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FFXIV Job Changes for Endwalker and Beyond

With every Final Fantasy XIV expansion, there are new job adjustments. Sometimes there are slight changes, and sometimes a job gets a full overhaul. On top of that, every major patch tends to slightly tweak at least a few jobs. FFXIV: Endwalker is no exception to the rule.

Whether your job is totally unrecognizable from its Shadowbringers days or it just got some nice quality-of-life updates, we’re here to outline all the major job changes that came with Endwalker to FFXIV! We won’t be covering potency adjustments and other number changes, however, as these are subject to frequent changes from patch to patch. We’re focusing on the big changes that affect how your job is played — not how much damage you do.


First up are our four favorite damage sponges! On the whole, tanks didn’t see any major overhauls or job changes during FFXIV: Endwalker. Every tank did see an increase in the distance of their gap closer moves from 15 to 20 yalms. Additionally, ranged attacks will no longer interrupt combos!


Paladin - Job Changes in FFXIV: Endwalker
Image: Square Enix via HGG

This expansion’s poster child doesn’t see many heavy reworks, but it does get some cool new attacks in addition to minor adjustments.

Holy Spirit and Holy Circle now heal you in addition to doing damage. Divine Veil also gets a heal added to its effects. Intervention also saw changes, becoming more effective if used while Rampart or Sentinel are active, and granting extra defensive buffs and heals to the target.

Requiescat no longer scales with MP, and instead grants five stacks upon use that increase the potency of and remove the MP cost for Holy Spirit and Holy Circle.

Confiteor becomes the start of a new three-part combo when it turns into Blade of Faith upon use. That combo leads into Blade of Truth and ends in Blade of Valor. This combo series is all AOEs and has bonus effects that heal you and restore your MP. It also applies damage over time effects to enemies upon completion.

Holy Sheltron is a new upgrade for Sheltron, and Expiacion is an upgrade for Spirits Within.

Paladin has also seen some post-patch changes. Clemency, Holy Spirit, and Holy Circle no longer interrupt combos. Confiteor was replaced with Requiescat as the start of the Blade combo. Confiteor, Blade of Faith, Blade of Truth, and Blade of Valor now have an extra effect that restores your own HP as they are used.


Image: Square Enix via HGG

Endwalker really doubles down on the self-healing majesty of the Warrior. Mythril Tempest is now an AOE attack that combos with Overpower, increases your Beast Gauge, and grants Surging Tempest. Storm’s Eye has seen a similar revamp, as it now combos off of Maim and applies the same effects.

Berserk now grants three stacks, each of which guarantees weaponskill critical and direct hits. The same changes apply to its upgraded form of Inner Release. Additionally, Inner Release nullifies Stun, Sleep, Bind, and Heavy effects, as well as most knockbacks.

Raw Intuition has a new effect that restores HP with every successful weaponskill hit while it’s active. Equilibrium will now also heal you over time. Shake It Off will now absorb the new Bloodwhetting effect, and it will restore your HP and the HP of others nearby. Nascent Flash has been reworked; it grants its effect to you and a party member and restores HP with each successful weaponskill hit. Using it will turn it into Nascent Glint, which restores the same amount of HP that Nascent Flash recovered as well as reducing incoming damage. It also grants Stem the Flow to the target, applying even further mitigation.

Onslaught no longer requires the Beast Gauge to be used and has three use charges. Upheaval is also off the Beast Gauge, and shares a recast timer with Orogeny.

Bloodwhetting is a new upgrade for Raw Intuition. It reduces incoming damage and restores HP in a similar manner to the original ability, but it also grants Stem the Flow and Stem the Tide, which reduce and nullify incoming damage. Lastly, Orogeny is a new powerful AOE attack.

Post-patches saw Overpower become a point-blank circle AOE instead of a cone. Inner Release stacks will only apply to Fell Cleave and Decimate, and Shake It Off will be applied quicker.

Dark Knight

Dark Knight - Job Changes in FFXIV: Endwalker
Image: Square Enix via HGG

Dark Knight saw some nice quality of life adjustments in Endwalker. Salted Earth is now applied directly beneath your feet rather than being a targeted AOE cast. The action turns into Salt and Darkness upon use, which allows you to deal another pulse of AOE damage within the circle. Abyssal Drain had its range increased to 20 yalms and now restores MP in addition to HP. It also shares a recast timer with Carve and Spit.

