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Maxnomic vs. Secretlab vs. DXRacer Gaming Chairs

Your gaming chair says a lot about you. Are you more of a comfort connoisseur, or a features kinda guy? Do you prefer vibrant colors or more laid-back tones? There are a ton (literally thousands) of different gaming chairs out there, and finding the one that matches your preferences is essential. You’ll be spending a lot of time with it, after all.

Choosing from a reputable manufacturer is a great place to start. But in the battle for gaming chair dominance, which brand reigns supreme: Maxnomic vs. Secretlab vs. DXRacer?

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This guide takes you through all three of these iconic and highly respected gaming chair brands. We’ll go over what makes each brand unique and carefully compare all three of them in various categories. We’ll even peek at each of their top models in 2020. Sound like a plan? Grab a seat, and let’s get started.

Maxnomic vs. Secretlab vs. DXRacer: Comparison Table

In a hurry? This comparison table offers a summary of each brand.



• Established: 2011
• Product Series: 4
• Price Range: $339 – $599
• Most Popular Model: NEEDforSEAT Pro


✓ Ergonomic & very customizable
✓ Supplies chairs for top eSports players, streamers, and organizations
✓ Classy designs are perfect for the game room & office

Best for




• Established: 2014
• Product Series: 4
• Price Range: $269 – $489
• Most Popular Model: Secretlab Omega


✓ Extreme attention to detail
✓ Affordable pricing w/ no compromises to overall quality
✓ Custom (and extremely durable) materials & components

Best for

Overall Quality



• Established: 2011
• Product Series: 10
• Price Range: $231 – $639
• Most Popular Model: Formula Series FH11


✓ Lowest prices with frequent web sales
✓ Plenty of different series, options, and styles
✓ One of the first gaming chair manufacturers in the industry

Best for

Variety & Price

Brand Overview 

Before we do an in-depth comparison, let’s take a quick look at each of the three brands: Maxnomic, Secretlab, and DXRacer.


Maxnomic, also known as NEEDforSEAT, got its start in Germany back in 2011. The company hit the ground rolling and quickly expanded its international presence and product lines. In 2012, the company opened up a store in Ohio, USA, and in 2014, the latest iteration of the Maxnomic brand was born.

Maxnomic Logo

Their current product lineup consists of the following four gaming chair series:

  • Casual Sport
  • Pro-Gaming & Office
  • Office Comfort
  • XL-Series

In total, Maxnomic USA offers 37 chair models. Impressive for an 8-year old company.

Regardless of the series, all Maxnomic chairs share several features in common. For one, they all boast a solid steel interior surrounded by cold-cure foam and topped with PU leather. Every chair also includes a Class 4 gas lift that sits atop a 5-star aluminum base. Oh, and did we mention the 4D adjustability?

Unfortunately, all that comes at a cost. Maxnomic’s base models begin around $350 and only go up from there. But that doesn’t seem to be stopping people from buying! Maxnomic works with eSports teams around the world, including Evil Geniuses and Team Liquid, as well as organizations big (Microsoft) and small (HGG). Not only that, but Maxnomic equips some of the most popular streamers – including Ninja and Shroud – with comfortable seating.


Secretlab has been eyeing the gaming chair throne ever since its inception back in 2014. Although the company is based in Singapore, Secretlab sells gaming chairs all around the world – without the help of distributors.

Secretlab Logo

By selling directly to consumers, Secretlab keeps its prices low and maintains high customer satisfaction. And it seems to be working. Secretlab recently gained the backing of a $300 billion investment firm and continues to grow at a monumental pace.

In total, Secretlab offers four primary gaming chair lineups:

  • Throne
  • Omega
  • Titan
  • Titan XL

All combined, these products offer an extensive range of options for gamers across the digital divide. Secretlab’s chairs can accommodate players from 4’9” to 6’10”, and their big and tall models support up to 390 pounds atop Class-4 gas lifts and BIFMA-certified bases.

