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FFXIV Glamour Guide

Glamour is the true endgame of Final Fantasy XIV. Players invest a great deal of time into collecting gear and putting together perfect outfits for their Warriors of Light. If you’re just starting out, you might find yourself wondering where to begin. What is everyone wearing? Where do they get it? How does one “glam” to begin with? Rest easy, because we’re here to guide you through the basics of the FFXIV glamour system!

How to Glamour in FFXIV

You’ll need to be Level 15 and have access to the area of Western Thanalan in order to unlock the FFXIV glamour and dye systems. Speak to Swyrgeim in Vesper Bay to grab the quests “If I Had a Glamour” and “Color Your World.” After doing some simple fetch-questing for Swyrgeim, she’ll grant you the ability to glam and dye your gear.

You can apply glamours using glamour prisms, which project the image of a piece of gear on top of what you’re actually wearing. You can manually glamour individual pieces of gear, but the most efficient way to use this system is to create glamour plates.

Within every inn room in Eorzea (and beyond) is a glamour dresser and armoire. You can place gear pieces into these storage items to easily add them to glamour plates. You can store anything in the glamour dresser (which holds up to 800 items), and you can place certain special gear in the armoire.

Once you’ve placed the items inside, you can open the glamour dresser to edit your glamour plates. As of right now, you can create 20 different plates. Each plate has all the usual weapon, gear, and accessory slots. Glamour plates allow you to create a full outfit to glam over your equipped gear. You can switch between glamour plates in any Sanctuary area. Be aware that some gear is job specific, so you won’t be able to use it in glamours for other jobs.

Dyes work similarly. You can dye individual gear pieces, but you also have the ability to dye items once they’ve been put into a glamour plate. This preserves the appearance of the original item and only dyes it in the plate.

Essential Glam Items

Let’s kick things off by going over some of the most popular glamour items you’ll see in FFXIV! Although these glam items are quite common, you can still find unique ways to use them in your own outfits. Some of them can also be necessary to achieve a certain look, so we felt it was important to include them.

Gear Sets

FFXIV Glamour Guide | Emperor's New Robe
If you’ve ever wanted to see Haurchefant shirtless, you’re in luck today! | Image: Square Enix via HGG

First off, we have the Emperor’s New Gear glamour set, which does exactly what you think. If you’ve ever wanted a piece of gear to disappear, here’s how to do it! When you glam over gear with one of these items, it will appear as though you have nothing equipped. Below, Haurchefant is modeling the Emperor’s New Robe, which removes your chest piece.

The Emperor’s New Fists and Emperor’s New Shield are very useful items for Monks who want to to fight with their bare hands and Paladins who prefer to go without a shield.

The Hempen set performs a slightly similar function, though these items are intended to provide your character with stylish undergarments. The tops and bottoms from this set will look different depending on what race and gender you play.

Neo-Ishgardian Gear
Of course, the Neo-Ishgardian gear better suits an Ishgardian knight! | Image: Square Enix via HGG

The Neo-Ishgardian gear is a Level 80 crafted set that many would argue to be one of the best looking gear sets in the game. No matter what role you play, this gear will keep your Warrior of Light on the cutting edge of Ishgardian fashion. In Endwalker, you can receive a reskinned set of this gear (the Chondrite set) as an MSQ reward.


Archdemon Horns
He’s devilishly handsome… | Image: Square Enix via HGG

Next up, let’s accessorize! There are a lot of smaller glam items that you can use to bring a look together. The accessory slots are often overlooked, but you can glam over your jewelry to add small touches to an outfit. If you find a ring or necklace that you like, it can become a recurring staple in your Warrior of Light’s wardrobe!

There are also glamour items that apply tattoos and nail polish, as well as headpieces like the Arch Demon Horns. You can nab these from the Gold Saucer for 100,000 MGP. Smaller items like these are a great way to give your character more personality or visualize a trait you’ve incorporated in your character’s lore for roleplay purposes.


Uraes Coat

Now, let’s highlight some popular glam items you often see other players wearing! The Uraeus Coat is a very popular glam item that tends to be pretty affordable on the market board. It’s particularly suited to characters who are going for a roguish or pirate-like look.

Urban Coat and Boots

The Urban Coat and Urban Boots are hugely popular and, as a result, usually pretty expensive on the market board. This is a crafted glam, so you’ll have to suffer the price gouging or level up to get ahold of it. The gil and/or time sink is certainly worth it to look this cool!

Some other notable glamour items you’ll spot throughout Eorzea are the Dalmascan Draped Top, the Adventuring Sweater, and the Hooded Fireglass Leather Vest. These are just a few of the most popular items, but you don’t necessarily need them to put together a good glam! There’s an immense amount of gear in FFXIV, and variety is the spice of life. Choose a look that suits your character rather than only sticking to what’s trendy.

