During the Nintendo Direct on February 17, Capcom unveiled several game features for the upcoming Monster Hunter Rise. These include new and returning monsters, two new locations, and a quick look at the menacing threat of the Rampage.

There’s also a combination of story beats and gameplay showing the people of Kamura Village working together to repel it.

Here’s the trailer:

New Monsters

Next, let’s check out the two new monsters.

Rakna Kadaki

This handsome creature is one of the new Breed. The spider-like Rakna-Kadaki slows and traps its prey with sticky white thread, leaving them vulnerable to a gout of combustible gas from the monster’s massive maw. Its larvae are often brought along for the fight and will further hinder hunters. 



The typically solitary Almudron has been driven to wanton destruction by the Rampage and will do its best to wreck Kamura and its surroundings. Almudrons prefer to cover their bodies in a slurry of mud which can deflect attacks or bog down opponents. Almudrons also secrete a highly corrosive golden liquid capable of dissolving sand and stone alike. The result is a sinkhole that could easily spell death for unwary hunters. 


New Locations

Next, let’s check out the new locations. Take a gander at the Lava Caverns and the Sandy Plains:

Lava Caverns
The extreme contrasts of the Lava Caverns

The Lava Caverns, in which the Rakna-Kadaki hunts and spawns, owe their existence to a consistent pattern. The slow, inexorable flow of lava and the constant torrents of clear, cold water formulate the complex network of cracks and crags that constitute the Caverns. 

The Sandy Plains is an oppressive, sun-blasted waste by day and a shimmering moonlit tableau by night. It is this habitat that the Almudron has invaded in its Rampage-induced fury. 

Sandy Plains
The godawful desert — I mean, the Sandy Plains

These new locales will feature some familiar faces, including “Queen of the Land” Rathian, territorial Diablos, temperamental Rajang, the “Rock Wyvern” Basarios, and the ridiculous rotating Volvidon.

The new trailer for Monster Hunter Rise also features footage of Hinoa and Minoto, the two Quest Maidens who assist hunters in battle, and some screen time of an Apex predator spurring the hordes forward as part of the devastating Rampage. 

Monster Hunter Rise will release for the Nintendo Switch on March 26, 2021. Capcom promises additional details on the release “soon.” 


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