Secretlab is known for top-notch comfort, excellent ergonomics, and a proprietary manufacturing process (they are a “lab,” after all). Their dedication to R&D is second to none, and Secretlab even develops its own highly-rated materials, which include NAPA Leather, PRIME PU Leather, and SoftWeave Fabric.

As for the competitive scene? Secretlab works with top eSports organizations like PGL, as well as teams like Cloud 9and Newbee. They also supplies and/or sponsors individual influencers, ranging from popular Twitch streamers Faker and Summit1g to legendary musician Deadmau5.


The oldest manufacturer on our list, DXRacer, began way back in 2001. As a gaming chair manufacturer? Nope! As a manufacturer of auto seating for luxury sports cars.

After a few years in the business, DXRacer shifted gears and changed lanes. Using the knowledge they’d gained as a car seat manufacturer, the company set out to reinvent the modern office and gaming chair. And thus the modern eSports chair was born. The coolest part about it all? Modern gaming chairs are often referred to as racing chairs, a direct nod to the pioneer DXRacer brand.

Today, DXRacer has ten different series of gaming chairs. These series are broken into five primary categories:

  • Formula and Racing
  • King and Valkyrie
  • Sentinel and Tank
  • Drifting and Iron
  • Boss and Classic

All DXRacer chairs begin with a heavy metal frame and a rugged base. On top, workers place comfy memory foam and mold it to perfection. The finishing touch? Quality PU leather and a custom paint job, fresh from the factory.

DXRacer’s chairs begin around $300 (with frequent sales bringing them closer to $200) and go all the way up to $750 and beyond. This tiered pricing model makes them a viable buy for budgets across the spectrum. You’ll see both casual gamers and pro streamers like Dr. DisRespect and Imaqtpie sitting in DXRacer Chairs. And if you’re ever lucky enough to join the Optic Gaming or Obey Alliance team rosters, you’ll use DXRacer for all your practices (#sponsored).

Maxnomic vs. Secretlab vs. DXRacer: Detailed Comparison

Now that we’ve had a closer look at Maxnomic, Secretlab, and DXRacer brands, let’s see how they measure up in the following categories.


In terms of the sheer number of products available, DXRacer takes the cake. They have ten different product lines and offer dozens of different color and style options. Moreover, DXRacer dabbles in other gaming gear as well. Snag a matching desk – or hell, even a mousepad – and display your favorite brand with pride.

Gaming Chair Options
Image Credit: DXRacer

That said, Maxnomic and Secretlab are no slouches. Both offer four different product lineups and plenty of customization options. The selection even includes eSports team branding and color schemes! And if you’re looking for something completely custom, Maxnomic offers custom embroidery for an extra fee.

  • Winner: DXRacer
  • Runnerup: Maxnomic


Ergonomics refers to comfort, posture support, features, and the overall user-friendliness of a design. Now, let me ask you a question. Judging by their names – Maxnomic vs Secretlab vs DXRacer – which brand suggests a focus on ergonomic design?

If you said Maxnomic, you’re correct! And that’s no accident. Maxnomic places a huge emphasis on comfort and features, with exceptional adjustability baked into every single model (not just the more expensive ones). The NEEDforSEAT guarantee? Every Maxnomic chair includes 4D armrests, several height settings, adjustable lumbar support, safety backs with over 150° tilt, and much more.

Maxnomic Ergo

Not only that, but Maxnomic offers unmatched customization, from the size of the base and cylinder to the type of armrest. It’s simply unreal.

Meanwhile, Secretlab offers a ton of ergonomic features out of the box, but they lack in the customization department. As for DXRacer? Their top models all boast fantastic ergonomics, including many from the list above, but lower-cost models lack essentials like 4D armrests and metal bases.

  • Winner: Maxnomic
  • Runnerup: Secretlab


It’s no secret which gaming chair manufacturer offers the best all-around quality. From their custom fabrics down to their solid metal frames and bases, Secretlab chairs deliver the best in overall quality.

