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Palia: Guide to All Tools and How to Upgrade

While the cozy, social MMO Palia may not have combat, there are many quests and puzzles that keep players gathering resources, exploring the world, getting to know characters, and more. In order to gather everything you’ll need, you’ll have to upgrade your tools in Palia. However, if you happen to forget how to do it after the tutorial at the very beginning of the game, it can be a bit confusing.

Luckily, we’ve got a guide for upgrading all the tools in Palia. We’ll go over each tool and where you can upgrade them, how much it costs, and everything else you need to know.

All Seven Tools in Palia

In Palia, there are seven different tools that you’ll get early on in the game. These are all tied to a specific skill that you can upgrade as you use the tool more and more. Upgrading these skills is key to unlocking most of the content in Palia.

1. Hoe

Badruu - the farming guru in Palia and how you upgrade your hoe.
(Singularity 6 Corporation / Brittany Alva)

One of the first tools you’ll use is a hoe, which you’ll use whenever you want to plant fruits and vegetables (a frequent occurence for missions and requests from villagers).

How to Upgrade the Hoe in Palia

Badruu is the main farming guru in Palia (before you come to town, at least), and he’s the one you’ll need to talk to in order to get your hoe upgraded. Here are all the recipes you can get to upgrade your hoe:

  • Standard Hoe: 1x Makeshift Hoe, 20x Sapwood Plank, 5x Copper Bar, 250 Gold
  • Fine Hoe: 1x Standard Hoe, 10x Heartwood Plank, 5x Iron Bar, 1,500 Gold
  • Exquisite Hoe: 1x Fine Hoe, 5x Flow-Infused Plank, 2x Palium Bar, 3,000 Gold

Upgrading your hoe lets you till a larger space at a time. This can be a big time saver, as tilling takes quite a bit of time in Palia. Plus, being able to plant quicker means you’re spending more daytime out in the world of Palia instead of your home, which can be great when you have a lot of quests to do or need to talk to certain people.

2. Watering Can

Farming Tools Recipe for the Watering Can in Palia
(Singularity 6 Corporation / Brittany Alva)

Your watering can is another essential tool for farming. You’ll also get this at the beginning of your time in Palia, and it’s often one of the first things you want to upgrade. The basic watering can make watering your crops take forever, and in a game that runs in real time, time saved is literally money made. 

How to Upgrade the Watering Can in Palia

Again, Badruu is the person you’ll see for upgrading your farming tools like your watering can. Here are all the recipes you can get for your upgrading your watering can in Palia:

  • Standard Watering Can: 1x Makeshift Watering Can, 20x Sapwood Plank, 5x Copper Bar, 250 Gold
  • Fine Watering Can: 1x Standard Watering Can, 10x Heartwood Plank, 5x Iron Bar, 1,500 Gold
  • Exquisite Watering Can: 1x Fine Watering Can, 5x Flow-Infused Plank, 2x Palium Bar, 3,000 Gold

Upgrading your watering can has two main purposes. First, it can hold more water, so you won’t have to be running back and forth to a source all the time. Second, it waters more than one crop at a time, which really helps farming speed up. It might sound trivial, but once you’ve got an upgraded set, it’s hard to farm without it.

3. Fishing Rod

Your fishing rod will help you catch fish around Palia, which you’ll need for the bundles in the game and for cooking. Fishing is also a great way to make money. 

Fishing is a bit unique—upgrading your fishing rod actually makes fishing easier. It’s a skill that feels like it snowballs more and more, and by making it easier to fish, you can catch better fish much easier. 

How to Upgrade the Rod in Palia

Einarr, Palia’s resident fisher, has a ton of fishing recipes available to peruse. Here are all the recipes you can get to upgrade your rod specifically:

  • Standard Rod: 1x Makeshift Rod, 20x Sapwood Plank, 5x Copper Bar, 250 Gold
  • Fine Rod: 1x Standaard Rod, 10x Heartwood Plank, 5x Iron Bar, 1,500 Gold
  • Exquisite Rod: 1x Fine Rod, 5x Flow-Infused Plank, 2x Palium Bar, 3,000 Gold

You can get the recipes for the planks from Ashura and the recipes for the bars from Hodari. Einarr has a lot of different recipes that can make fishing easier too, so don’t hesitate to try out some of the bait and lures. You can find our fishing guide here, which explains what everything in Einarr’s shop does and other fishing tips!

4. Pick

Mining Recipes
(Singularity 6 Corporation / Brittany Alva)

Raw materials are important in Palia, and you’ll want to get the best materials as quickly as possible. For any kind of mining, you’ll need to upgrade your pick pretty early. 

