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Palia Roadmap: All Future Updates in 2024 and Beyond

The cozy MMO Palia has gained quite a large player base despite only being in open beta. Players can’t get enough of the larger-than-life characters and the incredibly relaxing MMO gameplay. However, players are naturally wondering what lies in store for future updates and what the roadmap for Palia looks like for 2023 and beyond.

Luckily, the Palia developers have let players know a bit about the upcoming additions to the game, as well as leaving several hints to dissect too! Here’s what we know so far about future plans for Palia.

Everything Coming to Palia & Current Roadmap

Vaults in Palia - Roadmap for future events.
(Singularity 6 Corporation / Brittany Alva)

Palia developers have addressed a lot of content and updates that they want to come to the game, but they haven’t mentioned many dates. They have specified some content that’s supposed to be finished by the end of 2023, but there’s always the possibility that these could get pushed back or never quite make it to the game. 

Developers have addressed upcoming content between dev diaries and even letters from Game Director Aidan Karabaich. 

2023 Palia Content Updates

The first thing that Palia devs said would happen before 2023 comes to a close is a themed event, which they already delivered with the Maji Market. Here’s the other planned 2023 content:

  • New Quests and Stories
  • New Villagers (and New Friendship Quests)
  • New Furniture and Decor
  • New Recipes
  • New Crops
  • More Character Customization Options (Beards and Skin Tones Specifically)
  • Community Progression (Quests, Rewards, etc)

These are all geared towards new content for players, but there’s also a plethora of quality-of-life enhancements coming to Palia as well. Here’s what we know is supposed to be here by the end of 2023:

  • Controller Support
  • Proximity Text Chat
  • More Controls Over Friends’ Permissions While on Your Housing Plot
  • More Multiplayer Features

There are also constant minor updates that fine-tune things like resources and their availability, how often things spawn, and stuff like that. Patches are also always working on bugs and such. 

Chapaas Playing in Palia
(Singularity 6 Corporation / Brittany Alva)

Upcoming Palia Content with No Timeline

Palia developers also have high hopes for other things to come to the game, even if they take a while to do so. As an MMO, Palia is naturally a live-service game, so the team plans to support the game for years to come.

Here are some of the ideas that are floating around and are at different stages of being worked on (currently, all lack a time frame for a release):

  • Interacting with Furniture (Sitting Down in Chairs, Using Cups, etc)
  • An Economy Led by Player-to-Player Trading
  • More Events (and Returning Events like the Maji Market)
  • More Romanceable Characters (and Romance Quests)

Considering how specific the idea of interacting with furniture is compared to the broad and large-scale operations of events and an entire economy, it’s safe to say that interactions will probably come sooner than the other two. 

Player trading doesn’t really exist yet, but there are ways for players to request specific items for other players to gift them. However, an entirely new economy takes a lot of work (and adjustments afterward), so it may be 2024 before we see this. 

Developers have already said that they plan to time events with real-life holidays and celebrations from around the world, so this will more than likely come pretty consistently. However, the game is in beta, so events probably won’t be as frequent as they are in other MMO games for a while. 

Hints & Teasers for Future Palia Content

The Palia team has been pretty specific in the things they want to target, but there are a few things that haven’t been officially announced yet on the roadmap. During the August dev diary, a few emojis were shared as a hint to what was coming up in the future – a puzzle piece, a mining pick, a dog, a heart, and a fire. 

While we don’t definitively know what this all means yet, some of them seem fairly obvious. New mining spots could be what the mining pick means (which could hint at an expanding map), and the heart could be referencing the new romance options coming in the future. 

The dog emoji could be a reference to new pets coming. There are currently pets that follow you around if you spend real life money for clothes in the game. However, these are just cosmetic and don’t actually do anything for you, and you can’t interact with them. The emoji could possibly mean that more interactable pets are coming, perhaps ones that stay on your housing plot or do certain things. 

The puzzle piece emoji could be referencing upcoming story content, which has included several puzzle pieces already. It could also be a hint that puzzles may come to the game in another way, such as multiplayer games that the team has already said they plan to add. 

The fire emoji is a bit more of a mystery, but it could be hinting that the already present elemental-based personality types will have more meaning and impact in the future. 

Join the High Ground

That’s everything we know about the future updates and content roadmap for Palia. While there’s plenty to look forward to in 2023, developers have a lengthy vision for the cozy MMO.

Is there anything specific you’re hoping to see in future Palia updates? Let us know in the comments below, and feel free to subscribe for even more Palia and gaming content. 

Happy gaming!


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