Delirium now grants three stacks that allow the execution of Quietus and Bloodspiller. MP is restored when you land either attack.

Oblation is a new mitigation ability with two charges. It can be applied to yourself or a party member. Shadowbringer is a new line AOE that can only be executed under the effect of Darkside, which is granted and extended by Flood of Darkness and Edge of Darkness. The simulacrum you summon with Living Shadow can also execute Shadowbringer.

Following the theme of switching from duration to stacks, in the post-patches, Blood Weapon was changed to grant five stacks that restore your MP. Each stack will last for 15 seconds.

A major post-patch change to Dark Knight was the rework of its invuln. When you use Living Dead, it now restores your HP with each successful attack. If you reach zero HP while Living Dead is active, you become Walking Dead. If you are fully healed while under walking dead, you will gain the effect of Undead Rebirth, and your HP can’t drop below one.

Esteem will now target the first enemy hit by the player after it is summoned, and it no longer uses Quietus.


Image: Square Enix via HGG

Gunbreaker’s notable job changes are to account for its new abilities in FFXIV: Endwalker:. The bulk of its tweaks in 6.x have been potency adjustments.

Burst Strike now grants Ready to Blast, which allows you to execute the new powerful attack, Hypervelocity. Continuation has been adjusted to allow for Hypervelocity to follow Burst Strike.

Bloodfest now adds 3 cartridges to your Powder Gauge.

Heart of Corundum is a new mitigation ability that you can use on a party member or yourself. It also grants Clarity of Corundum and Catharsis of Corundum to the target, restoring their HP. If used on someone else while you are under the effect of Brutal Shell, you can also grant that effect to the target.

Gunbreaker did not receive any major post-patch adjustments outside of even more potency changes.


Next, we have our honorable lifegivers, who finally got a new friend in the form of Sage! Most of the healer job changes focus on quality-of-life improvements and smoother gameplay in FFXIV: Endwalker.

White Mage

White Mage - Job Changes in FFXIV: Endwalker
Image: Square Enix via HGG

White Mage saw some overall damage buffs with the advent of Endwalker and a bit of added mitigation.

Divine Benison now has two charges. Thin Air no longer decreases the MP cost of actions. Instead, it now has two charges and allows the player to use their next action without spending MP.

Fluid Aura was removed.

Glare III and Holy III are new upgraded spells. Aquaveil is a new mitigation ability that reduces incoming damage, giving White Mage some preventative potential. Lastly, Liturgy of the Bell drops a healing AOE and grants you five stacks. Taking damage expends a stack to heal you and all party members in a 20 yalm radius. When the time expires or the action is used again, all stacks will be expended.

In post-patches, White Mage saw a lot of potency, range, MP cost, and effect duration adjustments to buff the job as a whole.


Image: Square Enix via HGG

Scholar received a lot of quality of life updates to go along with the rework of its sibling job, Summoner. There were quite a few potency adjustments, and a lot of recast times were shortened. Note that Scholar’s shield abilities cannot be stacked over Sage’s.

As for major changes, Energy Drain no longer restores MP. Summon Seraph now changes to Consolation after it’s used. Sic was removed.

Broil IV and Art of War II are Scholar’s new upgraded spells. Protraction is a new ability that increases a party member’s max HP and boosts their HP recovery from healing actions. Expedient is Scholar’s own Peloton, increasing the movement speed of yourself and nearby party members.

Most of Scholar’s post-patch changes are number adjustments, but Embrace and Fey Union have been changed so that they no longer generate enmity.


Astrologian - Job Changes in FFXIV: Endwalker
Image: Square Enix via HGG

Astrologian’s card system saw a minor rework in Endwalker. Draw has gotten a total overhaul. It now draws a single card from your deck that can be triggered using the Play action. Draw has two charges, restores some of your MP, and allows you to cast Redraw. Redraw now only has one charge and can only be used after Draw.

The Major Arcana now grant Solar, Lunar, or Celestial Signs instead of Seals. You can only apply one effect on a given target at a time.

Divination is no longer tied to seals. It now buffs you and your party’s damage dealt. Celestial Opposition is now an AOE heal that also grants Regen to those within range. Minor Arcana is now unlocked at level 70 instead of Level 50, and its recast timer has been drastically extended from one second to 60 seconds. Celestial Intersection now has two charges.

