Best Shield Enchantments in Minecraft, Ranked

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Best Shield Enchantments in Minecraft, Ranked

When shields were first introduced to Minecraft, they quickly became a staple of players’ loadouts for a long time. Shields make exploring dangerous caves and collecting resources much easier, and they remain useful even past the early game. Just like other equipment in the game, shields can be enchanted to become even more powerful. In today’s article, we’re taking a look at the best Minecraft shield enchantments and how they can help you succeed in Survival.

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Best Minecraft Shield Enchantments, Ranked from Good to Best

Knowing how to properly enchant your equipment in Minecraft can make you much more powerful. Once you’ve created a decent cache of resources and are ready to take on greater challenges, enchantments become vital to increased efficiency and power when moving deeper into the game. The best shield enchantments complement your build and keep you safe through all kinds of trials.

Curse of Vanishing

Minecraft Shield Enchantments Curse of Vanishing
Image: Mojang via HGG / Tommy deFonteny

The Curse of Vanishing is one of the few enchantments in the game that is actually a curse. Many players consider it to be relatively undesirable, as any equipment with this curse equipped will immediately disappear after the player holding the item dies. If your shield has Curse of Vanishing and you fall in battle, the equipment you’ve carried over mountains and through caves will simply disappear forever.

There is a silver lining here, however. If you like to frequent PVP matches, the Curse of Vanishing is a useful tactic. If you don’t want your fully enchanted shield falling into someone else’s hands, this curse ensures your equipment goes down with you.

You can obtain the Curse of Vanishing through the usual means — chests in dungeons and temples, enchanting tables, fishing and raid drops, and trade items from Librarian villagers.


Image: Mojang via HGG / Tommy deFonteny

Imagine you’re deep in a cave when you get ambushed by a skeleton, and your shield immediately breaks. Now you’re stuck in the darkness without a way to properly defend yourself.

The Unbreaking enchantment is one of the easiest ways to prevent your equipment from breaking suddenly when you need it most. The enchantment reduces a tool’s chances of taking durability damage during use. For a shield, this means that every time an arrow hits your shield, there’s a chance one of those arrows won’t cause any damage, ultimately increasing your tool’s durability. There are three levels of Unbreaking, with the chance of taking durability damage decreasing with each level.

You can find the Unbreaking enchantment through chests, enchanting tables, fishing and raid drops, and trade.


Image: Mojang via HGG / Tommy deFonteny

Mending is generally regarded as the best enchantment for the majority of equipment in Minecraft. This enchantment allows you to maintain a tool for an extended period of time to prevent you from having to replace it.

Mending works by using the XP you obtain to repair your tools as you use them. While Unbreaking simple reduces your chances of taking damage, the damage you do take eventually adds up and your equipment may still break. Mending actively repairs any lost durability, making your equipment last much longer.

This enchantment is a little more difficult to obtain, as it can’t be found in enchantment tables. You’ll need to pick it up through chests, fishing, or trade.

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