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30 Best Minecraft Seeds | Bedrock & Java (2024)

Choosing a world seed is one of the first big steps of a new game of Minecraft. For the uninitiated, seeds are strings of numbers that determine the structure of the world, including buildings and biomes across the map. A beautiful, easily explorable world is always a plus, but sometimes the best Minecraft seeds are ones that spawn players into interesting and dynamic challenges.

Today, we’re taking a look at the best Minecraft world seeds. Many of these seeds are sourced from other players (shout out to r/minecraftseeds), and we thank them for their time and adventures! Let’s get exploring.

How to Choose a Seed in Minecraft

Seeds are randomly generated for each new Minecraft world, but you can customize them manually. When you generate a new world, head into the “Advanced” menu to type in your chosen seed. Then, when you spawn in, you’ll be in your specialized world!

It’s important to keep in mind that there are two different versions of Minecraft, and seeds generate a little differently between them. What looks good in Java won’t necessarily translate to Bedrock, and vice versa. Since many “good” Minecraft seeds depend on structure, it’s important to get things right! Luckily, we’ve broken down our ranking into the best seeds for both versions, starting with Bedrock.

Best Minecraft Seeds for Bedrock

Bedrock is the version of Minecraft for mobile devices, Windows, and consoles. These devices are all cross-play compatible and will support similar seeds, while Java players cannot mix with any Bedrock devices.

Some seeds made for Java will still work in Bedrock, though you’ll want to be careful with seeds outside the range of ±2147483648. Bedrock won’t be able to read seeds that go higher or lower than this, and will correct the number to one it can read. This results in vital features missing or being arranged entirely differently.

We’ve verified that the following 15 Minecraft seeds are all exactly as described in the Bedrock edition, structures and all.


Battle Swamp (3546842701776989958)

This mangrove swamp was found on Minecraft & Chill, and you can see from the screenshot why it’s one of our first mentions. This swamp comes with an Illager outpost that overlaps into a desert tow. There’s also a nearby shipwreck, ruined portal, and desert temple! This means you’ve got access to a huge pile of chests and loot right off the bat.

If you want a cool seed for Minecraft that makes you feel like you’ve landed in Florida, this swamp is a great pick. The tough part here will be getting enough weapons ready to avoid repeated death-by-crossbow.


Tower of Terror (-7360672562458547898)

When you enter this seed, make your way to coordinates X: -760 Z: 200, near the center of the world. While this might be a difficult journey, it’s well worth it. You’ll find a huge Illager outpost that has spawned in the center of a frozen cove. This Illager tower is massive, appearing similar to a skyscraper. Climbing to the top of it is difficult, since there aren’t any interior stairs. You can always just harvest wood out of the center of the tower to make your own as you go, though.

Under the Illager tower is a rare Woodland Mansion. Under that is a large underwater ocean temple. With a little more searching, you can also find a stronghold underneath the temple. All these layers could be wired together for some truly impressive builds!


Great Valley (1278040446)

If you just want a classic start with no major structures nearby, this is a beautiful place for it. It’s also a great place to check out the new dynamics for how mountains and caves are generated. The initial spawning area has heavy inclines in several directions, forming a ring of mountains that hides a peaceful valley below.

You can access quite a few biomes from your starting location, and you’ll have all the wood you’d ever need. As welcome as new advancements are in the game, sometimes you just want to settle down on a plain and build yourself a nice oak shack with a chest full of nostalgia.


Tall Island (6168669096356993368)

This island is a fantastic start, containing everything you’ll need to complete a Survival run in this very tall island. It’s located in a small archipelago with a few other biomes nearby, including a Mooshroom field. You can even see an ocean temple not far from the shore!

The island is very isolated otherwise, so you won’t need to worry about monsters much once you’ve lit up the island. Especially if you build some extra barriers around the floating houses along the base of the mountain. That said, this oceanic plateau hides some dangerous structures to explore. These include a stronghold, mine shaft, ruined portal, and one of the new ancient city structures that came with Patch 1.19. With much more than meets the eye hiding beneath the surface, this is an island worth taming. With some creative adjustments, it could also be a fantastic setting for an Adventure Mode scenario.


Icy Dripstone (5488656216511509290)

This very snowy start puts you on the edge of a cliff, where you can immediately delve deep into some mines. Turn around, though, and you’ll find an excellent dripstone cavern on one of the nearby mountains. Dripstone isn’t necessarily useful, but it is very cool.