Neutral Sect increases healing magic potency and also creates a magic barrier if you cast Aspected Benefic or Helios. Diurnal Sect, Nocturnal Sect, and Sleeve Draw have been removed.

Aspected Helios no longer works as a shield and only applies a Regen effect. Aspected Benefic now restores HP and grants a Regen effect.

As for new additions, Fall Malefic is a new single target damage spell, and Gravity II is a new upgraded spell. Macrocosmos is a powerful AOE that grants additional effects to nearby party members. Macrocosmos turns into Microcosmos upon use, and this spell compiles damage taken and restores HP when the effect ends or the spell is recast.

Astrodyne has been added at Level 50. This ability activates the effect of the astrosigns from your divining deck, and it can only be used after you read three. The effect it grants is determined by how many different types of astrosigns you read.

  • One astrosign: Harmony of Spirit gradually restores your own MP.
  • Two astrosigns: in addition to the above, Harmony of Body reduces your cast and recast times.
  • Three astrosigns: in addition to the above, Harmony of Mind increases damage dealt and healing potency.

Crown Play was added in Endwalker, but ultimately removed in patch 6.2. Minor Arcana now changes to a button that allows you to play the drawn arcanum instead.

Exaltation is a shield you can place on yourself or a party member that also restores HP at the end of its duration.

In post-patches, Redraw was adjusted to guarantee that you draw a different card from the one you discard.

Melee DPS

Melee DPS saw some of the most job changes with the advent of FFXIV: Endwalker, and there are more on the horizon as we continue moving towards upcoming patches.


Image: Square Enix via HGG

Dragoon did not get a full rework in Endwalker, but the beginnings of one are there!

Blood of the Dragon and Life of the Dragon are now passive traits. This means that Fang and Claw, Wheeling Thrust, and Geirskogul no longer require them to use, and all actions and abilities that extended their effects no longer do so.

Sonic Thrust will now grant Power Surge as Disembowel does. Coerthan Torment now grants Draconian Fire. Chaos Thrust will always grant Enhanced Wheeling Thrust.

Life Surge now has two charges, as does Spineshatter Dive. Mirage Dive strengthens the gaze of your Dragon Gauge.

Draconian Fury is a new line AOE that will appear on top of Doom Spike when under the effect of Draconian Fire. Heavens’ Thrust is an upgrade to Full Thrust, and Chaotic Spring is an upgrade to Chaos Thrust. Wyrmwind Thrust is another new line AOE that costs 2 Firstminds’ Focus.

Post-patches saw some adjustments to the length of the animation lock for some jumps. Mirage Dive was briefly consolidated onto the buttons for Jump and High Jump, but was removed in a following patch. Expect a Dragoon overhaul in the future!


Monk - Job Changes in FFXIV: Endwalker
Image: Square Enix via HGG

Monk received quite an overhaul of job changes in FFXIV: Endwalker with the end goal of making the leveling process smoother and more enjoyable. They now unlock their Chakra resource at Level 15 instead of Level 54, giving you access to a core mechanic of the job much earlier.

Many positionals were removed:

  • Bootshine is no longer a rear positional.
  • True Strike is no longer a rear positional.
  • Dragon’s Kick is no longer a flank positional.

In line with this, Riddle of Earth has lost its ability to negate positional requirements.

Fists of Earth, Fists of Wind, Fists of Fire, and Shoulder Tackle were all removed.

Twin Snakes received a minor change to the name of the additional effect that it applies. That damage buff is now called Disciplined Fist, and all other actions and abilities that extend it have been updated with the appropriate name. Tornado Kick has become an AOE attack.

Meditation is now unlocked at Level 15, and it will change to The Forbidden Chakra once you have opened all five Chakra. Perfect Balance now has two charges and only stacks three times instead of six, and it has the additional effect of granting one of three Chakra types: Opo-opo, Coeurl, or Raptor Chakra. The type you unlock depends on your current form.

Monk gained just as much as was changed. Masterful Blitz is a new Level 60 weaponskill that uses a technique based on how many Beast Chakra you’ve opened.

  • One Beast Chakra uses Elixir Field.
  • Two Beast Chakra uses Celestial Revolution.
  • Three Beast Chakra uses Rising Phoenix.
  • Three Beast Chakra and both Nadi uses Phantom Rush.

