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The 10 Best Minecraft Texture Packs (2024)

One of Minecraft’s many customizable features is the option to use texture packs, which can completely change the look and feel of the game’s graphics. A texture pack is a collection of files that changes the appearance of Minecraft’s blocks, items, and other visual elements. These packs can range from simple alterations to complex overhauls and can be installed with relative ease using the Minecraft Marketplace. Below, we’re going over the best texture packs for Minecraft!

There are many different types of texture packs available for Minecraft, ranging from realistic to whimsical. Some texture packs aim to make the game look more like real life, with detailed textures and intricate details. Others take a more stylized approach, with colorful and cartoonish designs. Others even change the resolution that the game runs at, pushing even a modern PC to its limits while portraying a truly beautiful world. We’ll break down some of the best Minecraft texture packs for the current edition of Bedrock, since any Bedrock packs will likely have a Java equivalent.

Best Texture Packs in Minecraft

Without further ado, let’s jump right into our list!



The Mythic texture pack for Minecraft gives mobs a dark fantasy look.
Image: Mojang / Sysclone Studios via HGG / Nathan Hart

Some of the best texture packs for modern Minecraft are all medieval fantasy themed, some of which are significantly darker than others. Many texture packs focus on blocks or items, but Mythic mostly focuses on mobs and clothing textures. The many kinds of mobs you can encounter in Minecraft are all re-created with darkly beautiful, somewhat disturbing fantasy art.

Nether mobs in particular are disturbing, with some awesome, highly detailed Conan-esque armor designs. The UI is also given a wonderful medieval-themed revamp, with fantastic icons for all the items you can carry in your inventory. The pixel art that the creators, Sysclone Studios, have done here is truly fantastic.


Lithos HD Textures

Lithos HD improves Minecraft's resolution.
Image: Mojang / Sysclone Studios via HGG / Nathan Hart

The Lithos HD texture pack enhances the definition of your world to 32x resolution, making every texture better-looking. Many mobs have been changed or enhanced to look better under the higher pixel resolution. This texture pack is great in part because it’s vanilla-friendly, so you can apply it to your old builds without having to rearrange anything to make the colors match again.

A lot of the textures are a lot cleaner than baseline Minecraft, while still providing that blocky feeling that players are used to. If you want a simple upgrade to the work you’ve already done, Lithos is a great start.



The Sapixcraft texture pack gives everything a pleasant, cartoony look.
Image: Mojang / Sapix via HGG / Nathan Hart

This texture pack makes Minecraft even more cartoonish and playful than the base game already is. If you feel like going for a journey in a world more reminiscent of a cute Nintendo game, Sapixcraft is a great pick for you. The top perk this pack boasts is “Super CUTE Animals,” and it doesn’t disappoint in that direction!

One of the best parts of this texture pack is the way leaves are drawn individually on trees. The pack also comes with a particular unique font, its own UI, and some modifications to the way the sky looks, also with the goal of just making the whole game cuter. Sapixcraft is one of the most highly-rated texture packs on the whole marketplace, and it’s easy to see why.


Jolicraft HD

Jolicraft bring some hand-drawn charm to Minecraft.
Image: Mojang / Jolicraft via HGG / Nathan Hart

This cartoonish texture pack livens up a game of Minecraft with some hand-drawn art. It supports multiple resolutions and makes the whole game pop a little bit more. Mobs are especially cool looking in this pack. The greens are quite different, and everything provides a bright pop of friendly color. The sky is different, with a bit more of a swirl to the sun.

Jolicraft has been a whimsical favorite among Minecraft players for a long time, and it’s easy to see why. It’ll be exciting to see what the creators do with the next 1.20 version of Minecraft, since it’ll include many more animals, as well as the new — very pink — cherry blossom biome. If they do anything like their muddy pigs with the new camel mobs, their new adorable creations will be instant classics.


Pastel Craft

Pastel Craft gives everything a sweet, light color scheme.
Image: Mojang / GoE-Craft via HGG / Nathan Hart

This pack of textures changes everything in Minecraft to pastel colors. If you want a pleasant, simple experience, this pastel craft pack mostly focuses on coloration. This pack is great for lower-end computers or if you really enjoy a bright and fantastic experience from your Creative Minecraft servers.