This is a great location for building a snowbound base. Once you’re atop the dripstone mountain, you can probably catch a glimpse of a hostile Illager Outpost in the distance, where you can get some solid loot and a good amount of wood.


Quick Diamonds (-1414064807)

This Minecraft seed spawns you right next to a deep crevice that leads directly into another Dripstone cavern, just like the last map. However, this cavern runs a lot deeper, and it runs down fast. Be careful not to move through this cave too quickly — you could get lost or killed by the countless mobs that are sure to spawn here.

Focus on getting some iron refined before you try to start clearing the cavern. Once you have an iron pickaxe, you’re very likely to find some diamond ore almost immediately. Keep an eye out for the monster spawner lurking above you! You could leave it there to easily build a contained XP farm, or destroy it to help secure the area even more.


Pyramid Villages (661979563)

This spawn point is an excellent location if you’re looking to make your own version of the Nile river valley. With rivers running nearby and a couple of patches of mangrove forest, you’ll have access to a wide variety of resources for construction. As you can see in this picture, there are too many structures nearby to even count!

You can see a couple of grand mesas in the background, with yet another village far in the distance. When you go to loot the desert temples, be sure to dig yourself a stairwell down into the pit at the center, instead of just diving in. The bottom has a series of pressure plates rigged to explode. But you can also harvest that TNT to help shape the desert however you’d like.


Mountain Basin Mansion (2033516050)

This spawn puts you on the edge of a dense, dark forest biome surrounded by frozen mountains on most sides. The basin in the middle contains a dark forest, complete with giant mushrooms and beautiful but ominous dark oak trees. Dark forests tend to have lots of monsters in them because they block out enough light for monsters to spawn during the day. This dark forest is no exception, but there’s at least a woodland mansion nestled into a picturesque spot right in front of you.

The possibilities here are pretty interesting. Clearing the forest around the mansion to build a more defensible structure can be fun, so long as you have a decent axe or a couple of buckets of lava. Woodland mansions are intensely difficult to clear without some strong gear or ample potions to keep your health up. Take some time to mine iron out of the nearby mountains before you barge into the place.


Doomed Spawn (1870652620)

If you like Minecraft for the survival and surprisingly challenging combat elements, you might love this next seed. Not for the faint of heart, nor the faint of internet connection, this spawn will actually kill you for sitting idle too long after spawning. You spawn in the middle of some flowing water that threatens to push you directly into a pit of lava. It’s very unusual for a Minecraft spawn point to be underground, and this one puts you all the way down at Y -45. It’s deep enough that you don’t actually need to go lower than your spawn point to accidentally wander into a “deep dark” biome.

With no wood, it’s impossible to harvest the iron and diamonds you want from your surroundings. To get the resources you need to start harvesting down here, you’ll want to swim up one of the waterfalls nearby. Exit the starting cavern, then look across the horizon for the telltale tower of an Illager Outpost. If you walk in that direction, you’ll find another body of water in your path. Look closely in this water and you’ll find a shipwreck covered in coral. This is the closest wood for hundreds of blocks, and you might get some bonus items to boot.


Big Lush Cave (-1058557249)

As soon as you spawn into this seed, you should take a leap of faith right over the side of the mountain you’re resting on. Plummeting to the bottom, if you turn around after hitting the water, you’ll see the entrance to a lush cave. These are the only places in the game you can find some particular plants and one of the new animal mobs, the axolotl.

This cavern is begging to be redesigned into some kind of primitive, overgrown cave shelter. The clay nearby can be fired into bricks so you can build yourself a nice little brick house here on the edge of the cave, if that’s your preference. Follow deeper into the cavern to get a jumpstart on ore mining and building a mountainside dockyard.


Crater Lake (121825627925)

This Minecraft seed places you near the edge of a giant inland lake surrounded by numerous biomes. At the center of the lake is a massive crater that leads deep into the earth, with a big pool of lava at the bottom. Be careful not to dive straight into the lava by accident. You’ll have an easier time descending by riding the water all the way down.

As you enter the basin where the lake is, make note of the lavafall on the edges of the lake. You’re going to use this lavafall to help you make your way to the very close-by ancient city. Simply enter the crater inside the lake, and begin to mine in the opposite direction as the lava flow. Sooner or later, you should crash into an ancient city, complete with a deadly Warden.