Thunderclap is Monk’s new gap closer, unlocking at Level 35. It allows you to rush to an enemy or a party member’s side within 20 yalms. Howling Fist is a line AOE unlocked at Level 40 that requires the effect of the Fifth Chakra and closes all five when executed. Riddle of Wind is a new Level 72 ability that reduces your auto-attack delay.

Flint Strike is a new Level 60 AOE attack that also opens the Solar Nadi and grants Formless Fist. It can only be executed when three distinct Beast Chakra are open. Celestial Revolution is another new Level 60 weaponskill. It’s a single target attack that opens the Lunar Nadi and grants Formless Fist. It also needs three distinct Beast Chakra to be used.

Shadow of the Destroyer is a new powerful AOE attack that guarantees a critical hit in Opo-opo form. Rising Phoenix deals AOE fire damage and opens the Solar Nadi, grants Formless Fist, and needs three distinct Beast Chakra to be used.

Lastly, Phantom Rush is an upgrade to Tornado Kick, Monk’s new AOE finisher. Like the previous abilities, it grants Formless Fist, but it can only be used with three Beast Chakra and both Nadis.

For post-patch changes, Perfect Balance cannot be executed while under the effect of Beast Chakra, and that’s it!


Image: Square Enix via HGG

Ninja sees a lot of potency adjustments in FFXIV: Endwalker as well as some quality of life changes and a slight rework to the job.

There aren’t a ton of major changes. Assassinate is now unlocked at Level 40, and Dream Within a Dream becomes a direct upgrade to Assassinate at Level 56. Shadow Fang was removed.

Where there were few changes, there are quite a few additions. Huraijin is a new Level 60 single target attack that grants Huton and increases your Ninki Gauge. Phantom Kamaitachi lets your shadow deal AOE wind damage, extends the duration of Huton, and increases your Ninki Gauge. It can only be executed after using Bunshin.

Hollow Nozuchi gives Doton some bonus damage, delivering a pulse of AOE damage to all enemies within its range. You can only use it as a combo with Hakke Mujinsatsu or after using Katon, Goka Mekkyaku, or Phantom Kamaitachi.

Forked Raiju is a gap closer attack that can only be used after Raiton. It increases your Ninki Gauge and grants Fleeting Raiju, a follow up attack with similar effects.

In post-patch updates, Mug now applies a damage-taken debuff to the target. Animation lock was reduced for Shukuchi, and using Hide now dispels Doton.


Samurai - Job Changes in FFXIV: Endwalker
Image: Square Enix via HGG

For the last of our melee DPS, Samurai saw some pretty hefty changes to its rotation. A lot of buffs have had their names changed for clarity, but they remain functionally the same.

Third Eye no longer grants Open Eyes and instead increases the Kenki Gauge. Meikyo Shisui does not affect Iaijutsu or Ogi Namikiri and now can accumulate two charges. Ikishoten now allows you to execute Ogi Namikiri. Tsubame-gaeshi has two charges but no longer grants stacks of Meditate. Mediate has also been removed from Kaeshi: Higanabana, Kaeshi: Goken, and Kaeshi: Setsugekka.

Merciful Eyes and Hissatsu: Seigan have been removed.

Fuko is a new upgrade to Fuga. Ogi Namikiri is a new cone AOE that grants up to three stacks of Meditation and can only be executed after using Ikishoten. Ogi Namikiri will become Kaeshi: Namikiri after use, which is a second cone AOE that triggers the cooldowns of all weaponskills. Shoha II is a new AOE that consumes three stacks of Meditation and shares a recast timer with Shoha.

More adjustments were made in post-patches, including a lot of potency tweaks. Critical hits are now guaranteed for Midare Setsugekka, Kaeshi: Setsugekka, Ogi Namikiri, and Kaeshi: Namikiri. Meikyo Shisui no longer affects ranged weaponskills. Last, but definitely not least, Hissatsu: Kaiten was removed.

Ranged Physical DPS

There isn’t a ton in the way of job changes for ranged physical DPS in FFXIV: Endwalker! Bard and Dancer saw some streamlining for their procs, but Machinist’s hotbar still feels pretty empty at the end of the day.


Image: Square Enix via HGG

Bard saw some new elements added to its Song mechanics, as well as increased durations across the board for all Songs.

