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The Ultimate Palia Housing System Guide

In Palia, your home base is a pretty significant place. This is where you’ll spend parts of every day making money, crafting materials, and even accepting major quests. It’s also the one area in the cozy MMO where you have complete control over how it all looks. Part of this space includes a lovely home with tons of customization. In this guide, we’ll cover housing, setting up a plot of land, and acquiring furniture to fill up your lovely new virtual home.

If you’re looking for anything housing-related in Palia, then this housing guide is where you want to be. 

How to Get a House

Inside Palia Home
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One of the first things you’ll do in Palia is get a little plot of land. In fact, you can’t really progress the game until you go through this bit of tutorial. Once you’ve got your plot of land from Badruu, you’ll be able to get other tools from villagers. Once you’ve got the Axe, you’ll be tasked with gathering materials to build your house. Here’s what you’ll need:

  • 100 Sapwood Plank
  • 35 Stone Brick

The first thing you have to do is place the foundation of your home down on your land. To do this, go into the housing mode of your land (press ‘H’ when you’re on your own land). From there, you’ll see the blueprint for your home, and you can place it.

Palia Editing Mode
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After you’ve placed the home, exit the editor and walk up to the foundation. You’ll find a small sign where you can drop the materials to start the actual building process. Once you’ve got all the materials submitted here, your home will take eight hours to build.

How to Decorate Your House

Once you’ve got your house, the decorating fun can begin! Decorating in Palia is pretty open, and you have nearly unlimited options for how you want to place things. 

To place something from your bag, click the item number and then left-click to start placing it. While you’re in this mode, you can place it with your mouse and change the angle of it with ‘Q’ and ‘E.’ You can also place furniture in the housing mode with ‘H.’

When you’re decorating your house, be on the lookout for stuff that can go on the walls or even furniture that has places for smaller items to sit. For example, the bookshelf that you can learn pretty quickly actually has a shelf where you can place other items. This will help you fill your house up and make it look much more cozy than leaving blank spots. 

You can also decorate your yard the exact same way.

How to Get Furniture

There are several different ways you can get furniture in Palia. While some ways are more convenient than others, they all have their perks.

Palia Tish Furniture Making Shop
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Buying Furniture

There are two ways to buy furniture in Palia. First is the most obvious way: buy it from Tish. She’s the official furniture maker in town, and while she’s never in her actual shop, you can interact with the furniture in the shop to purchase it. This furniture resets daily, so you can come back and browse often. You can also buy fabric, recipes, and other things to make furniture with here as well.

You can also buy furniture from the black market. In case you haven’t found it yet, it’s located in a sewer that you can find on the map here:

You’ll need to get a quest from Zeki in order to buy things from here. Once you’ve done the quest, you’ll be able to access the area from his shop.

Befriending People

By reaching certain friendship levels with NPCs around town, you can actually get furniture. You can see what each character gives you at what levels by looking at their relationship level in the main area. 

Furniture Making in Palia
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Crafting Furniture

One of the best ways to get furniture in Palia is by crafting it. It’s incredibly easy to do, and you’re able to start crafting from the very beginning. Plus, the more you craft, the more recipes you unlock. Every so often, after crafting a new recipe, you’ll think of a new recipe. 

Your character will have three thought bubbles pop up above them, and each one will have a shadowed item in them. You can pick which item you’ll learn, and then you can craft it to get more recipes.  

Early on, the hardest part about this is getting materials. A good idea to level up and unlock new crafting machines is to make everything you can. This will unlock a lot more recipes and make crafting furniture a lot easier in the long run. Remember that you can always buy materials from Tish’s shop if you need them.

How to Make Your House Bigger

You can expand your house at the Town Hall. There, you can purchase blueprints for various additions to your home. Here are all the available things:

  • Small Room: 6,000 Gold, 8 hours to build
  • Medium Room: 8,000 Gold, 8 hours to build
  • Large Room:10,000 Gold, 8 hours to build
  • Hallway Section: 3,000 Gold, 8 hours to build
  • Fireplace Addon: 4,000 Gold, 8 hours to build

You can also buy additional homes, a Gazebo, and a Windmill for your home plot here. The Writs allow you to actually place these blueprints down to expand, and they cost 20 Renown. 

Join the High Ground

We hope you enjoyed our Palia housing guide. That’s everything you need to know about housing and furniture making in Palia. It’s pretty straightforward, and it’s a system that rewards you the more you do. What are your favorite items that you’ve found to decorate with? Let us know in the comments below, and feel free to subscribe for more Palia and gaming content.

Happy gaming!


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