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Final Fantasy XIV Scholar Guide

A fairy, a healer, and a scholar.

Knowledge is never lost forever. None know this more than the Scholars of Eorzea. Accompanied by their trusted faeries, Scholars use centuries-old techniques to keep their allies alive in even the harshest battles. In this FFXIV Scholar guide, I’ll be covering how best to play Scholar and keep the Nymian mage’s arts alive.

Unlocking Scholar

The Scholar job becomes available after reaching level 30 with the Arcanist class. It is one of two upgrade paths for the Arcanist and is unlocked after completing the “Forgotten but Not Gone” quest offered by Murie in the Arcanist Guild.

Healing Role Basics

As a healer, the Scholar is tasked with the ever-important job of keeping the party alive. While not the pound-for-pound best healer in the game, the Scholar’s toolkit provides powerful damage mitigation that makes healing easier.

Although more complex than the other healer jobs, the Scholar’s unique faerie mechanic can sometimes completely automate the healing portion of the job, letting you focus on your mitigations and DPS.

Scholar Job Resource

The Scholar has two job resources they need to focus on that fuel their abilities: the Aetherflow gauge and the Faerie gauge.

Square Enix / Justin Moniquette

The Aetherflow gauge, which can hold up to three stacks of Aetherflow, is used to power your more powerful actions. Aetherflow is gained when using the abilities Aetherflow(LVL 45) and Dissipation(LVL 60). Strong healing actions like Lustrate((LVL 45), Indomitability(LVL 52), and Excogitation(LVL 62) all use Aetherflow to power them. Furthermore, abilities that use Aetherflow increase your Faerie Gauge.

Proper use of Aetherflow stacks is integral to the gameplay of the Scholar because of the powerful moves tied to the resource. Master the use of Aetherflow and you master the job.

Square Enix / Justin Moniquette

The Faerie Gauge is used to cast Aetherpact(LVL 70), the ability that automates healing for the Scholar. The Faerie Gauge can hold up to 100 Fae Aether and is gained when using Aetherflow actions while the fairy is summoned. When using Summon Seraph(LVL 80) it will also display how long Seraph will remain on the field.

Healer Role Actions

Like every healer, the Scholar gains access to all the healer role skills. Repose(LVL 8) afflicts a target with sleep for 30 seconds. While this ability may seem good and definitely can be in solo play, you will rarely use it. In most content in the game, like dungeons and raids, putting an enemy to sleep will add nothing to the group.

Esuna(LVL 10) removes a single detrimental effect from a target. This ability is useful when your tank is hit with a nasty debuff, and can save you on some healing stress by getting rid of it.

Swiftcast(LVL 18) is one of the most, if not the most, important role actions for a healer. Swiftcast can help you instantly revive a fallen party member. This can make or break a dungeon or raid. A quick revive can be the difference between a party wipe or a successful clear.

Lucid Dreaming(LVL 14) Gradually restores your own MP. MP control is very important for a healer class. No MP means no way to heal(except for your faerie) and can put you in a tight spot. Use this when your MP gets too low to keep casting.

Surecast(LVL 44) allows you to cast spells without interruption. It also has the additional effect of nullifying knockbacks and draw-ins. The real strength of this ability comes from its nullification of knockbacks and draw-in effects. In general, you shouldn’t be targeted during content so spell interruption shouldn’t be a problem. Stopping a knockback when you’re too slow to get out of range can save your life. 

Rescue(LVL 48) instantly draws a target party member to your side. While incredibly specific, this move can save a party member from a tank-buster or dangerous mechanic. In most cases, however, server lag or bad timing will have you raising them instead. 

Faerie Actions

Embrace(SCH LVL 1) restores a target’s HP by 150, and later 180 once you get the Enhanced Healing Magic(LVL 85). This is your faerie’s primary healing ability and will heal anyone below max health.

Whispering Dawn(SCH LVL 20) gradually restores HP to all nearby party members. This is the AOE healing-over-time ability for your faerie and is a safe option when you feel overwhelmed.

Fey Illumination(LVL 40) increases the healing magic potency of all nearby party members by 10% while reducing magic damage taken by all nearby party members by 5%. This is an excellent ability when dealing with raid/dungeon-wide damage, and helping your fellow healers.

Fey Union(LVL 70) Gradually restores the HP of the party member the faerie has a Fey Union with. Most of the time, you should slap this on your tank to keep them healed while you focus on other things.

Fey Blessing(LVL 76) restores the HP of all nearby party members. This is your faeries AOE heal and has a large range to ensure you get everybody. 


Once you reach level 80, you get access to Summon Seraph, a more powerful faerie that replaces your normal faerie for a short time. This faerie also comes with more powerful versions of normal faerie actions.

Seraphic Veil(LVL 80) restores a target’s HP by 150, or 180 with Enhanced Healing Magic. It also has the additional effect of creating a barrier around the target that nullifies damage equaling the amount of HP restored. This is great for when your tank is taking heavy damage and you need to buy yourself some time to heal them up.

Angel’s Whisper(LVL 80) and Seraphic Illumination(LVL 80) are the same as their normal faerie variants.

Consolation(LVL 80) restores the HP of all nearby party members by 250. Just like Seraphic Veil, it provides a barrier to all affected equaling the amount healed. This ability is best used when preparing for raid/dungeon mechanics. Since most other situations would be overkill. 

General Tips for Playing Scholar

Here are a couple of tips to keep in mind while playing Scholar.

  • Always keep Biolysis. Biolysis is your DoT move and should always be maintained when single targeting to keep your damage up.
  • Pay attention to your faerie. Faerie abilities will always originate from your faerie which means you need to pay attention to its location. Use the pet menu actions to place your faerie wherever they need to be.
  • Don’t forget to summon your faerie. It may seem like an obvious one, but it happens more than you might think. Make it a habit of summoning your faerie at the start of any content you’re doing.

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