Spruce Isle (-8359609476695110720)

This little survivalist island is a great start for newer players to get acquainted with some of the game’s systems without getting overwhelmed too quickly. You’ll have some wood and some places to dig a mine, but be careful not to drown yourself down there.

There isn’t much nearby, but you’ll likely want to eventually explore the three nearby ocean monuments. You can also harvest the obsidian and treasure left behind at the couple of ruined nether portals. The contained format of the village lends itself really well to building a villager trading hall right away to fill in the resource gaps of your small island.


A Village with Secrets (2652627906652504065)

While many of our entries here focus on seeds that provide you with immediate access to valuable resources or at least an interesting view, this seed will make you walk a little while, making your way close to X:-1600 Z:-1000 to catch the main attraction. Here, you’ll find a nice plains village nestled on top of a flower-covered hill. However, this idyllic setting conceals what’s hidden below.

Under the village, without having to dig anything up at all, you can find an abandoned mineshaft. Follow this mineshaft far enough, and make sure you take out enough walls, and you might stumble into a stronghold. If that isn’t enough, dig deeper inside the stronghold and you might wander into an ancient city. With all four structures stacked on top of each other, digging up the secrets of this village is a can’t-miss adventure. Even better, most of the hill that this village is stacked on is entirely hollow, so you won’t need to strip-mine it very much to harvest all its ore.


Coral Lake (599282705)

A great combination of some of the above options, this lake is situated at the bottom of a basin surrounded by tall mesa biomes and piles of stone and sand. Above the lake, a lush cave runs through the cliffsides, adding some pops of green and providing chances to get wood and glow berries.

Below that, though, is the real reason for starting in this location. The lake is absolutely full of various types of colorful coral reefs. Coral is usually hard to get ahold of in Minecraft, requiring you to paddle a boat far off the shore to find a deep-ocean coral reef biome. But here, you have your own source of coral right under your nose! Time to build your own great barrier reef.


Vampire’s Hamlet (4284333691774547722)

This is another woodland mansion nestled into a mountainous valley, but this time with a village calmly resting outside. Gather some resources for the villagers, and trade them what they need until you’ve got some weapons you can use to start taking on the Illagers inside the mansion. With some renovations, this area sets you up very well to build a feudal castle with the woodland mansion as your central keep.

Out of every seed for Bedrock that caught our attention in this patch, this one really has it all without making the game too easy. You won’t get bored trying to tame your immediate area, with a huge ravine running alongside the village that can lead you to various ores and resources below. Right outside the windows of the mansion, you’ll also be able to see a Pillager Outpost with even more bad guys to fight. Make sure to get some extra golems patrolling the village before you take out the Pillager leader and mark your little village for a raid.

Best Minecraft Seeds for Java

Java is the older version of Minecraft and touts some more mod-focused and developer-minded features. If you like building very complicated Redstone machinery, you’ll probably prefer the Java edition of the game.

As we mentioned before, Java seeds will often be quite different if they’re loaded in Bedrock. All 15 of the following Minecraft seeds will look exactly as described in the 1.19 Java edition, though.


Quick Endgame (4189766944005904899)

This seed spawns you right on top of a nearly-finished Nether portal. There’s enough obsidian around the edges that, if you come back with a diamond pickaxe, you can actually finish the portal without needing to harvest more. You’ll also get some tools and helpful items from the chest next to the portal, even if you don’t play with a starter bonus chest. You get two beautiful white horses immediately, too! All of this is great, but the real beauty of this seed is actually behind you.

In this screenshot, you can just make out some snow resting on trees on top of a nearby mountain. That snow-capped peak is your guide to every other nearby wonder. Underneath it, you can find a labyrinthine abandoned mineshaft that leads to one of the new Ancient City structures. You can also climb on top of the mountain and see a woodland mansion structure bordering a jungle. With so many exceptional resources around, this is a great start for a self-sufficient player that already knows the game fairly well.


Ancient Mountain Village (7032811939855349881)

This spawn places you in an extreme mountain range, with massive peaks stretching off into the horizon in every direction. If you search around and manage to get some elevation, you’ll be able to find a village barely hanging on to the side of a peak. On the other side of the peak, the dark side of the mountain is split wide open. Avoid the flowing lava as you head down, and you can actually access an entire ancient city structure without having to mine through any stone at all.

Move quickly down here for some good loot and a bunch of XP. It’s easy to imagine that the primitive village resting on top of this mountain might be the remnants of the civilization that had to abandon the city below. A fun goal could be to try and reclaim the city for its old inhabitants!