Repertoire (aka, Song RNG) is now tied directly to the Songs themselves rather than to the damage over time from Caustic Bite and Stormbite. All songs have lost those extra Repertoire requirements, so the proc RNG is more streamlined and doesn’t require you to keep your DOTs up (you should, though).

Rain of Death now has three charges. Battle Voice now affects the Bard who cast it as well as their party members. Pitch Perfect is no longer a separate ability button and will now appear on The Wanderer’s Minuet after it is cast.

Ladonsbite is an upgrade to Quick Nock. Blast Arrow is a new followup line AOE attack for Apex Arrow. Radiant Finale is Bard’s flashy new partywide damage buff. When you perform Songs, you will gain a Coda for each. The strength of the buff depends on how many Coda you have active when you cast it.

There were no further changes to Bard’s abilities in post-patches, but sound and visual effects will now be triggered when the Soul Voice Gauge reaches 80 just as it does when it reaches 100.


Machinist - Job Changes in FFXIV: Endwalker
Image: Square Enix via HGG

Machinist saw a rework back in Shadowbringers, so there are no huge changes to be found here. There are a ton of potency changes, but you can expect to see those continually adjusted in the future for all ranged jobs.

Reassemble now has two charges — that’s the only notable change.

For the new stuff, Machinist gains Scattergun, an upgrade to Spread Shot. Crowned Collider is a new finisher for the Automaton Queen. You can trigger it yourself, but it will cause her to shut down. If you don’t, she automatically uses it before shutting down.

Chain Saw is the biggest shiny new toy for the Machinist. It’s a line AOE that also increases the Battery Gauge.

Machinist got a bunch of potency adjustments in 6.1, but 6.2 brought bigger changes. The durations of Rook Autoturret and Automaton Queen were adjusted, and their damage will now scale with the amount of Battery Gauge you have beyond the deployment cost of 50.


Image: Square Enix via HGG

Like Bard, Dancer sees some QoL adjustments for its procs and buffs.

Rising Windmill changes to Jete while dancing and now deals full damage to all enemies. In a similar vein, Bloodshower changes to Pirouette while dancing and also does full damage.

Closed Position now shares the new Tillana effect with your dance partner. Devilment now grants Flourishing Starfall, which allows you to execute the new ability Starfall Dance.

Improvisation has seen a full rework. Its range has increased, and it grants you stacks of Rising Rhythm. These can stack up to a max of four every three seconds. They increase healing over time for you and your party members, but the effect ends when you move or use another action. Improvised Finish is a new ability that creates a damage absorption shield that increases in effectiveness with more stacks of Rising Rhythm. This ability can only be used during Improvisation.

Tillana is a new AOE attack that grants the effects of Standard Finish and Espirit to yourself and your dance partner. It can only be executed under the effect of Flourishing Finish, which is granted by Technical Finish.

Fan Dance IV is a new cone AOE that can only be used under Fourfold Fan Dance, which is granted by Flourish. Lastly, Starfall Dance is a critical direct hit line AOE that can only be used after Devilment.

Dancer saw a lot of status effect name changes in Endwalker, and post-patches continued that trend.

Caster DPS

Caster DPS saw some interesting job changes and, of course, a large overhaul for Summoner in FFXIV: Endwalker.

Black Mage

Black Mage - Job Changes in FFXIV: Endwalker
Image: Square Enix via HGG

Most notably among the changes to Black Mage, Enochian is now a trait, and Aspect Mastery is learned at Level 1 instead of Level 72. This makes it much easier to keep up your timers. Fire IV, Blizzard IV, Despair, and Umbral Soul no longer require Enochian to cast.

Sleep has been removed. Flare can now be executed under the effect of Astral Fire and no longer removes Umbral Ice. Foul now has an instant cast time.

Sharpcast now has two charges and adds the Paradox effect related to a new spell. Triplecast also now has two charges.

High Fire III is a new AOE spell that grants Astral Fire III and removes Umbral Ice. It also grants Enhanced Flare. On the icy side, High Blizzard III is another powerful AOE attack and has the inverse effect of the previous spell. Amplifier is a new ability that grants Polyglot.

