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How to Solve Echoes of the Unknown Quest in Palia

Where many MMOs would test your combat skills through quests, Palia likes to test your critical thinking skills. That’s exactly what you’ll have to use in order to solve the Echoes of Unknown Quest.

If you’re scratching your head at any point in this questline, don’t worry – here’s how to complete the entire thing.

Starting Echoes of the Unknown Quest

Palia Echoes of the Unknown Ruins
Image: Singularity 6 Corporation via HGG / Brittany Alva

Before you get the Echoes of the Unknown Quest, you’ll need to have Najuma make a glider for you. This will be a vital part of the quest, and you can’t do it (or even trigger the quest to start) without it. If you’d like, practice the timing of opening it before starting the quest.

The Chamber

The first thing you’ll have to do is speak to Jina. Although she told you what you need to do earlier, it won’t actually count unless you speak to her to start the quest. You can’t just talk to her anywhere though. Ignore her location on the actual map and go to the chamber where you spoke to her at the end of the Ancient Battery quest where you first found the Phoenix statue.

She’ll tell you that she sees something glowing and that you should explore the ruins across the cliff. Interestingly enough, if you speak to Hekla afterward, she’ll mention that the ruins are a sad place but that she’s not allowed to speak more about it.

Flying Across the Cliff

If you look out from the top of the cliff, you’ll see an area that’s lower than the rest to the right. Glide over there and start exploring around.

It’s in your best interest to explore everything around here. This area isn’t very big, so you shouldn’t get lost. Interact with everything you can – you’ll start getting a picture of the life previous humans had in Palia, and you can question villagers on what you find once you get out. There are two ancient tomes and two door-like things you can inspect. There’s also a chest to loot at the top of the stairs by the library.

Palia Geyser in Echoes of the Unknown Quest Ruins
Image: Singularity 6 Corporation via HGG / Brittany Alva

Ascending to the Top

Once you’ve explored everything, look for the pile of rocks that has a hole in it. Similarly to the first puzzle in Palia, you’ll need to use your watering can in it.

Once you start watering this area, bubbles will appear. It takes several seconds of continued watering in order for a geyser to appear and shoot you upwards. Once you’ve been shot up, take out your glider and land on the top part of the ruins.

From there, go up the steps and into the only room available. 

Echoes of the Unknown Fish Puzzle Palia
Image: Singularity 6 Corporation via HGG / Brittany Alva

Solving the Puzzle

Inspecting the back wall will lead you to a puzzle. Here, you’ll need to move the pieces on the wall to form a fish.

While this can be done using the keyboard, it’s much easier to use your mouse. Here are the steps you can take to get the puzzle correct:

  • 1. Move the second piece on the third row to the left
  • 2. Move the third piece on the third row to the left
  • 3. Move the third piece on the second row down
  • 4. Move the third piece on the first row down
  • 5. Move the fourth piece on the first row to the left

If you get confused, you can always reset the puzzle and start over.

Palia Echoes of the Unknown Cliff
Image: Singularity 6 Corporation via HGG / Brittany Alva

Ending the Echoes of the Unknown Quest

After you’ve completed the puzzle, go back to the cliff. Once you’re facing the cliff, you should see a lower part to it where you can glide to. There’s a chest to loot here, so keep an eye out for it. From here, you can climb up the wall like normal.

Alternatively, you can return to the lower section, trigger the geyser again, and glide toward Jina and Hekla.

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That’s everything there is to complete the Echoes of the Unknown quest in Palia. If you have any additional questions, feel free to comment below. You can also subscribe for more Palia and gaming news.

Happy gaming!


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Thanks for the guide.
You don’t need a watering can for this – it is just like one of those geysers in Habari Bay. You just need to stand in the middle of the geyser and wait for it to shoot you up.


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