Dungeon Glams

FFXIV Glamour Guide | Bonewicca Set
I don’t have anything funny to say here, this set just looks really cool. | Image: Square Enix via HGG

There are plenty of popular glamour gear sets that drop from dungeons. While these sets are technically easy to obtain for the average player, it may take a bit of time to farm the necessary dungeons to acquire the pieces you want.

Our first pick is the Bonewicca set from the optional Level 70 dungeon, “The Swallow’s Compass.” The star of the show is the Casting set, which features a beautiful tattered cape and an imposing glowing headpiece. This gear set was reskinned for the Level 81 dungeon, “The Tower of Zot,” so it can also be obtained there.

Skallic Set
You’re telling me I spent hours grinding Skalla for this set and they just give you it for free in Endwalker? | Image: Square Enix via HGG

The Skallic set from the Level 70 dungeon, “The Drowned City of Skalla,” offers cool high collars, long coats, and lots of trim with a nice pop of color. Like the Bonewicca gear, the Skallic gear was reskinned as the Saigaskin gear and given as an MSQ reward in Endwalker.

Our honorable mentions go out to the Warg set from the Level 80 dungeon, “The Grand Cosmos,” the Forgiven’s set from the Level 79 dungeon, “Mt. Gulg,” and the Ktiseos set from the Level 87 dungeon, “Ktisis Hyperboreia.” All in all, don’t overlook the potential of dungeon drops! This gear isn’t just good for leveling — it can be just as fabulous as it is functional.

Normal and Alliance Raid Glams

Like dungeons, raids are a very accessible way to get cool glamour items in FFXIV — but the time investment can be worse. Normal raids will be shorter than dungeons, but alliance raids are much longer. If you want gear from the latest tier, you’ll have to dedicate yourself to doing weekly clears. For alliance raids, there’s no guarantee that the gear piece you need will even drop.

That being said, if you wait until the raid is no longer current, the weekly limit will be removed and you can farm to your heart’s content! If you’re just here for glam, just wait until the next tier drops to farm the previous one. However, if you are interested in endgame gearing, check out our guide!

Asphodelos Raid Gear
I’d stand behind him any day. | Image: Square Enix via HGG

The gear sets from the Asphodelos tier of the Pandaemonium raids made quite a buzz when they were first added! The Healing and Casting sets in particular are quite coveted due to the exposed shoulders and open back. This raid tier is no longer current, so you can farm these sets easily.

Euphrosyne Raid Gear
God, I wish that were me… | Image: Square Enix via HGG

Currently, the glamour sets from the latest “Euphrosyne” alliance raid are very popular — and very hard to get.

Euphrosyne is a current raid, so you can only collect one piece of loot from it per week. In addition to this, alliance raid drops are random, so you’ll likely have to run it a lot in order to get a full set. Godspeed!

NieR Raid Gear

FFXIV Glamour Guide | YoRHa Gear
It’s like he stepped right out of a different game… | Image: Square Enix via HGG

By far the most popular raid gear in FFXIV is the YoRHa gear available from the Level 80 NieR raids. It’s modeled in the style of the NieR: Automata games, providing you with a wholly different kind of style than most other gear sets in the game. Each of the three raids offers different gearsets inspired by NieR. Here, Haurchefant is modeling the Fending set from “The Puppets’ Bunker,” the second raid in the series.

You can also nab the No.2 Type B Materiel Storage Crate from “The Copied Factory” in order to acquire the notorious 2B outfit. The tights and boots from the 2B set are frequently used glamour items in FFXIV.

Glams from the Firmament

Skyworker's and Craftsman's Items

There are a handful of glamour items that are locked behind the crafting and gathering content available in the Firmament. You can earn Skybuilders Scrips from turning in Ishgardian Restoration crafts and gathering Diadem materials. There are a lot of cool rewards available for purchase with scrips from Enie, including glam pieces!

Casual Gear

A lot of the glamour items available in the Firmament are geared towards crafting and gathering looks, but they can be applied to any job. In addition to scrip rewards, there are also glamours you can win from the Kupo of Fortune! These are a little harder to get, as they are random rewards from a scratch off game. The Casual Attire Coffer is one of the most popular Kupo of Fortune prizes.

If you want to learn more about how to get these rewards from the Firmament and Diadem, check out our guide! If you’re not the crafting or gathering type, good news — a lot of these items can be bought and sold on the market board.

Island Sanctuary Glams

Island Sanctuary is one of the newest pieces of side content in FFXIV, and it has added a lot of new rewards — including some exclusive glamours! Some of these are purchasable from the Horrendous Hoarder for Seafarer’s Cowries, but others are earned through ranking up your island.

