Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak Zenny Farm Guide

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Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak Zenny Farm Guide

Start swimming in money with this zenny farm guide!

With so many items to buy, armor to craft, and weapons to upgrade in Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak, Zenny is always nice to have. Unfortunately, it can easily run out if you’re not careful. Especially towards the late game when you need it. Fortunately, some methods allow hunters to farm Zenny fast. Which is exactly what we’re going to go over in this Zenny farming guide. If you need help amassing your dragon’s hoard then read on.


Mining can be an excellent way to gain a lot of money very quickly. You can easily rack up several hundred thousand zenny in a matter of minutes, and it’s easy to repeat.

Your absolute best zone to farm ore is the Lava Caverns. This map is filled with many high-level nodes that yield profitable ore. Visiting this map on high-level expeditions and learning the best route to hit every node quickly will be key to maximizing your zenny gains.


To get the most zenny out of mining, there are some things we need to do first. One of the most important things is looking out for Mining Outcrop Upsurges. Completing a mining route during an upsurge will increase the amount of ore received while mining.

 These upsurges change after each quest is done on the map, or after 10 minutes on an Expedition. Get good enough at running through a map in under 5 minutes and you can hit every node you need, and start a new expedition without the upsurge resetting.


The Geologist armor skill provides you with an extra mining opportunity at level 3. It’s easy to see why this skill is excellent when we’re farming mining nodes. The fastest way to get Geologist level 3 is to use the Guild Cross armor set which is obtained from Senri the Mailman.


Your furry friends are also going to be invaluable for mining ore as quickly as possible. Having a Palamute with you goes without saying as it will cut your time traveling to nodes significantly.

Additionally, having a Gathering Type Palico will net you some extra goodies while you farm, giving you more things to sell at the end of the day.


The final thing we need to prepare before ore farming is making sure we have a proper meal. Certain dango benefits make our job a lot easier. The main one being Raisin d’etre. This gives us Dango Harvester which reduces the time between gathering point respawns. If we’re fast enough, this can help us double up on some nodes we’ve already hit before the 5-minute mark.

Stamina consumption dangos like Pinea-full and Leg Day can also make things easier by allowing us to move faster for longer.


If mining the same map over and over again gets a little boring, Sunbreak added a couple of quests that yield some great rewards that sell for a lot of zenny.

Cheering Ra Ra Rajang

This is by far one of the best quests to farm zenny in the game. A Master Rank 5 event quest, this hunt nets you a bunch of eggs that can be sold for a bunch of zenny. With a powerful build, you can easily clear this quest in under 10 minutes, and may even be preferable to mining.

Ooooh Shiny…?

Another good quest for gaining zenny, Ooooh Shiny…? Is a Master Rank 6 quest that has you face off against a Silver Rathalos. Complete this quest and you’ll get at least 3 platinum eggs and some bonus rewards that also have a chance of being high-level eggs. Sell these and you’ll be rolling in more zenny than you know what to do with.

Sell Extra Items

While it may seem obvious, it might be easy to overlook items in your box when looking for some extra zenny. Chances are, you’ve accumulated a decent stash while playing. There’s also a good chance that a lot of these items in your box haven’t been looked at since you obtained them. If in dire need of some extra zenny, do a little spring cleaning and sell any items, and extra monster parts you’re not using.

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