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Palia Maji Market Event Guide: Quests, Rewards, Purchases

Palia’s first event is here, and the Maji Market doesn’t disappoint. The cozy MMO may not have bosses to take down, but the fun and relaxing minigames you’ll find around the nighttime market are just as impressive. The Maji Market will be the first event players get to experience, and developers have promised it’ll be a recurring event as well.

With that being said, there are a lot of different parts to the market. Here’s everything you need to know about Palia’s Maji Market. 

The First Palia Maji Market

The Maji Market takes place from Tuesday, August 29th to Tuesday, September 26th. While the actual fairgrounds will be open all day in-game, the actual games and trading goes on from 6pm to 3am. 

How to Get to the Maji Market

There are two ways you can get to the Maji Market in Palia. First, you can walk to the fairgrounds, which are located at the bottom right of the main map as shown below.

Palia Maji Market Location
Image: Singularity 6 Corporation via HGG / Brittany Alva

You can also teleport there from any teleport billboard.

Chapaa Chasers

During the Maji Market, you can take part in the Chapaa Chasers minigame. During the game, Chapaas will appear around the market, and your goal is to grab them and put them back in their pen. Chapaas will randomly spawn, and you’ll need to find as many as you can in a five-minute window to win tickets. Each Chapaa you put back in the pen gives you 10 Chapaa Tickets.

The game starts at midnight each night of the Maji Market. There are several stamp cards that require you to play this game, and some of them require you to be in a party. 

You can capture the Chapaas by running up to them and pressing ‘F.’ They can be a bit tricky to see, especially if a lot of other players have pets out, but they have a sparkle to the air around them. Once you’ve caught one, place it in the pen by the entrance to the Maji Market where Kenyatta stands.

Tip: You can essentially spawn trap the Chapaas by running around the back of the enclosure. They spawn in other places, but there are several that spawn in that area frequently, so it gives you a good chance to get a lot of tickets quickly. Plus, they’re close to the enclosure, so you don’t have to worry too much about wasting time running with a Chapaa in your arms. 

Palia Maji Market Chapaa
Image: Singularity 6 Corporation via HGG / Brittany Alva

Maji Market Stamp Cards

One aspect of the Maji Market is the stamp cards. These are like quests (but not actually quests) that you can complete during the Maji Market that gives you a stamp once you complete them. Getting stamps will give you rewards, including more Chapaa Tickets, decorations for your home, food, and fireworks. 

You can view these and your personal progress on each card by looking at the events page. Here are all the stamp cards:

  • Maji Market Patron: visit the Maji Market when it’s open
  • Maji Market Foodie: Eat 7 Savory dishes from the Maji Market
  • Kenyatta’s Cravings: Complete Kenyatta’s Cravings Quest
  • Maji Market Mayhem: Complete the Maji Market Mayhem Quest
  • Just Desserts: Eat 11 sweet dishes from the Maji Market
  • Chapaa Chaser I/II/III: Catch 20/50/100 Chapaas total during Chapaa Chase
  • Chapaa Champion I/II/III: Catch 5/15/25 Chapaas in one game of Chapaa Chase
  • Chapaa Chasers Party I/II/III: Catch 60/150/300 Chapaas total as a party in Chapaa Chase
  • Chapaa Champions Party I/II/III: Catch 15/45/75 Chapaas as a party in one game of Chapaa Chase
  • Big Ticket Items I/II/III: Spend 1k/5k/10k Chapaa Tickets
  • Make It Go Boom I/II/III: Set off 1/5/10 Fireworks at the Maji Market
  • Maji Drum Circle I/II: Hit the final drum to set off the fireworks 1/3 times

Tip: For some of these stamp cards, you will need to be in a party. If you don’t know anyone else who plays but you want to get all the stamps, then ask the server chat if anyone’s looking for party members for the Maji Market!

Palia Maji Market Cutout
Image: Singularity 6 Corporation via HGG / Brittany Alva

Maji Market Ticket Prizes

Here’s everything you can get with Chapaa Tickets during Palia’s Maji Market:

  • Chapaa Hat Fun Guy Plus: 500 Tickets
  • Chapaa Hut Inki Plush: 1000 Tickets
  • Chapaa Hut Naanshi Plush: 1,000 Tickets
  • Chapaa Hut Nergaal Plush: 1,000 Tickets
  • Chapaa Hut Enkii Plus: 1,000 Tickets
  • Chapaa Hut Neena Plush: 1,000 Tickets
  • Chapaa Hut Pillow: 750 Tickets
  • Chapaa Hut Inki Pillow: 1,500 Tickets
  • Chapaa Hut Naanshi Pillow: 1,500 Tickets
  • Chapaa Hut Nergaal Pillow: 1,500 Tickets
  • Chapaa Hut Enkii Pillow: 1,500 Tickets
  • Chapaa Hut Neena Pillow: 1,500 Tickets
  • Starry Evening Wallpaper: 2,000 Tickets

Maji Market Quests

There are a few different quests that are part of the Maji Market. 

The first quest is simply The Maji Market, and you’ll get this quest in the mail the first time you check it during the event.

Another quest is Kenyatta’s Cravings, which you’ll get when talking to Kenyatta during the Maji Market (don’t worry if it doesn’t trigger the first time you visit the Maji Market). She’ll ask you to buy food from Reth’s stall at the market and bring it to her. Simply buy food from Reth’s stall, which has food items that are listed as Reth’s, and bring it back to her.

