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How to Craft a Lectern in Minecraft

Lecterns are useful items to have in any Minecraft library. They can be used to display written books for other players to read and can even send a redstone signal when a page is turned. The lectern is also used as a job site block for librarian villagers. Place one in a village and any villager who doesn’t have a job yet has a chance to become a librarian. That’s why we’ll be going through a quick step-by-step guide to teach you how to craft a lectern in Minecraft!

So without further ado, here is how to make a lectern for your Minecraft library!

Gathering the Materials

To get started, you will need a handful of raw materials. These should all be fairy simple to obtain:

  • Log x 9
  • Sugar cane x 9
  • Leather x 3

How to Get Logs

Minecraft Punch Tree
Watch out for splinters! (Image: Mojang via HGG/Sarah Arnold)

We’ll start this project like every other Minecraft adventure: by punching a tree! You can also use an axe, of course. However you go about it, you will need to collect nine logs from trees. Just about any type of log from any type of tree will do.

How to Get Sugar Cane

Minecraft Sugar Cane
Sugar cane can grow up to 4 blocks high. (Image: Mojang via HGG/Sarah Arnold)

Next you’ll need to collect sugar cane. Look for green reeds growing along the water’s edge. They can grow one to four blocks high, and each block will give you one piece. You will need nine pieces in total.

How to Get Leather

Minecraft Cow Leather
Don’t look at me like that… (Image: Mojang via HGG/Sarah Arnold)

Now it’s time to get some leather. To do this you’ll have to kill some animals. Cows, horses, donkeys, mules, llamas, and mooshrooms all have a chance to drop up to two pieces of leather when killed. Four pieces of rabbit hide can also be made into one piece of leather. All together you will need three pieces of leather.

Crafting the Parts

Now that you have the raw materials, it’s time to head to your workbench and get busy crafting. But before you can make a lectern, you’ll need to make a few simpler items.

How to Make Wood Planks

Minecraft Crafting Wood Planks
The crafting recipe for wood planks. (Image: Mojang via HGG/Sarah Arnold)

The first items you’ll craft are some wood planks. One log makes four of them. You’ll need nine wood planks in total: three to make wood slabs, and six more for the lectern itself.

How to Make Wood Slabs

Minecraft Crafting Wood Slabs
The crafting recipe for wood slabs. (Image: Mojang via HGG/Sarah Arnold)

Up next are some wood slabs. These are one of the final components of the lectern. Three wood planks can make six wood slabs. You will only need four wood slabs, so crafting one set is plenty.

How to Make Paper

Minecraft Crafting Paper
The crafting recipe for paper. (Image: Mojang via HGG/Sarah Arnold)

Now you’ll make some paper, which will be used to make books for the bookshelf. Three pieces of sugar cane can make three pieces of paper. You will need nine pieces of paper total.

How to Make Books

Minecraft Crafting Books
The crafting recipe for books. (Image: Mojang via HGG/Sarah Arnold)

Now that you have made the paper, you can turn it into books by combining it with leather. Three pieces of paper and one piece of leather makes one book. Three books will be needed to make the bookshelf.

How to Make a Bookshelf

Minecraft Crafting Bookshelf
The crafting recipe for a bookshelf. (Image: Mojang via HGG/Sarah Arnold)

The final component for your lectern is a bookshelf, which you’ll craft by combining six wood planks with three books. You only need one bookshelf to make a lectern.

Crafting the Lectern (Recipe)

Minecraft Crafting Lectern
The crafting recipe for a lectern. (Image: Mojang via HGG/Sarah Arnold)

Finally, we can make the lectern itself! You should now have four wood slabs and a bookshelf in your inventory. Combining these will make the lectern.

Now you can place it in your library and enjoy!

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Happy gaming!


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