to the fact that the Path Resonance will freeze enemies along with some Blessings that can also cause your team’s Ultimates to freeze enemies.

Since frozen enemies lose a turn when they thaw out, this also helps your team take less damage than they would normally take overall. Because of the ease of use of this Path, it can be considered one of the better choices if you’re looking for a damage Path.

#2 Nihility

The Path of Nihility specializes in drowning your enemies in DoT (Damage over Time) effects while simultaneously buffing Break Effect and Break Efficiency of your own characters.

The Path Resonance itself will apply DoTs to all enemies on the field while the Path’s Blessings will add further effects to those DoTs to further ensure that your enemies will not be having a good time. This also means that you don’t necessarily need to bring DoT characters to take full advantage of how simple yet lethal this Path can be.

Some characters that come to mind that are able to take full advantage of this Path are Kafka, Sampo, and Luka as they are all part of the Nihility Path and revolve around DoTs, which makes sense.

#1 Hunt

The Hunt Path is my #1 pick for the best path overall. Furthermore, it is one of if not the most straightforward Path in terms of understanding how it works and how your team can benefit from its buffs. The Path itself focuses purely on buffing your team by increasing Speed, ATK, CRIT, and DMG in order to dispatch your enemies as quickly as possible.

The Path Resonance itself is capable of wiping out waves of weaker enemies on its own or severely weakening stronger enemies to give your team an easy time cleaning up the rest of the survivors.


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