Monster Hunter Rise: Complete Buddy Bargaining Guide

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Monster Hunter Rise: Complete Buddy Bargaining Guide

Do you like having a pantry full of healing items in Monster Hunter Rise, but find it tedious to pick up every herb and honey you stumble across during your hunts? When gathering becomes a chore, you can always fall back on Buddy Bargaining.

Buddy Bargaining is Monster Hunter Rise’s approach to farming. By sending your hired Buddies out with the Argosy, you can obtain a variety of items you’d normally have to spend time harvesting out in the field. If you find yourself crafting a lot of specific items, Buddy Bargaining is a great way to keep up your stock of ingredients. 

In this article, we’ll cover the ins and outs of Buddy Bargaining, from setting up your Trade Requests to unlocking upgrades for the Argosy. Let’s get started!

Monster Hunter Rise Buddy Bargaining Guide

Before we begin, it’s important to note that farming is only one of the things the Argosy has to offer. If you want to make the most of this valuable trading resource, don’t forget to check out our complete Argosy guide!

Trade Requests

Like we mentioned in the Argosy guide, you can initiate trading at any time by speaking to Rondine in the Buddy Plaza. Simply select the “Order Items” option when trading to bring up the Buddy Bargaining menu.

From here, you can set up and manage your Trade Requests. The first step is choosing which Buddies you’ll be sending off with the Argosy. Any Buddies that aren’t currently in training, in the Meowcenaries, or assigned to your hunting party will be available for trading. Higher-level Buddies have access to better Bargaining Skills (more on that later), so keep levels in mind when choosing who to send. Your Buddies will level up while they’re out with the Argosy, but at a slightly slower rate — you might want to occasionally swap them out to make the most of your bargains.

MHR Sending out buddies for supplies
Sending my Buddies out for supplies

Once your Buddies are assigned, you can select which items you want to trade for. There are a number of different items to choose from, though the list is limited to the type of items you’d normally be able to gather on your own (i.e. mushrooms, plants, bugs, and fish). You won’t be able to farm monster parts or account items this way, but the Argosy occasionally offers bonus rewards for submitting trade requests. These rare items can unlock additional weapons and armor sets, so be sure to check in regularly to see if you’ve earned anything special!

Reward Description Unlock Requirements Trade Type
(Shell-Studded Set)
A shell that contains a sedating gas. It’s adorned with other shells and rocks.Reach ★3 Village Quests or ★2 Hub QuestsBugs and/or mushrooms
Blossom Cricket
(Magia weapons)
A beautiful bell cricket resembling a flower. A chirp opens the hardest of hearts.Reach ★3 Village Quests or ★2 Hub QuestsBugs and/or mushrooms
Toxic Kumori
(Skalda/Spio Set)
An insect that possesses a powerful poison used by certain tribes for hunting.Reach ★3 Village Quests or ★2 Hub QuestsFish and/or herbs
(Melahoa Set)
A large, beautifully colored flowering plant foreign to this land.Reach ★4 Village Quests or ★3 Hub QuestsFruits and/or seeds
Armored Bream
(Vaik Set)
A fish with massive scales, which have a wyvern-like quality to them.Reach ★4 Village Quests or ★3 Hub QuestsFish and/or herbs
Springnight Carp
(Makluva Set)
A species of carp whose arrival signals the start of the breeding season.Reach ★5 Village Quests or ★3 Hub QuestsFruits and/or seeds
Butterfly Beetle
(Aelucanth/Rhopessa Set)
An odd insect with the huge jaws of a beetle and the dainty wings of a butterfly.Reach ★5 Village Quests or ★3 Hub QuestsBugs and/or mushrooms

Here’s a fun little treat for you — once you’ve set up your Trade Requests and watched the little cutscene of the submarines launching, end your conversation with Rondine and quick-travel to the Gathering Hub. If you run out to the area overlooking the river, you’ll catch sight of your Buddies on the first stretch of their journey. Give them a wave to encourage them, and they’ll wave right back!

MHR Sending out buddies exploring
Look at my intrepid explorers!

Bargaining Skills

Now that you’ve set up your Trade Requests, it’s time to optimize your rewards by assigning special Buddy Bargaining Skills to your Buddies. Select the “Buddy Bargaining” option, then one of your active requests to bring up a list of skills designed to boost your Buddy’s bargaining prowess.

MHR bargaining skills
Sriracha’s still learning the ropes

Your Buddies become better at bargaining as they level up, with new Bargaining Skills being introduced every few levels or so. The higher level your Buddy is, the more unique skills they’ll have available to help you make the most of your trades. Each skill lasts for a set duration (a number of quests), so you’ll want to check in at the Argosy every once in a while to collect your rewards and re-equip your skills.

Skill Description Cost Duration
Casual Bargain
(Buddy Level 5)
Buddy bargains at an easygoing, leisurely pace. Number of items obtained increases slightly.100 pts.6 quests
Speedy Bargain
(Buddy Level 15)
Buddy engages in relentless haggling, increasing the items obtained in a short time.150 pts.3 quests
Shiny Bargain
(Buddy Level 25)
Technique for Buddies with a penchant for luxury. More likely to find rare items at markets.300 pts.3 quests
EZ-PZ Bargain
(Buddy Level 30)
Buddy bargains at an easygoing, leisurely pace. Number of items obtained increases moderately.250 pts.6 quests
Breakneck Bargain
(Buddy Level 35)
Buddy engages in relentless haggling, greatly increasing the items obtained in a short time.300 pts.3 quests
Blinding Bargain
(Buddy Level 40)
Technique for Buddies with a penchant for luxury. Much more likely to find rare items.500 pts.3 quests

As with all the other activities available in the Buddy Plaza, using a Lagniapple will further improve your Buddy’s chances of success. When trading, a Lagniapple will boost the duration of the Bargaining Skills on each of your current Trade Requests.

Upgrading the Argosy

As you progress through the game, you’ll steadily unlock upgrades for the Argosy that let you submit more Trade Requests at a time. Speak with Rondine to pick up her special requests, which task you with gathering a handful of supplies for her. Once you’ve completed the requests, you’ll unlock additional submarines (up to three) so you can send more Buddies off to trade.

Argosy Upgrade Request Delivery Items
Submarine #1Reach ★2 Village or Hub Questsn/a
Submarine #2Complete the ★3 Request “Cultural Exchange”3 Wisplanters
3 Boatshells
Submarine #3Complete the ★6 Request “Economic Stimulation”1 King Rhino
3 Rock Roses
3 Bismuth Prisms

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That wraps up our guide to Buddy Bargaining in Monster Hunter Rise — thanks for reading! If you have a topic you’d like us to cover in the future, feel free to leave a comment below. Don’t forget to subscribe to our newsletter and follow us on social for more Monster Hunter guides like this.

Happy hunting!

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