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How to Upgrade Inventory Space in Palia

Palia is a cozy MMO that focuses pretty heavily on resources. Whether you’re hunting down the exact fish an NPC wants or you need to cook a meal that requires specific forageable items, there are plenty of reasons why you may decide to horde as much as you can. However, the limited inventory space in Palia makes that difficult, at least until you upgrade it.

Luckily, beyond upgrading your inventory space, you can utilize other types of space to also store items in Palia. You can even make a neat little organized system if you feel like it. Here’s how to do it.

Upgrading Inventory Space in Palia

You buy inventory space upgrades for your bag at Zeki's shop in Palia.
Where you can buy more bag space in Zeki’s shop. | Image: Singularity 6 Corporation via HGG / Brittany Alva

Your inventory space in Palia is the space you have in your bag that’s always on you. It initially starts with 16 slots. You can easily upgrade this by going to Zeki’s shop, but it does cost quite a bit. There are a couple of upgrades you can buy, each adding an additional row of inventory space. 

Here are the inventory upgrades you can get in Palia:

  • 24 Inventory Slots: 500 Gold
  • 32 Inventory Slots: 5,000 Gold
  • 40 Inventory Slots: 50,000 Gold

NOTE: These are not sold at Zeki’s register like most other items in Palia are. Instead, you’ll have to interact with the bag upgrade display in the back left of the store near the counter to purchase the upgrades. 

Upgrading Storage Space

While you can’t upgrade beyond 40 Inventory slots in Palia (at least not yet), you can upgrade the storage on your housing plot to be pretty vast. This helps as long as you empty your pockets of unnecessary things whenever you go home.

At the beginning of the game, you’ll have 400 storage spaces. However, gathering resources like wood and stone will take up space fairly quickly. Luckily, each Wooden Storage Bin you add grants an additional 400 spaces to your overall storage count. 

These Storage Bins are especially useful for storing things like ingredients and crafting materials. When you go to cook or use a crafting machine, the game will use the items in Wooden Storage Boxes as well as the stuff in your inventory.

Wooden Storage Bins are a great way to free up inventory space in Palia.
Neatly organized for more space. | Image: Singularity 6 Corporation via HGG / Brittany Alva

Copper and Iron Storage Bins

You can also make Copper and Iron Storage Bins that can hold even more items in them. Copper Storage Bins hold 825 items each, while Iron Storage Bins hold 1,250 items in each.

However, they aren’t available at the beginning of the game – you’ll need to get the recipes for them from Tish. 

The Limits of Storage Bins

No matter what storage bins you have, you can only have eight placed on your housing plot. It can be any combination of Iron, Copper, or Wood Storage Bins, but you can’t have any more than eight together. 

Depending on what storage bins you craft, you can drastically increase your storage. 

Tip: You can replace storage bins as you get further in the game. Go ahead and make eight Wooden Storage Bins if you need the storage now – you can take large stacks of items out of them later on and place better Storage Bins down. 

Lockbox Storage

Lockbox Storage Bins are another way you can store items. They hold 100 items each, and you can have three of them on your farm. However, they do count towards the eight total Storage Bins limit, and since they only hold 100 items each, you may not want three.

That being said, the items in Lockbox Storage Bins will not be used when you’re crafting or making recipes. This gives you a place to put rare or high-quality ingredients that you may not want to use when you’re cooking. These also cannot be accessed by friends on your housing plot, which can help you protect against any in-game theft.

You can get the recipe for Lockbox Storage Bins from Tish.

Join the High Ground!

That’s everything you need to know about inventory and storage space in Palia and how to upgrade them. While there’s not unlimited storage space, you should have enough after crafting a couple upgrades. As the game continues to grow and more content is released, it’s likely that further upgrades to your inventory and storage space will be added.

Have you struggled with the storage space in Palia? Let us know in the comments below, and feel free to subscribe for more gaming and Palia content.

Happy gaming!


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