How to Use Fantasia and Change Your Appearance In FFXIV

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How to Use Fantasia and Change Your Appearance In FFXIV

As an MMORPG, Final Fantasy XIV is a massive game. After its excellent character creator lets you make your own Warrior of Light, there are hours and hours of content for your newly crafted hero. If you’re anything like me, however, you likely didn’t make the perfect character on your first try. Or your fifth. Never fear, though — there’s a solution that doesn’t involve starting over on all that content. Whether you want to try a new race or just tweak some aspects of your character, Fantasia has you covered. In this guide, we’ll be covering how to change your appearance with Fantasia in FFIXV, as well as how to get it.

Let’s get started!

How to Get Fantasia

How to Get Free Fantasia FFXIV
Image: Square Enix via HGG / Justin Moniquette

Fantasia is an item that allows you to completely remake your character with no restrictions. Consider it a do-over for any mistakes or bad decisions you made when you first booted up FFXIV’s character creator. There are currently three ways to get your hands on this wonderful item — two that will cost you money, and one you can get for free.

The Free Way

Let’s start with the free way — why pay for something when you can get it for free? You get this Fantasia for simply beating the original “A Realm Reborn” storyline. Once you complete the final quest “The Ultimate Weapon,” you are given Fantasia as a quest reward. If your character hasn’t won you over in the 30–40 hours it took to get to this point, or you just like mixing things up, now’s your chance!

Consider this quick warning, however. This is the only Fantasia to date you can get for free. Think long and hard before you use it. Once it’s gone, you’ll need to spend real money to do it again.

The Paid Ways

With the free option out of the way, let’s move on to the last two remaining ways to get Fantasia. The first is to buy it directly from the Final Fantasy online store. Here you’ll find the breadth of FFXIV’s optional items, including Fantasia. These transformative Phials will run you $10 USD for one, $28 USD for three, and $45 USD for five. It’s spendy, but much better than it used to be. And if you’re committed to sinking your time in FFXIV and you really want to change your character’s look, it’s definitely worth it. Fantasia and the other items often go on sale, too, so you could potentially get a deal if you’re patient.

The next paid way to get Fantasia is through the digital Collector’s Edition of the Heavensward expansion. While the very generous free trial for FFXIV covers up to Level 60, the base game, and the first expansion, the Collector’s Edition might have some digital goodies you’re interested in. The upgrade will run you around $20 USD and comes with a Flying Griffin mount, a Wind-Up Kain minion, a Baron Helm usable by all classes, and of course the Fantasia.

How to Use Fantasia

How to Use Fantasia FFXIV
Image: Square Enix via HGG / Justin Moniquette

Now that you’ve obtained Fantasia, let’s go over how to actually use it in FFXIV. Once you log in, you’ll get your Fantasia via the Mog Letter, the in-game mail system. All you need to do is follow these steps and you’ll be set to traverse Eorzia and beyond in your new skin.

  1. Use the Fantasia in your chosen character’s inventory.
  2. Unequip your gear and log out to the Main Menu.
  3. Select the “Re-Edit Character” option from the Character Selection sub-menu.
  4. Edit your character from scratch, or choose from saved character data if you have an appearance already saved.
  5. Edit to your heart’s content. You have all the character creator tools at your disposal, so take your time to make something you’re happy with.
  6. Finalize the changes you made, then log back in.

And that’s how to use Fantasia in FFXIV! If you want to hold off on editing your character, simply don’t finalize your changes. The option to change your character will be available until you do.

How to Get / Use the Aesthetician

How to Use Aesthetician
Image: Square Enix via HGG / Justin Moniquette

With the Fantasia out of the way, there’s one last thing I want to go over: the Aesthetician. This is a more limited, semi-alternative to Fantasia.

While Fantasia allows you to change every aspect of your character, the Aesthetician lets you change minor things about your Hero of Light. This NPC edits hairstyle and color, facial features, tattoos, and the like. The best part about this is that there’s no real-world cost — all it takes is a quest.

To unlock the quest that gives you access to the Aesthetician, you need to do these two things:

  • Complete the MSQ “Call of the Sea.”
  • Have a character at least Level 15 in Disciple of War or Magic (a combat class).

After that, all you need to do is pick up and complete the quest “Beauty Is Only Scalp Deep” in Limsa Lominsa. Once completed, you can find a Crystal Bell in any inn room that summons the Aesthetician. For a measly 2,000 Gil, you can change the following options about your character.

  • Hairstyle
  • Hair Color
  • Eyebrows
  • Lip Color
  • Facial Features
  • Tattoos
  • Tattoo Color
  • Face Paint
  • Face Paint Color

This service also lets you change to any new hairstyles you may have picked up in-game from places like The Gold Saucer.

The list isn’t as expansive as what Fantasia offers, but it still allows you to make some meaningful changes about your character. If you’re anything like me, you’ll be using the Aesthetician’s services at least every expansion.

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And that’s our guide on how to use Fantasia in FFXIV — thanks for reading! Have you used one, or will be using one in the future? Did you regret your decision and change back to your original character like I did? Let us know in the comments below, and don’t forget to subscribe for more content like this.

Happy gaming!

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