Our favorite is the Isle Farmhand’s set, which is earned from fully expanding and building your island. It’s a reward from the quest “The Land, Wind, and Sea,” which you can get as early as Island Rank 9. This set comes with pants and shorts, neither of which are gender-locked. If you play a male model character, you’ll know that a good pair of shorts can be hard to come by, so this set is a must have!

FFXIV Glamour Guide | Island Sanctuary Glams
Look’s like someone’s searching for his lost shaker of salt. | Image: Square Enix via HGG

In the above image, Haurchefant is modeling glam items from several different Island Sanctuary sets. His head piece and shoes are from the Isle Vacationer’s set, his shorts are from the Isle Farmhand’s set, and his top and gloves are from the Isle Explorer’s set.

PVP Glams

There’s a whole world of glamour locked behind PVP in FFXIV — and it’s not too hard to get into! Playing PVP matches will allow you to earn Wolf Marks, and playing in Crystalline Conflict will also get you Trophy Crystals. These currencies can be traded to the Mark Quartermaster and Crystal Quartermaster in the Wolf’s Den for a whole smorgasbord of rewards. Many of these are weapons and gear pieces you can use for your glams!

With the addition of Crystalline Conflict, FFXIV also added a seasonal progression system called Series Malmstones that offer special rewards. So far, the Malmstone rewards have always included a gear set that’s exclusive to that season. If you’re on the hunt for unique sets of armor, PVP is the place to be!

Seasonal Event Glams

FFXIV Glamour Guide | Seasonal Event Glams
Something tells me he’s not going to tan well. | Image: Square Enix via HGG

Throughout the year, Final Fantasy XIV plays host to a variety of different seasonal events. From Heavensturn to All Saints’ Wake, seasonal event quests will reward players with exclusive items like emotes, mounts, and, of course, glamour.

We can’t know what the future holds for seasonal event rewards, but we do know what has been offered in the past. While seasonal event rewards are only available in-game during a set time period, most of them wind up in the optional item store afterwards! You will, however, have to spend real money on them, and they don’t immediately go on sale after the event ends. Just know that if you see someone wearing a Moonfire Faire outfit from years past, you can probably still get your hands on it!

MogStation Glams

FFXIV Glamour Guide | MogStation Glams
If you’ve ever wanted to look like a chart topping idol, this is the set for you! | Image: Square Enix via HGG

Speaking of spending real money, there are several popular glam sets that are only available through the optional item store on the MogStation.

A recent and popular MogStation glamour in FFXIV is the Street Attire set. This set was originally designed for the Korean release of Endwalker, and it comes with two different top options: a cropped jacket (seen above) and a sleeveless vest. It’ll cost you $22 at full price, but it’s well worth it if you want to spend the money!

Artifact Gear

FFXIV Glamour Guide | Artifact Gear
If only… | Image: Square Enix via HGG

Artifact armor — commonly referred to as “AF” gear — is another great source of glamour pieces, albeit one that is job-specific. Artifact gear is earned when you reach max level on a job in each expansion. These gear sets are super stylish and are given to you for free at each level cap so you can flex your job mastery.

While artifact gear provides a decent ILVL at the end of an expansion, they are quickly surpassed by gear added in subsequent post-patches. This makes artifact gear largely decorative, and it’s part of why we’re mentioning it in relation to glamour.

As it’s locked to its assigned job, you may see players throughout Eorzea wearing unique outfits that you haven’t seen before. If you want that cool Gunbreaker coat or those awesome Scholar gauntlets, you’ll have to level that job. While AF gear isn’t very versatile, if you like to create job-specific glams, you’ll want to make sure you’re adding it to your glamour dresser!

Relic Weapons

Relic weapons are a massive time investment. They represent some of the grind-iest content in Final Fantasy XIV, and they’re not even particularly powerful weapons. Why are they worth it? For glam, of course!

If you want to tie a glam together with a unique weapon that’s sporting a bunch of particle effects, it might be time to pursue a relic weapon. The journey will be long and the grind will be endless, but you’ll come out of it with a weapon that will help you stand out from the crowd.

Join the High Ground

We hope that this guide has helped you find your style! While we’ve talked about some of the most popular glamour items in FFXIV, remember that one of the best ways to put together a killer glam is to make something new and unique. Seek out less common gear pieces, or take some of the items in this guide and use them as inspiration for a unique look. The best glams you’ll create are the ones that are tailored to suit your Warrior of Light! If you’re seeking further glamour inspiration, we recommend checking out Eorzea Collection. You can use their site to browse through gear sets and look at glams that other players have shared.

For more FFXIV tips and tricks, make sure to subscribe to our newsletter and follow us on social media!

Happy gaming!

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