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10 Best Weapon Enchantments in Minecraft, Ranked

Minecraft is one of the best games of all time. Not only does it offer a practically infinite world to explore, it also provides complete freedom in how to play the game. You can build amazing structures, explore vast landscapes, or go monster hunting in the dead of night. Regardless of whether you’re monster hunting or fighting other players, you’ll need the right gear to keep yourself alive. The best way to do that is to get the right enchantments for your weapons. In this article, we’re ranking the 10 best weapon enchantments in Minecraft.

10 Best Weapon Enchantments in Minecraft, Ranked from Good to Best

With that introduction out of our way, let’s hop right into our list!


Quick Charge III

Kicking off our top 10 list, we have Quick Charge III. This ranged enchantment can be applied to crossbows to allow users to reload their weapons much faster! Considering that the default speed for crossbows is pretty low, this is a really useful enchantment to have. Especially if you’re cornered and need to take out a lot of mobs quickly at once.

If you use a crossbow as your primary weapon, I recommend having this enchantment at all times. It’s less useful on a secondary weapon, as you can reload it before going into combat and use it whenever you need to. Unlike a bow, which needs to be fired right away after it is done recharging.

Another great thing about this enchantment is that you can fire off arrows much faster than a regular bow. So if you have an upcoming boss fight (such as the Wither) that you need to dish out a lot of damage to in a short period of time, this enchantment is a must-have. While this upgrade may have less utility than a lot of the others on this list, it’s still useful for most situations with a crossbow.



Next up on our ranking, we have Multishot. This is another ranged enchantment for the crossbow. When using a crossbow with this upgrade applied, your arrow will split off into three different shots, hitting enemies to the left, right, and center of your crosshair! This is a pretty commonly slept-on enchantment that not many people use. I think it’s pretty underrated.

This enchantment is great for taking out big groups of enemies in a short period of time. Weapons geared for crowd control are a must-have when engaging in PVE, specifically when fighting zombies and other enemies that stick close together. And since this is applied to a ranged weapon, this means that you can kill multiple targets from a safe distance away!

My favorite part about this enchantment is the fact that it only consumes one arrow for each and every shot. This means that you aren’t wasting any of your ammo if you’re only hitting one target. Additionally, this enchantment is really great if you’re taking on a boss in close-range combat. It will do increased damage to them, assuming that all of your arrows land each and every shot.


Riptide III

Taking the next spot on our list, we have Riptide III! Riptide is easily one of my favorite enchantments in the whole game. It is another pretty underrated weapon enchantment that I don’t see many players using. This upgrade allows players to quickly dash forward when holding down and releasing the aim button underwater or on land during a rainstorm. It may sound pretty basic, but hear me out.

Let’s skip over combat for now and just talk about its utility as a transportation device. You can use this as an alternative to boats, as it allows you to move through the sea much faster. But most importantly is that during rainstorms, you can literally fly through the air with it! I spent hours playing around with this thing when I first got it. It makes a great early to mid-game substitute for the elytra. It allows you to fly through the air across the map very easily, and it doesn’t take much practice to get good at it.

The one thing I will say is that you should try to stick close to a body of water (or at least stay close to the ground) when you are flying through the air. That way, if the rain storm ends suddenly, you won’t fall to your death! If you absolutely need a combat justification for it, though, it’s good for attacking enemies underwater. This is handy when raiding underwater temples, but not for a whole lot else.


Fire Aspect II

Up next, we have Fire Aspect II! This is the max rank of the Fire Aspect enchantment, an upgrade for your swords that allows them to set enemies on fire when hit. It works on most types of mobs, as well as on other players! This is one of my most favorite enchantments in the game, as setting hostile enemies on fire is incredibly satisfying, especially when fighting groups.

The reason why this enchantment is good is that the fire will slowly damage enemies over time. This isn’t so useful on enemies that have very little health to begin with (such as tiny slimes). But it’s great on a lot of different enemies. I love using it during the nighttime or in dark caves, as it’s really cool to see the area light up with fire as I take out big groups of enemies with it. I also recommend all players use a fire aspect sword when going hunting with it.

When you kill an animal that drops meat using this sword, the dropped meat will be cooked! Using this sword is a great way to quickly get some filling food without having to stop at a furnace to cook it. One big downside of this enchantment is that bosses are immune to the effects of Fire Aspect. It is essentially useless to them. This, combined with the fact that Sharpness V is more useful overall is the main reason why this enchantment isn’t higher on the list.


Looting III

For our next pick, it’s Looting III! This is a really valuable and important enchantment for resource gathering that can only be applied to swords. When an enemy is killed by a sword using Looting, it will drop noticeably more items. This means you’ll get more arrows and bones from skeletons, more silk from spiders, more gunpowder from creepers, and so on.

While this is really not that useful for killing enemies in combat, it does make the act of killing them that much more rewarding. It’s a lot more satisfying to go monster hunting when you know that you’re going to bring back a much bigger haul. Considering how valuable and useful some of the items in this game are, getting a Looting sword by the mid to late-game is invaluable.