Sinkhole Town (-2404910741640601849)

This fantastic and unusual seed spawns you directly into an underground desert village that’s already been taken over by zombies. Surrounded by lava and a good amount of ore, your challenge will be to gather enough resources so that you can safely make your way out of the sinkhole that your village has fallen into. Even if you reach the top, you’ll need to be careful not to disturb the wrong pile of sand, or you’ll risk falling straight back into the hole to your death.

This spawn is super unusual since villages aren’t really supposed to spawn underground. It’s possible that the village is still technically above-ground, since the hole above it does allow the sun to shine through. Either way, it’s a lot of fun! Some of the buildings here still have resources you can use, or at least a bed you can sleep in to avoid fighting in the dark.


Mount Lush (8486672581758651406)

This seed spawns you inside a covered forest next to a mountain. Look around and you can find a gap on the side of the mountain. After climbing a tree, you’ll be able to enter a majestic and truly beautiful lush cavern full of glowing berries. This cave stretches all over this mountain, and transforming it into an overgrown living chamber could make for a gorgeous build.

Watch your step, as this cave goes down deep. Multiple abandoned mineshafts are in its perimeter, and with some searching, you can even find them with minimal mining gear. Glowberries aren’t enough light to really keep the place monster-free, so you might want to get an axe ready right away in the forest outside.


Shipwrecked! (-9142863513851137753)

If you’re up for a challenge or really want to play a blocky version of Stranded Deep, try this seed. You spawn on a tiny strip of sand in the middle of a vast sea. Your saving grace will be the nearby shipwreck, which you can strip down for the wood you’ll need to escape to the nearby archipelago. In return for such a rough start, you get access to a trio of small mushroom islands nearby. These have a huge, very accessible cave system leading all the way down to deepslate with no mining required.

On your way to the mushroom islands, keep an eye out for a second shipwreck on the way, as well as some glowing magma blocks that indicate a ruined nether portal deep under the water. Some diving trips will be required to get the chest out of these sunken structures. If you’re really into the surviving part of survival mode, you’ll love the challenge of this seed.


Blueprint Central (4504535438041489910)

This map is an excellent choice if you have a massive set of structures in mind and want a big, relatively flat, but still dynamic area to build in. The rolling hills are fairly gentle, there are several other biomes visible in the distance, and there’s an ample supply of wood at the bottom of a nearby valley. In the distance, you’ll have access to a fairly large plains village.

In another direction, you can also find another smaller farming community nestled around a fairly large ruined nether portal. Trying to link these villages together with a massive infrastructure project could be a worthy goal!


Infinity Mineshaft (107038380838084)

This seed is the result of an incredibly rare and rather bizarre consequence of the method Minecraft uses to generate its limitless worlds. The map generated an abandoned mineshaft structure across the entirety of the world’s Z axis. Get some gear together and start digging around Z=0. Watch out for flooded caves where you could drown, and eventually, you’ll break through to a lush cavern. This cave will be intersected by the infinite mineshaft that you can follow forever.

Mineshafts are interesting structures, and often one of the first forgotten structures that newer players can stumble into. They tend to be full of lots of ores, chests, and minecart tracks, and spawn a unique hostile mob called cave spiders. Cave spiders have a venomous bite that can spell certain doom for an unwary miner, so don’t let them get a jump on you.


Port Village (-6537256334104833826)

This is another great map for developing a lone village on a singular island. The villages wrap all the way around the island and hold strong all along the coastline. This can be a peaceful start to the game, but be careful not to fall down the mountain. You might want to add some guard rails for your villager friends so they won’t fall off as often.

Once you’re fairly well established, there’s a Pillager Outpost structure nestled behind the rocky island in the distance. You’ll see it right away from the spawn point, and should even be able to swim there without a boat if you choose to. Their tents are visible in the picture above, but the tower is hidden behind the rocks like a pirate cove. You can trigger a raid by taking this outpost down and returning to the pillar village, but make sure you’re ready for it!


Nether Sandwich (5154957738255504112)

This entry is the only one on our list that isn’t exceptional in any way on the overworld. You need to enter the nether to see why this seed is remotely exceptional. Make a portal fairly close to the spawn location so you don’t get too far off when you enter the hellish alternate dimension of the nether. When you get in there, you’ll see a fortress almost immediately in the distance. Make your way through this fortress and you’ll find that there is a ruined bastion structure intersecting with and underneath the nether fortress.