An example? Secretlab’s PRIME PU Leather is certified several times more durable than comparable gaming chairs. In fact, all Secretlab chairs go through rigorous testing, from BIFMA, ISO, A*STAR, TUV, and other highly respected quality control agencies. The result? Sleek designs and top-tier craftsmanship with detailed finishes that are luxurious, safe, and durable.

And in contrast to Maxnomic or DXRacer, Secretlab’s quality isn’t for sale – and it’s never compromised. You’ll find the same meticulous attention to detail on their lower-end chairs as you will from higher-end models. The other two companies can’t promise that.

Secretlab Quality
Image Credit: Secretlab

However, Maxnomic isn’t too far behind Secretlab. They use similar materials and are also known for quality and craftsmanship. But their chairs lack that little something extra. As for DXRacer? Their top models boast high-quality materials, but it’ll cost you up to 2x what you’ll find on a Secretlab chair. Not to mention, you’re still getting cookie-cutter components, not custom-developed ones designed to elevate your game.

The good news? All three companies have garnered excellent customer reviews with best-in-the-industry warranties. Maxnomic and DXRacer provide a 2-year warranty, while Secretlab backs up the hype with a full 3-year warranty.

  • Winner: Secretlab
  • Runnerup: Maxnomic


To keep costs down, all three brands, Maxnomic vs Secretlab vs DXRacer, sell primarily via their respective websites (with certain models occasionally popping up on Amazon). At the time of this writing, the cheapest new chair from Maxnomic is $339. The cheapest new chair from Secretlab is $270 (on sale). And the cheapest new chair from DXRacer is a low $230 (also on sale). 

Despite two of them being on sale, these numbers are quite indicative of overall cost between Maxnomic vs DXRacer and Secretlab.

The moral of the story? Top gaming chairs are expensive! But don’t be too scared by the high numbers, ‘cause we’ve also got some good news. 

All three manufacturers offer Affirm Financing, which allows you to break up big purchases into smaller payments. While this doesn’t change the total amount you’ll pay, it does relieve a lot of the initial pressure.

  • Winner: DXRacer
  • Runnerup: Secretlab

The Verdict

Gaming Chair Comparison Verdict

We’ve had a look at how the different options stack up, and it’s time to pick a winner! What is the best gaming chair brand? Drum roll, please…

It depends.

Anticlimactic, I know. But each of these brands excels in different areas. DXRacer is great if you like choices and want a lotta bang for your buck. Secretlab is all about delivering the best quality and designs. And Maxnomic is ideal for hardcore gamers seeking comfort and ergonomics you can rely on day after day.

There’s really no one-size-fits-all gaming chair brand. But there are a ton of fantastic gaming chairs out there, and you’ll find one to fit your needs.

For those currently in the market for a new gaming chair from Maxnomic, Secretlab, or DXRacer, we’re gonna take things a step further and show you our favorite models.

As we’ve seen, Maxnomic, Secretlab, and DXRacer all sell dozens of different gaming chairs. That can make it hard to find the right fit.

Fortunately, there’s a simple solution. We’ve curated this list of our favorite models from each brand. These chairs strike a balance of features and affordability, and they’re well-suited for the general PC gaming population. That said, you’ll want to look elsewhere for special needs situations, e.g., big and tall or console gaming

Without further ado, let’s check out the options.

Maxnomic Ergoceptor Pro565 lbs6’1” & 220 lbs💰💰💰💰
Secretlab Omega2666 lbs5’11” & 240 lbs💰💰💰
DXRacer Racing Series Pro757 lbs6’ & 225 lbs💰💰

Pretty swanky, right? Check out the following few sections for an in-depth look at what makes each model truly special.