Once you’ve brought Kenyatta food, she’ll ask you to get explosives from Najuma. Head to her by looking at her location on the map and buy some fireworks, then bring them back to Kenyatta. She’ll then tell you to set the fireworks off in front of the Chapaa enclosure. Once you’ve set the fireworks there, return to Kenyatta.

She explains that the sound of the fireworks scared the Chapaas from their pens and asks you to go find them. You can see their locations in the image below:

Palia Runaway Chapaa Locations
Image: Singularity 6 Corporation via HGG / Brittany Alva

Once you’ve found them, you can place them all back in the pen by going up to the pen and interacting with it (‘F.’) Kenyatta will thank you for your help and for making the night entertaining, and that’s all there is.

Another quest is the Maji Market Mayhem quest. You can start this quest after you’ve finished the Kenyatta’s Cravings quest by talking to Eshe (again, don’t worry if it doesn’t trigger the same night). Eshe will ask you to speak to Delaila while she’s at her stall.

Delaila will ask for help locating her ice cream machine parts, and your first clue will be to go speak to Reth. He’ll give you some spare parts on the condition that you taste-test something for him later. Give those to Deliaila, and she’ll reward you. 

Next, you’ll be tasked with telling Reth the good news that the parts worked out. He has to be working his stall, so wait for him to be there to trigger the quest. Reth will then tell you that he gave Delaila his own parts and that he needs you to find Delaila’s parts scattered around the market. You can find them at the locations in the image below:

Palia Maji Market Ice Cream Machine Parts
Image: Singularity 6 Corporation via HGG / Brittany Alva

After you’ve found them all, give them back to Reth. He’ll give you something to taste-test, and once you’ve eaten from your inventory you can tell him the results. After you’ve done that, you can report to Eshe that the Maji Market is a success and is thriving.

Eshe will question the quality of the market, and you can choose whether or not to say that Resh or Delaila are doing well in response. Afterward, she’ll laugh and tell you to bring her something she enjoys. To do that, go to the person who you said was doing well in your conversation with Eshe, and they’ll give you something to give her.

Give Eshe the dessert you obtained, and you’ll have completed the quest!

Maji Market Food

There’s a lot of food you can buy at the Maji Market between the various stalls open for business. Here’s everything you can buy and exactly what it’ll cost you:

  • Delaila’s Halo Halo: 1,100 Gold
  • Delaila’s Handy Crepe: 500 Gold
  • Delaila’s Tanghulu: 200 Gold
  • Delaila’s Spiced Sweet Roll: 250 Gold
  • Delaila’s Peach Cake: 400 Gold
  • Delaila’s Melon Bun: 450 Gold
  • Delaila’s Hopalong Puff: 650 Gold
  • Delaila’s Rolled Ice Cream: 200 Gold
  • Reth’s Onigiri: 450 Gold
  • Reth’s Poke Bowl: 1,050 Gold
  • Reth’s Banh Mi: 500 Gold
  • Reth’s Stinky Tofu: 350 Gold
  • Reth’s Hearty Veggie Bao: 400 Gold
  • Reth’s Red Bean Mochi: 700 Gold
  • Reth’s Corn Dogs: 300 Gold
  • Reth’s Hot Peki Wings: 400 Gold
  • Reth’s Ice Cream Mochi: 600 Gold

Maji Market Fireworks

Palia Maji Market Fireworks
Image: Singularity 6 Corporation via HGG / Brittany Alva

Part of the fun and chaos of the Maji Market is the fireworks constantly being set off in the background. You can buy fireworks while you’re there, and here’s everything you can choose from:

  • Dragon Firework: 3,000 Gold
  • Blue Waterfall Firework: 800 Gold
  • Green Waterfall Firework: 800 Gold
  • Orange Waterfall Firework: 800 Gold
  • Purple Waterfall Firework: 800 Gold
  • Red Waterfall Firework: 800 Gold
  • White Waterfall Firework: 800 Gold
  • Yellow Waterfall Firework: 800 Gold

Maji Market Other Purchases

There are plenty of Chapaa goodies to purchase that aren’t meant to be bought with Chapaa Tickets. The Chapaa Hut stall has plushies and other decorative items to buy:

  • Chapaa Pop: 1,000 Gold
  • Chapaa Hut Chapaa Mug: 560 Gold
  • Chapaa Hut Bahari Board: 5,160 Gold
  • Chapaa Hut Maji Plush: 60,000 Gold
  • Chapaa Hut Embra Plush: 19,000 Gold
  • Makeshift Garden Chapaa: 2,360 Gold
  • Makeshift Chapaa Hide Rug: 1,240 Gold

Other items you can find at various stalls include the following:

  • Maji Market Bloom Lantern: 11,400 Gold (Delaila’s stall)
  • Maji Market Springblossom Vase: 16,200 Gold (Delaila’s stall)
  • Maji Market Woven Basket: 10,200 Gold (Reth’s stall)
  • Maji Market Veggie Lantern: 22,400 Gold (Reth’s stall)

Join the High Ground

That’s everything there is to know about the Maji Market in Palia! The event is fun whether you play solo or you’ve got a group of friends, and there are plenty of collectibles you can get if you work hard. What was your favorite part of the Maji Market? Let us know in the comments below, and feel free to subscribe for more Palia and gaming content.

Have a happy Maji Market time!


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