How to Upgrade the Pick in Palia

Hodari sells a ton of recipes that are important to upgrading your tools in Palia, but you’ll specifically need to go to him to upgrade your pick. Here are all the upgrades to your pick:

  • Standard Pick: 1x Makeshift Pick, 20x Sapwood Plank, 5x Copper Bar, 250 Gold
  • Fine Pick: 1x Standard Pick, 10x Heartwood Plank, 5x Iron Bar, 1,500 Gold
  • Exquisite Pick: 1x Fine Pick, 5x Flow-Infused Plank, 2x Palium Bar, 3,000 Gold

Upgrading your pick allows you to mine different materials. Here’s what each upgrade does:

  • Standard Pick: can mine iron
  • Fine Pick: can mine Palium
  • Exquisite Pick: can mine everything more quickly

5. Bow

Recipe for a Standard Bow
(Singularity 6 Corporation / Brittany Alva)

You’ll need your bow to get meat and various types of furs and leathers that you’ll need to craft things. Meat is incredibly important for optimizing your Focus and upgrading your skills quicker. An upgraded bow helps you take down your prey more quickly and make it so that you can hunt more efficiently. 

How to Upgrade the Bow in Palia

Hassian is the man to go to when it comes to upgrading your bow. Not only does he sell different arrows and recipes related to hunting, he also sells the following recipes to upgrade your bow:

  • Standard Bow: 1x Makeshift Bow, 20x Sapwood Plank, 5x Copper Bar, 250 Gold
  • Fine Bow: 1x Standard Bow, 10x Heartwood Plank, 5x Iron Bar, 1,500 Gold
  • Exquisite Bow: 1x Fine Bow, 5x Infused-Plank, 2x Palium Bar, 3,000 Gold

Upgrading your bow allows you to shoot farther. This particularly helps when you’re hunting down your prey as they like to run, and you can spook them the closer you get. 

6. Axe

Similar to your pick, your axe is another valuable resource-gathering tool that you’ll want to upgrade as soon as possible. Various types of lumber are required for a lot of recipes, so getting a better axe and access to those materials quickly is a must. 

How to Upgrade the Axe in Palia

In order to upgrade your axe, you’ll need a couple of things. You’ll need to collect the recipe for whatever axe upgrade you’re going for, and you’ll need the materials to do so. Here are all the upgrades for your axe in Palia:

  • Standard Axe: 1x Makeshift Axe, 20x Sapwood Plank, 5x Copper Bar, 250 Gold
  • Fine Axe: 1x Standard Axe, 10x Heartwood Plank, 5x Iron Bar, 1,500 Gold
  • Exquisite Axe: 1x Fine Axe, 5x Flow-Infused Plank, 2x Palium Bar, 3,00 Gold

You can get all of these recipes from Ashura, and he sells the recipes for the planks as well (Hodari has the recipes for bars). You can also buy some of the planks and bars from the cash register in Sifuu’s workshop.

Here’s what upgrading your axe does at each upgrade:

  • Standard Axe: can chop medium trees
  • Fine Axe: can chop large trees
  • Exquisite Axe: can chop every tree more quickly

7. Belt

Auni can sell you recipes to upgrade your belt tool in Palia.
(Singularity 6 Corporation / Brittany Alva)

While bug catching might not be on the front of your mind, it’s another good way to get money. By upgrading your belt, you can catch bugs more quickly and easily, saving you time as you look for even more bugs to catch. 

How to Upgrade the Belt in Palia

You’ll need to find Auni in order to get the recipes and upgrade your Belt to catch critters with ease. Here are all the upgrades and what you’ll need for them:

  • Standard Belt: 1x Makeshift Belt, 4x Leather, 3x Copper Bar, 250 Gold
  • Fine Belt: 1x Standard Belt, 2x Fabric, 3x Iron Bar, 1,500 Gold
  • Exquisite Belt: 1x Fine Belt, 2x Silk, 1x Palium Bar

You’ll need to talk to Hodari to get the recipes for the bars. Upgrading your belt boosts your chances of catching bugs, which makes catching common ones quicker and rare ones even better.

Where to Craft Your Upgrade Recipes in Palia

In case you’ve forgotten, you can upgrade your tools and use any of your recipes at a Worktable. You’ve got one at your home grounds, so going there is always a foolproof idea. 

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That’s everything you need to know about upgrading your tools in Palia. While upgrading your tools may seem like a waste, especially the ones you don’t use often, it can save you a lot of time, and you’ll be thankful for it in the long run.

What was the first tool you leveled up? Let us know in the comments, and feel free to sign up below for more Palia and gaming content.

Happy gaming!


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