There isn’t a lot that can be said about this pack beyond the basics of the thing, since it doesn’t change a lot about the game beyond the basic colorations. It comes with ten skins as well, all of which fit in with the all-pastel environs of this texture pack.



The Faithless texture pack keeps Minecraft's pixel aesthetic, but makes it look more like an old-school RPG.
Image: Mojang / CubeCraft Games via HGG / Nathan Hart

Faithless is a pack that will be great for any fan of old-school RPG games, and a lot of Minecraft fans fall right into that category. The icons will remind players of games like Stardew Valley, while the rest of the game has been revamped to give it a little bit more of a fantasy feel. Blocky textures and some changes to the game’s armor, including turning gold helmets into crowns, will remind you of some Final Fantasy games.

Faithless isn’t super different from the basic Minecraft pack, so you probably won’t need to rearrange your creations very much if you want to apply them to a world you’ve already created. You’ll love the variety of textures this pack gives you access to.


Truerealism HD

Truerealism HD requires a lot of processing power, but makes Minecraft look beautiful.
Image: Mojang / Pathway Studios via HGG / Nathan Hart

Our pick for the best realistic Minecraft texture pack is Truerealism HD. This pack aims to make lighting more effective and realistic, shading everything very differently from the flatter method that classic Minecraft uses. Alongside this, it also changes the textures on various items and blocks to fit more of a high-fantasy setting. It runs in 64×64 definition, so this pack is for stronger computers only.

Alongside some of these particular, specific visual enhancements, you’ll also see plants wave in the wind, a circular sun, and variant blocks so walls of structures will have a better, more interesting composure. This is a pretty radical change from the base game, creating a world more reminiscent of Skyrim than the blocky world of Minecraft.


Chroma Hills HD

Chroma Hills HD is a cross between fantasy and classic Minecraft.
Image: Mojang / Sysclone Studios via HGG / Nathan Hart

This is another pack from the renowned Sysclone Studios resource creators. Striking somewhere in between the extreme changes of some of the above fantasy settings and the base Minecraft textures, this pack is great if you want a little more detail from the game without changing things too radically. You should still be able to recognize all the mobs and blocks you run into, but this pack raises the resolution of everything like many of the other texture packs.

The fantasy alterations are welcome and stretch across many different kinds of resources in the game, including turning Illagers into a Minecraft version of Orcs. Compared to some of the above, this pack distinctly keeps a cartoonish feel to the world, avoiding much of a gothic tone compared to packs like Mythic.



Clarity is another Minecraft texture pack that improves the resolution of the game.
Image: Mojang / Pathway Studios via HGG / Nathan Hart

Clarity is another texture pack you might really like if you already enjoy the basic textures of Minecraft. It doesn’t change much of the art style besides adding a bunch more pixels and raising the resolution of the game to 32x. This texture pack allows even low-end PCs to experience higher-definition graphics in Minecraft.

Weather effects like snow look great in this texture pack, with any frozen village becoming much more engaging. Even the text in the game has had its resolution raised, making it easier to read on the fly. Clarity will improve so many aspects of your game without compromising anything, it could be hard to play without it once you get used to it.


Simply Cubed

Simply Cubed may have a simple look, but it brings a lot of charm to your Minecraft world.
Image: Mojang / Pixel Squared via HGG / Nathan Hart

We’ve had a few cute Minecraft texture packs on our list, but this is our favorite. Far on the other end of the scale of realism and definition, this pack actually makes the game even more simplistic. Everything in this texture pack will end up looking like a child’s toy. The grid between blocks is more clearly visible, making this pack great for PVP challenges.

It also comes with a pack of various skins that allow your player characters to fit into this incredibly blocky world. One of the best parts of Minecraft is the way it appeals to gamers across generations, since the range of activities and playstyles is so wide that even very young children can have a great time in Minecraft. This pack could be a great find for a parent looking to introduce their kids to the game.

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That’s it for our picks of the best texture packs for Minecraft — thanks for reading! Any of the above texture packs are great picks for the current version of Minecraft Bedrock. You can find all of them on the Minecraft Marketplace for various amounts of coins. You’ll enjoy the changes, big and small, that these texture packs can bring to your worlds and adventures. If you have suggestions for other packs you like, let us know in the comments. Don’t forget to subscribe to our newsletter for more content like this!

Happy gaming!

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