I’ve seen a lot of players use this to great effect when making mob farms. They will build the structure in such a way that the dropped monster has very little health. Players can use a Looting III sword to quickly kill them, earning significantly more loot than if it was just a regular monster spawner. One downside of this enchantment is that it does not work on certain mobs, such as iron golems.



In spot number five on our list of the best weapon enchantments in Minecraft, we have the enchantment Infinity! This is one of the most useful enchantments in the entire game, and you need to get it if you use bows regularly. When you are using a bow with Infinity equipped, each time you shoot an arrow it will not be removed from your inventory. In other words, this enchantment allows you to have unlimited ammo with bows!

When you apply this enchantment to your bow, it makes going on long trips away from your base noticeably easier. You don’t need to carry lots and lots of arrows, and you don’t need to worry about gathering the resources needed to craft more of them when you run out. This enchantment is great when taking on the Ender Dragon. You can quickly run out of arrows in The End if you miss your shots or do not bring enough beforehand.

It’s a shame, however, that this enchantment cannot be used on crossbows. Additionally, this upgrade only applies to regular arrows and cannot be used on special arrows that have potion effects applied to them. Regardless, it is still incredibly useful to only have to carry around one single arrow with you when using a bow. This enchantment is really only useful for economic reasons.


Unbreaking III

More than halfway down our ranking and we have Unbreaking III! This is a must-have enchantment not only for weapons, but for tools and armor as well. This enchantment allows items to become significantly more durable, lasting for a much longer period of time without breaking. This is very great if you want to conserve your resources and want your tools to last longer.

When it comes to things like swords and bows, chances are you are going to be using them a lot. You can very quickly wear down your weapons if you spend a lot of your time exploring or going monster hunting. Combat is a core part of Minecraft’s gameplay loop, after all, and monsters can be found nearly everywhere. That’s why getting an Unbreaking enchantment is so vital and you should get it as soon as you can.

I’ve gotten into several instances where my weapon broke while I was fighting hostile mobs. Whether you’re going up against regular enemies or boss enemies, making your weapon last longer is important. The last thing you need is to get cornered with a broken weapon and no means of escape. Unbreaking circumvents this issue, minimizing the risk of your weapon wearing down.


Power V

Coming in at spot number three on this article for 10 best weapon enchantments in Minecraft, we have Power V! Power V is a damage-increasing enchantment available for the bow. It is a pretty simple and straightforward upgrade, but one that is incredibly useful nonetheless. It’s one of the oldest enchantments added to the game and one that everyone should strive to get if they love using bows in Minecraft.

It has a lot of utility going up against mobs with higher health pools, but it is still great against weaker ones. It can one-shot many mobs in the game, which makes dealing with those enemies a lot simpler. Due to the fact that this can be applied to a ranged weapon, it is sometimes preferable to pick this over a sword upgrade in certain circumstances. Taking out targets from a distance is usually less risky.

For years, many have considered this a must-get when going up against the Ender Dragon. And that is still true to this day. The Ender Dragon packs a lot of health, and the only way to wear it down effectively is with a bow. The Wither is also a boss that can be taken down more easily with this upgrade. During the first phase of his fight, you’ll want to use a bow and arrow to deal damage to him, and this is the perfect enchantment to have for that.


Sharpness V

Coming in at spot number two, we have Sharpness V! This is without a doubt a must-have enchantment for all of your melee weapons. Like Power V, it provides a simple but very useful upgrade to your damage dealt. For each level of sharpness, it will increase the damage you deal by three points.

If you want to take down most mobs in one hit, then this is the enchantment for you. Having increased damage to your melee weapons makes all combat encounters much easier to complete. It’s an enchantment with a lot of versatility, making you better at taking on all types of enemies, regardless of how many of them are attacking you at once.

Additionally, any kind of enemy with a high health pool can be taken down much more efficiently with this enchantment. If you are playing the Bedrock edition of the game, I do not recommend taking on the Wither without this enchantment. During its second phase, it can only be damaged with melee weapons. Since it has a lot of health, it’s essential that you use this enchantment to boost your damage dealt.



And finally, our top spot for the best weapon enchantments in Minecraft goes to an enchantment that’s also good on tools and armor — Mending! You’d be forgiven if you have not heard of mending before. It is the rarest enchantment in all of Minecraft. If you have something in your inventory with Mending applied, the gear will repair itself every time you pick up XP!

It is very, very useful to have. Especially if you have a piece of equipment with a lot of enchantments on it. The more enchantments you have on something, the more XP it costs to repair it at an anvil. The more you repair the same item, the more expensive it gets. This problem is completely removed with Mending! You can essentially keep your weapons and equipment lasting forever with this enchantment.

If you want to get ahold of this enchantment, you are going to need to work for it. It cannot be obtained in an enchantment table. The only way to get it is by buying a book with Mending on it from a librarian villager. Each one has a small chance of having a Mending book for sale. So that means you’ll need to search far and wide (or cure a lot of zombie villagers) for a chance at getting Mending. But trust me, it is well worth the effort.

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