Monster Hunter Rise: Complete Argosy Guide

Farming and trading has been an important part of Monster Hunter since the early days. The exact mechanics have varied slightly throughout the series, but there’s usually some sort of special trading station you can visit for unique supplies and other perks.

In Monster Hunter Rise, it’s the Argosy. Rondine the Trader makes her temporary home in Kamura Village and handles all your trading needs, from helpful hunting items to fancy home decor. We’ve put together this complete Argosy guide to help you make the most of your trades, so let’s get started!

Monster Hunter Rise Argosy Guide

The Argosy is a trading vessel in Monster Hunter Rise, supplying you with a number of special items that aren’t available through the usual marketplaces in the game. Through the Argosy, you’ll be able to pick up useful tools and supplies, a handful of special items, and set up consistent trading for resources of your choice.

Rondine + Crew
Rondine and her crew

The Argosy is docked in the Buddy Plaza, and will unlock the first time you visit the area. It’s run by Rondine the Trader, who you can speak to for all your Argosy-related needs. If you want to do any trading or look into any upgrade opportunities, check with her!

Buddy Bargaining

Buddy Bargaining is the primary service offered by the Argosy, and is a helpful way of obtaining specific resources for your favorite crafted items. It’s much easier to send a few of your unoccupied Buddies with the Argosy than it is to gather a regular supply of ingredients yourself!

Buddy Bargaining
This would probably be funnier if I’d named my dog “Truffle”

Speaking to Rondine and selecting “Order Items” will bring up the Buddy Bargaining menus. From here, you can choose which Buddies to send with the Argosy, upgrade their trading power with special bargaining skills, and select which items they’ll be trading for.

We’ll be posting a complete guide to Buddy Bargaining in the future, so stay tuned for more information!

Trade Goods, Special Goods, and Rare Finds

Even when you’re not farming for specific items, the Argosy is a valuable resource for trading other items. The Argosy’s stock is split between Trade Goods, Special Goods, and Rare Finds, all of which can be purchased using Kamura Points. Simply select “Exchange for Items” when speaking to Rondine to see your options.

Trade Goods
Rondine making a face as I ask her for the fiftieth time what’s on sale today

Trade Goods are relatively standard items that are constantly available for purchase through the Argosy. The list never changes, but new items will steadily be unlocked as you progress through the game.

Trade Goods Table

Raw MeatMeat carved from a monster. You might catch a certain Flooded Forest fish with it.60 pts.
GunpowderA dangerous substance that explodes when struck or heated150 pts.
NetA hardy net that can support weight without breaking. Perfect for pitfall traps.200 pts.
FarcasterInstantly transports you to the nearest camp. Can also be used during battles.200 pts.
Herbal MedicineRemoves all traces of poison and restores a slight amount of health.300 pts.
Energy DrinkA Guild-approved beverage that boosts your stamina. Helps shake off sleep, too!300 pts.
DeodorantAn item that cures Stench, hellfireblight, and blastblight when thrown down.300 pts.
Poisoned MeatRaw meat that poisons whatever eats it. Makes great bait for traps.300 pts.
Tinged MeatRaw meat that paralyzes whatever eats it. Makes great bait for traps.300 pts.
Drugged MeatRaw meat that puts whatever eats it to sleep. Makes great bait for traps.300 pts.
Poison Smoke BombReleases a toxic cloud of mist when used. Also popular as a household bug bomb.300 pts.
CatalystWorks with other materials to enhance their effects. Cannot be used by itself.500 pts.
ImmunizerBoosts your natural ability to heal.500 pts.
LifepowderProduces a cloud that heals you and anyone nearby.600 pts.

Special Goods are hanging scrolls used to decorate your in-game home. These scrolls are great ways of showing off your hunting prowess, as the game’s many monster-specific scrolls are unlocked by successfully hunting your target monster (i.e. slaying or capturing them).

There are four other scrolls available for purchase, which are unlocked through natural progression through the game.

Special Goods Table

ItemHow To UnlockCost
The ShowdownAvailable from the start1500 pts.
Fast FriendsReach ★3 Village Quests or ★2 Hub Quests1000 pts.
Slayer of MaliceComplete ★5 Urgent Village Quest “Comeuppance”2500 pts.
Moonlit NightComplete ★7 Urgent Hub Quest “The All Mother”3000 pts.
Monster ScrollsSuccessfully hunt your target monster 10 timesn/a

Rare Finds are items that are difficult to obtain in the game — usually uncommon monster drops, expensive craftables, or otherwise valuable objects that can be exchanged for zenny.

Rondine has a regular selection of Rare Finds available through trade, making it a bit easier to pick up some of these items. Don’t get too excited, though — she only has a few items in stock at a time (meaning that you also can’t buy in bulk) and the options cycle regularly. Be sure to check in with her every time you’re in Kamura Village to see what she has available!

Rare Finds Table

BhernastoneA decorative jewel imported from a rustic place. Fetches a good price.50 pts.
Loc Lac OreA decorative jewel imported from a desert town. Fetches a good price.50 pts.
Flash BombFlashes brightly on impact. Toss this right under a monster’s nose to blind it.100 pts.
Sonic BombA hand-thrown bomb that emits a high-frequency blast of sound on detonation.100 pts.
SushifishA fatty fish that can restore a small amount of health.300 pts.
WhetfishA fish with a dorsal fin hard enough to be used to sharpen weapons.400 pts.
Shock TrapA trap that immobilizes a target. Use it to capture monsters.400 pts.
Pale ExtractHas the ability to amplify the effects of certain medicines.500 pts.
DundormarinA decorative jewel imported from a mountain village. Fetches a good price.500 pts.
Kelbi HornWhile unfit for forging, Kelbi horns are a vital component of many items.500 pts.
Val Habar QuartzA decorative jewel imported from a market of caravans. Fetches a good price.500 pts.
Great WhetfishA jumbo-sized Whetfish. Its dorsal fin surpasses even whetstones in functionality.600 pts.
Dash JuiceReduces stamina depletion for a period of time as well as restoring a bit of stamina.600 pts.
Pitfall TrapA trap for catching certain large monsters. It is tripped by a heavy weight.600 pts.
Gloamgrass BudAn herb that wilts under the sun’s rays. Could it hold healing powers?800 pts.
MinegardeniteA decorative jewel imported from a hunting village. Fetches a good price.1000 pts.

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That wraps up our complete Argosy guide for Monster Hunter Rise — thanks for reading! If you have a topic you’d like us to cover in the future, feel free to leave a comment below. Don’t forget to subscribe to our newsletter and follow us on social for more Monster Hunter guides like this.

Happy hunting!

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