5 Best Mods for Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak

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5 Best Mods for Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak

Dive back into the world of Monster Hunter with these mods!

If you’re anything like me, then the new trailer for Monster Hunter: Wilds has got you jumping back into MH: Rise to scratch that itch. And if you’re even more like me then you’ve probably done everything there’s to do in this game. Luckily for us, mods exist to refresh the experience and make the game feel new again.

Drop Rates Enhanced

Anyone who’s played a Monster Hunter game knows the agony of low drop rates. Especially when you’re grinding out gear for your perfect build. Well, Drop Rates Enhanced by korayshin13 aims to alleviate this pain.

This mod increases the rewards per monster with three different options depending on how balanced you want it to be. There’s Balanced which increases target rewards by 1.5(+3 to +4 rewards per monster), Not so balanced which increases target rewards by 2(+4 to +8 rewards per monster), and Unbalanced which increases target rewards by 3(+8 to +12 rewards per monster). 

I grabbed the Balanced version to make drop rates better, but not stray too far from the intended game experience. You can grab this mod on NexusMods. You can install it using Fluffy Manager or by dropping the PAK File into your MH Rise folder. 

Monster Weakness Icon Indicator For Sunbreak

The Hunter’s Notes are a valuable tool for any Hunter. Knowing the weakness of the monster you’re hunting can make things a lot easier. The only problem is that looking through a book to learn about a monster’s weakness mid-hunt can be cumbersome. This mod aims to improve that.

Monster Weakness Icon Indicator For Sunbreak by celuloid does exactly what it says. It adds the monster’s weakness right next to its icon, saving you the hassle of having to go through the Hunters Notes to find out.

I love this mod for multi-hunts because it lets me switch builds quickly, expediting the entire hunt. This mod can be found on NexusMods and can be installed by dropping it into the game folder.

Infinite Consumables

Resource management is one of the many gameplay pillars of the Monster Hunter series. Resource management can also be one of the most annoying gameplay pillars of the series since it takes time away from what you want to do; hunt monsters.

Infinite Consumables by PeaslyWellbott makes it so items are not spent when used. It comes with several customization options that let you choose which items are infinite.

This mod is great for when I run the different ranged weapons because it gives me special ammo and coatings without having to grind for them. This mod can be found on NexusMods and requires REFramework to be installed. 

Charm Editor and Item Cheat

Going hand-in-hand with the Infinite Consumables mod, this mod helps you better customize your loot and make it easier to create your dream build.

Charm Editor and Item Cheat by Fexty125731 allows you to edit a charms rarities, skills, slots, and skill levels. It also lets you spawn an infinite amount of items and Zenny.

Just like the Drop Rates Enhanced mod, I like this mod because it makes it easier to make my perfect build without all the grinding. This mod can be found on NexusMods and requires REFramework.

Monster Has HP Bar

If you’ve been a fan of the Monster Hunter series, you’ll know the monsters have never had health bars. Players were meant to learn the patterns of the monsters and learn when they’re showing signs of weakness to know when they’re about to die. But sometimes you just don’t want to do guesswork. This is where this mod comes in.

Monster Has HP Bar by cursecat is a simple UI mod that shows the HP bar for the nearest monster. No more guesswork and paying close attention is needed.

I like this mod for the simple fact that sometimes, a monster lasts way longer than I think it should when on a hunt. And the lack of information can get frustrating sometimes. Knowing exactly how much health a monster has gets rid of that frustration, especially on the higher level hunts. This mod can be found on the NexusMods and requires the REFramework to install it.

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