Paradox is a new single target spell that has a different effect based on your Astral or Umbral status. Executed under Astral Fire, Paradox will refresh the duration of Astral Fire and has a 40% chance to grant Firestarter. Firestarter allows you to cast Fire III with no cast time for zero MP. Under Umbral Ice, Paradox has no cast time and requires no MP. It also refreshes the duration of Umbral Ice. Blizzard and Fire will turn into Paradox when you reach Astral Fire III and swap to ice, or when you reach Umbral Ice III and gain three Umbral Hearts.

Black Mage hasn’t seen any major changes in post-patches.


Image: Square Enix via HGG

As it so often does, Summoner saw a a bunch of changes with a full job rework in FFXIV: Endwalker. Summoner’s kit now revolves around actually summoning things instead of applying damage-over-time effects. Many, many changes were made, and if you would like a comprehensive overview of how Summoner works now, check out our guide!

The following actions have been removed: Bio, Summon, Miasma, Egi Assault, Summon II, Bio II, Bane, Summon III, Egi Assault II, Enkindle, Tri-disaster, Aetherpact, Devotion, Bio III, Miasma III, and Firebird Trance.

There’s far too much detail in the changes to cover here, but the changes to Summoner can be summarized. By using Aethercharge when your Carbuncle is summoned, you gain the Ruby, Topaz, and Emerald Arcanums. The Arcanums allow you to summon three Carbuncles that will eventually turn into the three Primals as you level up. The abilities Gemshine and Precious Brilliance will transform into new spells based on what you currently have summoned. Aethercharge will eventually become Summon Bahamut and Summon Phoenix as you progress through your rotation, but their attacks will stay on Gemshine and Precious Brilliance.

The new abilities that came with Endwalker start with upgrades to your Precious Brilliance Primal attacks: Ruby Catastrophe, Topaz Catastrophe, and Emerald Catastrophe. Crimson Cyclone/Crimson Strike are a gap closer and follow up AOE attack for Ifrit. Mountain Buster is an AOE finisher for Titan. Slipstream is a ground AOE finisher for Garuda.

At Level 90, your Primal summons get a huge upgrade — literally, they get physically large. Now your Primals will unleash a powerful opener when they’re summoned.

Post-patches brought potency adjustments, as well as the ability to cast Searing Light without having your Carbuncle summoned.

Red Mage

Red Mage - Job Changes in FFXIV: Endwalker
Image: Square Enix via HGG

Most of the job adjustments and changes to Red Mage in FFXIV: Endwalker have to do with the Mana Gauge in an effort to streamline acquiring and using Mana. We won’t list out all the numbers here, but understand that most Black and White Mana costs have been decreased. The amount that you gain from certain abilities and actions has also decreased.

Enchanted Riposte, Enchanted Zwerchhau, Enchanted Redoublement, and Enchanted Moulinet all grant a single mana stack each.

Verflare, Verholy, and Scorch are now AOE attacks. As a combo action for Verflare/Verholy, Scorch will now appear on the buttons for Jolt II and Impact when you use either of the aforementioned actions.

Corps-a-corps, Displacement, Engagement, and Acceleration all now have two charges. The effect of Embolden no longer decreases over time. Manafication now increases your Black and White mana and grants you six stacks of Manafication, which increase magic damage dealt. Manafication cancels all combos when used.

New to Red Mage are the upgraded abilities Verthunder III and Veraero III. Resolution is a new line AOE spell that combos off of Scorch. Lastly, Magick Barrier is a new partywide mitigation ability that also boosts incoming healing.

The only notable post-patch change for Red Mage was some animation lock reduction for Displacement.

Post-Patch Adjustments to New Jobs

The new kids on the block aren’t free from updates! Here’s what’s new with Reaper and Sage as of patch 6.2.


Image: Square Enix via HGG

Reaper saw some potency boosts in post-patches, as well as an adjustment to the duration of the instant-cast Harpe after using Hell’s Ingress or Hell’s Egress. Those two actions — as well as Regress — also saw some animation lock reduction.


Sage - Job Changes in FFXIV: Endwalker
Image: Square Enix via HGG

Sage now gains maximum Addersting stacks when entering an instance or restarting an instanced battle. Soteria now grants four stacks. Kardia no longer generates enmity, and Holos gains an additional effect that applies a barrier that nullifies damage equal to the amount of HP restored.

Join the High Ground

That’s it for the adjustments and changes to existing jobs in FFXIV: Endwalker as of patch 6.2! Patch 6.3 is right around the corner, so we’re sure to see some more fine tuning in the coming months.

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