Bastions and fortresses are both fairly challenging structures to engage with. Make sure you’re plenty prepared before you enter into the nether to try and fight your way through them. You’ll be rewarded with lots of gold at the bottom of the bastion, but you will have to fight some of the toughest mobs in the game to get there. Make sure you look for chests across both structures, where you could potentially find some incredible enchanted diamond or gold armor.


Winter Exposure (9044663440596244341)

This seed will spawn you in the center of a wide open field surrounded by snowy mountains. Nearby among the snow, you can find an igloo that hasn’t quite spawned correctly. Every igloo is supposed to have a secret passage in them that leads down to a quite-surprising scene, but this one has the stone passageway clearly visible from outside.

It could be an excellent start to a snowy build, but on its own, it’s still a pretty cool novelty if you’d just like to see one of the snow huts. The area nearby is wide open and beautiful. You’ll need to clear some dirt out of the way to get inside the igloo, but it makes a great starting base since it comes with its own furnace, bed, redstone torch, and crafting table. Take up a few pieces of carpet to find the hidden ladder and the fascinating secrets below!


Biodiverse Eden (79067)

This is a great seed if you’re attempting to visit each biome in the game, whether to unlock an achievement or just to see everything the game has to offer without having to hop onto a bunch of different seed worlds to do so. You’ll spawn in a dense jungle with an open mesa and desert within view. Climbing to the top of this mesa can get you a great view, letting you plot a course elsewhere and truly choose what kind of environment you prefer.

The biggest perk to this setup is the number of decorative and useful materials you can gather without having to go very far. The waterways that separate the biomes make it easy to navigate. Make a few boats and tame a horse, and you’ll be able to skip from the desert to the jungle in no time. Bamboo is fantastic for building massive structures since it lets you set up easily-climbable scaffolding.


Heart Range (5247087368916921300)

This huge, sharp-peaked mountain range you’ll spawn on overlooks a valley that looks almost just like a heart if you look at it right. Containing a dark forest, an oak forest, and a birch forest, you’ll have a diverse set of wood if you choose to build a settlement inside this romantic, enclosed homeland.

Hidden inside the mountains are multiple ancient cities that you can loot for various goods. Huge mountains like this are often hiding ancient cities. Don’t forget to put some leather boots on while you’re walking through heavy snow like these mountains, or you can fall into soft powdered snow and possibly suffocate!


Rival Islands (7850875)

This spawn places you on a jungle island high above sea level, across from another, significantly drier plateau. You’ll have plenty of wood available, and you can get a great view of your surroundings by looking off the cliffside on either island. Neither has anything like a village to speak of, but this start location could be an excellent palette for a masterful builder.

In the above picture, you can see a cove on the jungle-covered island on the left. Sailing a boat into this cove reveals a beautiful lush cavern where you can park your boats and be immediately immersed in a winding maze of monster-filled caves instead of having to dig your way down from the top of the mountain.


Edge of Beauty (-1820780390)

This start doesn’t necessarily give you any material advantages. There aren’t any villages or mansions or other helpful structures right on top of you like some good seeds will give you. But, you are on the side of a cliff overlooking a bay, with a verdant valley between you and several extreme mountain ranges. This is one of the most beautiful seeds to ever be generated in Minecraft.

The possibilities for this area are endless, given how dynamic and gorgeous the terrain already is. Finding a level space to start an original structure might be more difficult than just carving a castle out of one of the many stone mountains nearby. You can explore underground by entering any of the major ravines around this mountain range, and you’ll likely be able to run all the way down to the deepslate layers without having to mine anything.


Basically Alaska (105849523)

This Minecraft seed spawns you in a snowy little village in the center of a frozen lake. Skate across to the other side and find yourself in one of the rarest biomes, the area full of ice spikes that forms a ring completely encompassing this little town. It has plenty of helpful merchants in town already, and building the place up to be a fortified north-pole headquarters is a great use of your time.

Looking off into the distance, you’ll be able to get a glimpse of a Pillager Outpost. This outpost has two iron golems taken prisoner, along with two helpful Allay as of 1.19. Set the golems free first so they can help you take down all the pillagers, and watch out for the lava moat that happened to spawn around the outpost.

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Out of all of these different cool Minecraft seeds, there are so many experiences you can have in the modular and ever-changing world of Minecraft. Whether you’re playing on your phone on the bus, or on a top-of-the-line PC, you can find a blocky world to make your own.

Happy gaming!

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