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Palia Villager Gift Giving Guide

Palia, the super cozy MMO, has a large focus on community. This is mostly dictated by the NPCs around town, and building relationships with these characters is a big part of the game (think Stardew Valley on a grander scale). In fact, it’s impossible to progress through the main story without making friends.

So, in case you’re trying to figure out the best way to do that, here’s a guide on NPC gift-giving and building those Palia relationships.

How to Give Gifts

To begin, let’s remember how to give gifts in Palia. Whenever you talk to an NPC, you’ll a few boxes to the lower left side of the dialogue box. Most of the time, there will be two (a third box will appear if the character runs a shop). If you click the top box (or the middle one if there are three boxes), then you’ll be able to give the character a gift. You can choose from anything you have in your bag at the time.

Chatting with Tish - Villager NPC Gift Giving Guide for Palia
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You can only give characters one gift per in-game day. 

What Gift Each Character in Palia Likes

All the characters of Palia have specific gifts that they like. In fact, if you try gifting something that someone doesn’t like, they won’t even accept it. Here are a few easy gift ideas to give the characters in Palia.

Calerifabric, leather, silk
Eshesilk, pearls
Hassianhides and furs
Heklacooked meals
Jinamushrooms, flowers, flint
Nai’ohides, ores, vegetables
Rethcooked meals, vegetables
Tamalaflowers, ores

A tip on remembering what people like is to just remember what they do. Reth is a cook, and he likes when you give him cooked meals. Hodari is a miner, and he likes ores. Most of the time, the characters all fit into some category like this, which makes it easy to remember their likes. 

How to Find Special Requests

While giving gifts to NPCs is the most common way to raise their friendship level, another great thing to do is pay attention to special requests. These are weekly requests that characters will tell you that offers another way to make friends around town. 

In order to figure out what these are, click the bottom box by the lower left side of the dialogue box when talking to an NPC. This will tell you if they have any weekly request and what it is. Don’t worry about remembering exactly what they want – you can find the weekly requests when you look at their friendship level in the menu.

You can also raise friendship levels by fulfilling quests the characters may have. Keep talking to them every day in order to find these as sometimes they don’t pop up until after you talk to them.

How to Check Your Friendship Levels

Character Relationship View Palia
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If you pull up the main menu in the game, then you’ll notice a few tabs at the top. If you navigate to the heart one, you’ll be able to see your relationship levels with all the NPCs in the game. If you’ve asked them about their weekly request, you’ll also see what they need.

There are milestones shown here as well. Once you get each character to a specific friendship level, you’ll receive certain things like recipes and items. You’ll also see how close you are to romancing characters and getting the rewards from that as well. 

Overall, this is a pretty helpful screen to keep track of what’s going on in the game.

Romantic Relationships

Once you’ve hit level 3 friendship with several of the NPCs, you can become romantically involved with them. All you need to do is buy a Box of Chocolates from Zeki’s shop and gift it to them.

Reth Villager in Palia
Singularity 6 Corporation via Brittany Alva

Once you’re dating, you can still give them gifts like normal and earn new rewards for continuing to progress their relationship. Plus, Palia lets you date as many people as you like without any kind of repercussion. This lets you unlock all the rewards without getting in trouble with any of the other characters.

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That’s everything you need to know about giving gifts in Palia. It’s easier than many other games where being friendly with NPCs nets you rewards. Who’s your favorite NPC so far? Let us know in the comments below, and feel free to subscribe for more gaming and Palia content.

Happy gaming!


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