Maxnomic Ergoceptor


The best Maxnomic gaming chair

Manufacturer: Maxnomic | Material: PU Leather | Weight: 65 lbs | Capacity: 6’1” & 220 lbs | Recline: 150° | Colors: 5 | Price: 💰💰💰💰

Ready to game in the lap of luxury? The Maxnomic Ergoceptor Pro will take you all the way (trust us, we’ve spent a lot of time with it).

In terms of ergonomics, the appropriately named Ergoceptor features your standard array of specs like Class 4 hydraulics, metal supports, and 4D armrests… alongside a few innovative extras. It also boasts a sophisticated PU leather design with colorful oval seams that adorn the center fabric. These oval seams? They’re not just for looks. Each one houses extra padding that integrates with the right-side lumbar adjuster to keep your back (and butt) happy and healthy for day-long raids and intense gaming sessions.

Adjust the knob to your level of support, then kick back (up to 150°), relax, and obliterate the competition.

  • 4D padded armrests 
  • Adjustable lumbar support
  • Stunning looks w/ sleek accent colors
  • Very firm cushioning
  • Expensive $400+ starting price
  • Extras (like a gas lift or base upgrade) cost an arm and a leg

Secretlab Omega


The best Secretlab gaming chair

Manufacturer: Secretlab | Material: Prime 2.0 PU Leather | Weight: 66 lbs | Capacity: 5’11” & 240 lbs | Recline: 165° | Colors: 26 | Price: 💰💰💰

Forget the Alpha. The Secretlab Omega is where it’s at.

This exceptional gaming chair is Secretlab’s crowning jewel. It’s their flagship model, their best-seller, and one of the top-rated seats on the market.

What makes it special? For starters, it’s jam-packed full of patent-pending cold-cured foam that not only feels great but offers incredible spinal support. Underneath the foam lies a solid steel frame, and on top rests Prime PU Leather, which is 4x more durable than the competition.

Choose from over 20 different color palettes, or select an eSports edition that represents your favorite team. The best part? The entire setup guarantees comfort and quality thanks to Secretlab’s best-in-class 4-year warranty.

  • Proprietary Secretlab Foam & Prime PU Leather
  • Top-quality craftsmanship and attention to detail
  • Over 20 different colors and gaming-related styles
  • Low maximum height limit
  • No adjustable lumbar support
  • Genuine NAPA Leather Edition costs 2x the base price

DXRacer Racing Series Pro

DX Racer Racing Series

The best DXRacer gaming chair

Manufacturer: DXRacer | Material: PU Leather | Weight: 57 lbs | Capacity: 6’ & 225 lbs | Recline: 135° | Colors: 7 | Price: 💰💰

If you’re a style enthusiast, look no further than the DXRacer Racing Series Pro Chairs. Not only do they look sharp with its vibrant two-tone design, but they’re also loaded with features.

The DXRacer Racing Series Pro Chairs are modeled after genuine race car seating. These gaming chairs feature classic side bolsters alongside an extra-tall 135° reclining backrest that’s guaranteed to take your performance into overdrive. They’ve also got all those tried-and-true ergonomic essentials, including 4D armrests and tilt mechanisms. 

Sure, the chair incorporates some cheaper vinyl and nylon components, and you’ll have to sacrifice some of the higher-end features like adjustable lumbar support. But at roughly $300, that’s a small price to pay.

  • Built like a tank thanks to the solid steel frame
  • Design promotes good posture & feels very supportive
  • Sleek design w/ 7 color options complement any setup
  • Backrest caps at 135°
  • Manufacturing process uses harsh chemicals
  • Incorporates cheaper materials and components

Our Process

For this guide on Maxnomic vs Secretlab vs DXRacer gaming chairs, our writers spent 4 hours researching the companies, their histories, and their gaming chair lineups (we’ve also spent over 100 hours testing and reviewing gaming chair models). After comparing this data, we then read user reviews (both positive and negative) and wrote this guide on how the companies measure up. All of this research translates to recommendations you can trust.

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